Demi Mawby’s Plastic Surgery – Instagram Model Natural or Not?

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Demi Rose Mawby is someone you have probably seen scrolling through tabloids, Instagram, and other social media platforms. She has been modeling for eight years now and has amassed millions of Instagram followers. Demi Mawby’s bikini photos appear daily on social media, in magazines, and in other places.

She says she always wanted to go into modeling. Growing up, she was being bullied and didn’t have many friends. But now, she is one of the hottest Instagram stars.

Most of her social media online content are fashion-based. She often posts photos from her editorial shoots and collaborations with brands. But she also uses the platform to talk about bereavement.

The Journey to Popularity

Born in March 1995 in Birmingham, England, Demi has a mixed ethnicity, English and Colombian. She also has a sister, but she is not as photogenic as Demi. She comes from a working-class family. Her father, Barrie Mawby, worked as a bank administrator, while her mother, Christine Mawby, was a humble homemaker.

Demi has a degree in Beauty Therapy and Spanish from Walsall College, John Willmont School. From an early age, she aspired to be a model. At 18 years of age, she joined Instagram and instantly gained fame and popularity. She posted an endless array of selfies and photos, most of them showing her smoking hot body.

Her Instagram popularity got her a deal with the infamous American publicity company Taz’s Angels. She was tasked with showing up at events and enlivening the festivities with her presence.

In 2016, she briefly dated rapper Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex, helping her earn even more popularity. She then had a brief romance and relationship with DJ Chris Martinez.

Now, she is one of the most influential British models in the world earning more than $650,000 per year. Demi Mawby’s net worth is more than $2 million.

Her popularity and fame helped her move to Miami, where she lives near the ocean.

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Why Did She Join OnlyFans?

In 2019, Demi’s parents died, just seven months apart. She shared her personal coping mechanism on social media. But despite trying to stay positive, going into lockdown after the death of her parents was hard for her.

She says, “I wanted to go and travel but I had three months in London, which was a lot of facing what I had been through and was a time of reflection”. After the restrictions were lifted, she moved to Ibiza to continue working on her modeling shoots.

She describes her online community as amazing support. But despite so many followers on Instagram, she wanted more control over her content and the money she earns from that.

She said, “I’ve been posting online for years and most of my shots are free, some are paid collaborations but I haven’t been able to monetize it properly.” So, she made the decision to join the subscription-based service OnlyFans.

She says there are thousands of creators on the platform. Some of them are fitness coaches, some are beauty bloggers, and more. Yes, the platform is infamous for adult content and porn.

Demi says, “There’s always been a stigma in the UK. I was always cautious about joining. But I’ve been watching more creators and artists joining and I was like, OK, wow it’s becoming more accepted”.

For example, Jordyn Woods, Tyga, and Cardi B are also on the platform. They use it to show behind-the-scenes images and photos of their performances.

Speaking about OnlyFans, Demi Mawbi said, “I’m finally taking more creative control and being artistic, I’m finding my shoots fun and they [the subscribers] are happy with what I’m putting on there. “It makes me feel empowered”.

Demi Mawby Plastic Surgery Rumors

Demi’s body has gone several transformations over the years. She was a skinny kid with nothing remarkable on her body. But now she is an otherworldly beauty who can make grown men drool.

With that in mind, is there any truth in the Demi Mawby plastic surgery rumors? For that, we have to look at before and after photos.

Demi Mawby Boob Job

demi mawby plastic surgery

In her early days, you can easily notice Demi had small but firm boobs. They are the shape and size of de-husked coconuts. Look at the picture after fame or any recent picture of the Instagram model, and you will see her cleavage has grown in size.

Many fans believe she has had breast augmentation cosmetic surgery to increase her breast size. Yet, she denies any breast implant procedures. Her breast size is 32DD.

Demi Mawby Butt Lift

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Some places in the world love her butt more than others. She has a curvy backside that will make you go wild. Similar to her boobs, the difference in size and shape is obvious.

In the before photos, you can see her tushie is tight and curvy enough, but still small in size. But in the after photos, her butt has expanded in size.

She says the result is because of hardcore exercise and training. Yet some fans think it is the result of a butt lift procedure.

Mouth injections


Demi Rose has lips that have attracted praise. Many fans compare her lips to those of Kylie Jenner. And in both cases, fans believe they are a result of lip fillers. They make their lips look fabulous.

Yet, if you look at before and after photos, you can see Demi always had those lips. They have remained the same shape.

Demi Rose Nose Job

demi mawby nose

Let’s finish our Demi Rose plastic surgery rumors list with her nose job. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures in Hollywood. Celebrities love it.

There are really subtle differences in her before and after photos. She does not appear to have a nose job, but the question is legitimate.

What Are the Most Common Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures for Celebrities?

Celebrities often undergo beauty transformation before surgery to enhance their appearance. The most common types of plastic surgery procedures for celebrities include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, and Botox injections. These procedures help them achieve the desired look and maintain their youthful appearance in the competitive world of entertainment.

Demi Rose Responds To Haters

demi mawby natural

We said that Demi hasn’t confirmed or admitted to any of the plastic surgery rumors. She is often the target of criticism from fans and trolls. Some label her curvaceous body as “fake”.

Responding to haters, she posted on social media saying, “I eat well. Have a great diet, and ever since I have been 18 I have been working with a personal trainer or by myself in the gym three to four times a week”.

She also confessed, “I changed my life around. No longer were restricting myself and constantly taking pictures of myself week by week getting skinnier and skinnier.” The British model admitted that it “took a lot of willpower to stop hating herself”.