Best Paying Jobs In Finance Consumer Services – What Kind Of Finance Jobs You Can Find?

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By David

Finance jobs are incredibly lucrative positions. People who have strong mathematical and analytical skills can easily work their way to a good living with a finance career. The finance industry is broad and includes everything from banking to investment and financial technology in between. What are some of the best-paying jobs in finance consumer services?

In the past few years, the term Fintech has become widely popular. And there is a good reason for it. Fintech companies have dominated the market lately. The broad term consists of many jobs in financial technology.

So, if you want to try to find a career in finance, let’s take a look at the best-paying jobs in finance consumer services.

Different Kinds Of Jobs In The Finance Market

Before we get to the highest paying jobs in finance consumer service, let’s take a look at what kinds of finance jobs are available. Finance is a broad term that offers many opportunities. Depending on your preferences, you can find a job in one of the six categories.

  • Corporate career, or working as a chief executive and other jobs at enterprise business level. Corporations can be both public and private. A corporate career is often a job that puts you in the office with more traditional hours
  • Advising, a job where you guide individuals to products, ranging from insurance, investment, or banking products. Advising jobs usually work on a commission or bonus structure, making it a very lucrative career
  • Fintech is the new field that includes financial technology jobs for financial programmers. Many finance departments nowadays support technology infrastructure
  • Investments, a job for financial professionals who are responsible for putting capital into portfolios and helping individuals and companies grow their wealth
  • Accounting, providing an important financial service in helping businesses and individuals keep financial records
  • Lending, people working in this field help customers select loans or perform operational duties that help customers secure their loan

With that in mind, here are some of the best-paying jobs in finance consumer service.

Insurance Broker


Average salary: from $33,529 to $136,509

You are probably wondering why the average salary can range so much. Well, there is a simple explanation. Insurance brokers work on commission, which can range from five to 20% on the first year premium with a reduced amount often paid for renewals.

Insurance companies are a major component of the financial sector. They represent a subsector of financial services focused on providing individuals and companies with tangible ways to manage risk.

Investment Banker


Average salary: $85,000

Do not look at that median average salary. Investment bankers can easily get rich. Managing directors and vice-presidents can make up to a million-dollar annual salary. Sometimes, they make tens of millions per year.

In the beginning, you start with an entry job as an analyst and investment banker, but if you are good, you can move up on the ladder.

Investment banks provide major financing for corporations and governments through equity capital markets and debt capital markets. Their primary duty is to manage investments for their clients.

Venture Capital Analyst


Average salary: $80,000

Venture capital companies specialize in providing cash to emerging companies. They work in rapidly developing industries, including tech, green technology, biotech, and many more. Same as an investment banker, an entry-level job can pay you well. But if you move up, you can easily make millions.

According to Wall Street, a VC analyst earns between $80,000 and $150,000 annual salary.

Financial Advisor


Average salary: $87,850

Rich people often hire a personal financial advisor. But even if you are not among the wealthiest people in the world, you can benefit from such an individual. A financial advisor helps you with any financial decisions you need to make regarding your assets.

Portfolio Manager


Average salary: $88,035

For this job position, you need four years in business, economics, or finance education. And then you have to get the applicable Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA license.

But in the end, you have one of the most prestigious roles in the finance industry. The second name for portfolio manager is a money manager. His job is to oversee institutional and retail client investment.

This guy recommends personalized investment strategies and specific investment decisions for his clients.

Usually, portfolio managers specialize in a specific asset class, for example, equities or fixed income.

Quantitative Analyst


Average salary: $85,042

This is a high-paying job position, but it requires a lot of education to get there. For this job title, you need a Master’s or Ph.D. in a quantitative field like mathematics, statistics, finance, or economics. And on top of that, a strong computer skill set.

These analysts work behind the scenes and create mathematical models that help companies make business and financial decisions.

Securities Trader


Average salary: $72,612

This is another job in finance consumer service that requires a four-year degree and an applicable FINRA license. As a security trader, you work at commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds, or any other asset management firm.

Your job is to buy and sell securities on behalf of the assets managed by that firm and make a profit for the company. Traders can work in different markets. Some work in stocks, others in commodities, and some in crypto.

Information Technology Auditor


Average salary: $63,412 per year

You always need an IT expert, no matter the field. IT auditors usually work for government agencies or private companies. Their job is to confirm the technology infrastructure meets compliance needs and other IT needs.

Compliance Analyst


Average salary: $64,443

This is one financial professional who audits a business for compliance against standards set by government agencies. We know the finance industry is very compliance-driven. To achieve long-term economic stability and financial growth, companies rely on established standards.

This analyst reviews data, financial infrastructure, and more to ensure the company meets the regulations.

Financial Planner


Average salary: $64,225

As a planner, your job is to help individuals develop plans and ensure their present and future financial stability. Planners usually review the clients’ financial goals and help them come up with an appropriate strategy for saving and investing.

Senior Accountant


Average salary: $72,639

Since forever, accounting is one of the most challenging and lucrative job in the world. Accountants know everything about your finances. And as a senior accountant, you are at the very top of the accounting hierarchy.

This position is responsible for the day-to-day duties of accounting.

Hedge Fund Manager


Average salary: $98,256

Hedge fund managers have similar tasks to investment bankers. The difference is they work with a higher risk and reward portfolio for investors. Hedge fund managers work with millions of dollars and make investments that can make or break you.

Their job is to constantly monitor markets and protect their investors. They are always awake.

Financial Software Developer


Average salary: $106,124

Someone has to make the software for all these financial institutions to work and function, right? Well, this is where a software developer for finance helps.

These developers work in the growing Fintech industry by creating programs that help financial institutions and end-users.