Trick Daddy – Net Worth, A Promising Career, Personal Life, Health, and Legal Issues

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By David

Real Name:Maurice Samuel Young
Birthday:September 27, 1974
Net Worth$100,000
Height:177 cm
Occupation:American Rapper, Record Producer,
Singer, Songwriter

His real name is Maurice Samuel Young. His stage name is Trick Daddy. He is an American rapper and record producer. With more than 9 successful albums, you would expect him to be a millionaire. But that is not the case. So, how wealthy is Trick Daddy? Well, after 9 successful albums, hit songs, collaborations with Pitbull and DJ Khaled, he has little more than $100,000.

He is popular for his exceptional rapping performance. Many people still view him as the most popular American rapper. But legal issues and bankruptcy prevented him from enjoying life at an older age.

Struggling to make money

Trick Daddy was born on September 27, 1973, in Miami. His mother’s name is Pearl Brockington and his father is Charles Young. His father was a local pimp. Trick Daddy grew in an apartment complex with his ten siblings. During his teenage years, he went with his father to live with him. His father forced him to sell cock-cocaine on the streets.

At just 15 years old, Trick got arrested for selling drugs and illegal firearms possession. He was then charged with murder attempt for shooting a man. And at 20 years, he was again arrested for the same murder case. He met Ted Lucas, the founder of Slip N Slide Records after his release.

That is when he started his career. Slip N Slide Records hired him in 1993. He struggled for several years before releasing his debut album Based on True Story in 1997. And the following year, he recorded his second album named The hottest track on the album, Nann Nigga, made it to third place on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart.

A Promising Career

Trick has four albums certified Gold and a single reaching platinum status. His 2001 single, Thugs Are Us reached platinum.

He became a national superstar, collecting many RIAA accolades. He also hit the Top Ten of the Billboard hip hop albums chart with seven consecutive releases through 2009.

When he performed “Shut Up” early in his career, he captured the public. Magazines described the performance as the “rowdiest club hit”. He then rocked again with his “America” solo.

In 2001, he gained international and global recognition with Thugs are Us and Thug Holiday.

His last album is Finally Famous: Born a Thug Still a Thug. And that might be the best way to explain his life and journey. He became successful, but legal issues dragged him back into purgatory.

Trick Daddy’s assets are now just a little over $100,000. Here is the full list of his albums

  • Based on a True Story in 1997
  • in 1998
  • Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47 in 2000
  • Thugs are Us in 2001
  • Thug Holiday in 2002
  • Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets in 2004
  • Back by Thug Demand in 2006
  • Finally Famous: Born a Thug Still a Thug in 2009

As you can see, his thug persona dominates his career and performance.

Trick Daddy Bankruptcy

As for 2020, Trick Daddy filed for bankruptcy four times. Once in 2015, once in 2016, and two times in 2019.

In 2015, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Florida. He had $430,000 in assets, but more than $645,000 in debt. He still earned more than $14,500 per month from his career. He had clothes and jewelry, but his debt was too much.

In 2016, he filed for bankruptcy again. This time, the reason was he owed too much money. He owed $35,000 in child support to one former girlfriend and another $22,000 in child support to another. He also owed $290,000 in back taxes and $280,000 in mortgages.

In 2019, he claimed he had $0 in his accounts. At the same time, he owed more than $800,000 to creditors. He also said he had $150 worth of clothes and nothing more.

The court documents showed he owes $57,119 in child support, $290,000 to the IRS, $435,682 to Fannie Mae, and more than $12,000 to the homeowners association. That was the fourth time he claimed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

He earns an average of $10,000 from his music and spends around $3,000. He says he generated an income of $50,000 per year. With that rate, he will need to work a bit more to make up for the debt.

Personal Life, Health, and Legal Issues

In 2009, Trick Daddy published his autobiography. Before publishing it, he mentioned he suffers from skin disease Lupus. It is an incurable skin disease. Side effects can also affect the liver and kidney. He stopped taking the medications because of fear of liver and kidney failure.

Lupus symptoms include inflammation, swelling, and damage to the joints and skin. The disease hampered his regular function. His kidneys, heart, and nervous system all started to show signs.

One might think that his legal issues stopped after he left his father. But that was not the case. In 2003, he got arrested for threatening to kill a man after a basketball game dispute. In the same year, he got arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana.

In 2004, he got arrested outside of his home in Florida. Police and drug-sniffing dogs found cocaine in his bedroom and a 0mm pistol. He also drove with a suspended license.

Because of the many health, legal, and personal life issues, you can understand why he has so little money on his account. Paying for child support, high medical bills, and many arrests took a tool on his wallet. Trick Daddy cash flow in 2020 is little over $100,000.