Susan Iger Net Worth – Ex-Wife of Disney CEO Bob Iger

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Real Name:Kathleen Susan Iger
Net Worth$15 million
Height:175 cm
Occupation:American Director of Production, Ex-Wife of Robert Iger

Susan Iger and Bob Iger led a happy life until the early 1990s. The two have two daughters together. But just before Bob’s career took off, Susan decided to part ways with the current CEO of The Walt Disney Company. How much is Susan Iger’s cash flow? Did she inherit any money in the divorce? Does she still receive money from Bob? What does she work nowadays? We talk about all of those questions.

Susan and Bob kept most of their marriage details behind closed doors. They dated for some time before tying the knot. And after a couple of years of a happy marriage, they decided to call it quits.

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Quick Bio

Born in Roselle, New Jersey, Susan is in her 70s nowadays. And she still tries to work as much as possible. She spent most of her early life in Roselle living with her parents. Susan attended Abraham Clark High School. Following her high school education, she went on to study at the American University in Washington.

In 1969, Susan got her graduate degree. Some ten years later, she scored her first job as an executive producer of special events at WABC-TV in 1982. At the same time, she worked as a producer for the National Broadcasting Company.

Following several years of service, she left WABC-TV and joined the media production Al Roker Entertainment in 2000. For six years, she worked as the vice president of the company.

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She came into national recognition after getting married to Bob Iger. Today, she remains a well-known celebrity.

As of 2021, she remains single and devoted to her work. She only has one marriage behind her, the one with Robert, Bob Iger, the media executive, and businessman.

But when the two dated, Bob was far from the media mogul he is today. They ended their marriage in 1994. Together, they have two children together, Kate Iger and Amanda Iger. Both of their daughters prefer to remain away from the spotlight.

Bob, her former husband, got married for a second time to media personality Willow Bay. But what happened with the marriage between Susan and Bob?

They had a happy marriage before they found personal differences. The two got married in a close and private ceremony. But in the 1990s, Bob started to rise in the ranks. They struggled to balance their career and family side. And when Bob decided to go to Los Angeles as the head of ABC Entertainment in 1989, things started falling apart.

In his memoirs, Bob wrote, “I knew this would be hard for her and that in her heart she wouldn’t want to go. She was incredibly supportive. She often said ‘Life is an adventure, and if you don’t choose the adventurous path, then you are not really living”.

The constant traveling job eventually ruined their marriage. Susan filed for divorce in 1992, and the two finally got separated in 1994. Many think that Susan couldn’t handle life in Los Angeles. She is one of those New Yorkers who never want to live anywhere else. And after their divorce, she returned to New York to live with her two daughters.

To this day, she remains private and keeps her life away from the eyes of the paparazzi. At the moment, Susan focuses on her career, trying to influence the young women trying to make it out in the business field.

In October 2006, Susan started working as a senior producer at CNBC-TV. She remained a part of the show until March 2007. She also worked as a freelance specials producer for different television houses.

Net Worth

So, how much money did she get from the divorce? Well, at the time of their divorce, Bob Iger was far from the media mogul he is today. Still, as of April 2021, Susan Iger has a fortune of $15 million.

She remains single and away from the public’s eye. And as the ex-wife of one of the wealthiest millionaires, she will never face financial problems.

Her former husband, the CEO of Disney, has a wealth of more than $690 million. Robert got the job as President of Walt Disney in 1999. Since then, he earns millions in salary. And that is when he started his journey as a multimillionaire media mogul.

Susan on the other hand works freelance for televisions and helps women make out in the business world. She does remain active on social media networks, mainly Facebook. Susan sporadically posts updates on her social media account.

Her posts mostly try to motivate young women to fight for their rights in the business world. Susan remains one of the more vocal feminists in the media business.