FollowNews.com is about news facts and information collected from around the world. It is an online magazine covering interesting topics and facts. We strive to gather the best news topics for you. Gaining footing in the news industry is about giving accurate information, more facts, and less sensationalism. We share the facts with you, with more balanced reporting, so you get the right info before you form your own opinion as to what’s happening around the globe, and can make life’s decisions about health, well being, pets, and travel. Read the latest news – on your favorite celebs, entertainment, trending health, fitness, as well as about pets, and travel.

Our Vision

FollowNews’ vision is to develop a medium to give the most accurate facts and new info that are relevant to you. Fake news is everywhere, from social media platforms to other media platforms. These create misguided conceptions and opinions for readers. We want to change that, by giving you factual news pieces and blogs that will enrich and update you with what’s happening, trending, and being discovered.

Our founder, David Kay, founded FollowNews to establish a go-to online magazine that provides factual, detail-oriented articles that inform, entertain and help you in different ways, be it about health, wellbeing, pets, travel, or following your favorite celebrity icons. We are committed to stopping the proliferation of false information and uphold sincerity and truth in delivering the facts.