Solveig Karadottir: Exploring the Life and Career of Dhani Harrison’s Ex-Wife

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Real Name:Solveig Karadottir
Birthday:December 5, 1983
Net Worth$1 million
Height:178 cm
Occupation:Icelandic-British Psychologist, Fashion designer, Model, Ex-wife of Dhani Harrison

Solveig Karadottir, born on December 5, 1983, is an Icelandic-British personality renowned for her multifaceted career that spans across various fields. As a costume designer, psychologist, former model, and internet celebrity, she possesses a diverse array of talents and interests. Karadottir’s popularity soared not only due to her accomplishments but also as a result of her high-profile marriage and later divorce from British singer and songwriter, Dhani Harrison.

In her professional sphere, Solveig Karadottir co-founded the luxurious fashion brand, Galvan London, which has captured the attention of many in the industry. Her visionary approach and artistic flair have made her a well-respected figure in the world of fashion. Applying her diverse skill set, Karadottir has managed to leave an indelible mark in her domain while setting new standards and pushing boundaries.

Despite her marriage to Dhani Harrison, the son of iconic musician George Harrison, coming to an end in 2016, Karadottir continues to make her mark in her respective fields. Through her ever-evolving career and various endeavors, she remains a prominent figure in both the realms of fashion and psychology.

Early Life and Family Background

Family Heritage

Solveig Karadottir was born in 1983 in Eskimo, Iceland, making her approximately 40 years old today. She is an Icelandic national and comes from a prestigious family. Her father is Kári Stefánsson, the director and CEO of deCODE Genetics, a biopharmaceutical company located in Reykjavik, Iceland. Although not much information is available about her mother and siblings, it’s clear that Solveig has a strong family background connected to science and genetics.


While specific details regarding Solveig’s early education are scarce, her grounding in science may have stemmed from her father’s dedication and accomplishments in the genetics field. Considering her Icelandic heritage, it can be assumed that her primary and secondary education took place within Iceland. As for post-secondary studies, information about her alma mater and chosen majors remain unavailable.

In this brief exploration of Solveig Karadottir’s early life and family background, we glean some insights into her family heritage, with a strong connection to the field of science through her father, Kári Stefánsson. Furthermore, though detailed information on her educational background is limited, we can surmise that her upbringing in Iceland played a significant role in her upbringing. As a 40-year-old Icelandic national, Solveig has undoubtedly forged her path in life, benefiting from her family’s influence and the knowledge gained throughout her formative years.

Career Overview

Fashion Industry Involvement

Solveig Karadottir began her career in the fashion industry as a talented fashion designer. One of her most prominent contributions in this sector was working for Galvan London, a modern fashion brand. With her keen eye for design and dedication to producing creative and contemporary suits, she quickly became an influential figure in the fashion world.

Psychological Pursuits

In addition to her work in fashion, Solveig Karadottir also pursued a career as a psychologist. Having completed her education in the field, she went on to apply her knowledge and expertise to various projects within the industry. Furthermore, she demonstrated a deep understanding of the human mind and a strong commitment to helping individuals overcome challenges.

Modeling Endeavors

Solveig had also been involved in the world of modeling, which contributed to her multifaceted career. She used her innate charm and poise to work on various modeling projects, earning a reputation for professionalism and sophistication. While her success as a model may not have been as pronounced as her accomplishments in fashion design and psychology, it is yet another testament to her diverse skill set.

Relationship with Dhani Harrison

Marriage and Ceremony

Solveig Karadottir, an Icelandic psychologist and fashion designer, and Dhani Harrison, a well-known British musician, composer, and singer-songwriter, got married in 2012. Their wedding ceremony took place at George Harrison’s estate, Friar Park. The bride, Solveig, chose a beautiful wedding dress crafted by Stella McCartney, featuring a simple shape and elegant lace details. Friends and family attended the event, celebrating the union of the couple.

Divorce Proceedings

Unfortunately, after four years of marriage, Solveig Karadottir and Dhani Harrison decided to separate. Dhani filed for divorce in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup. The case was processed through the Angeles County Court system. Although specific details regarding any prenuptial agreement were not publicly disclosed, it is evident that the once-happy couple encountered issues that led to the dissolution of their marriage. As of now, Dhani Harrison has not remarried, and Solveig Karadottir continues her professional endeavors as the founder and creative director of the fashion brand, Galvan London.

Involvement in the Arts

Galvan Collaboration

Solveig Karadottir, a fashion designer and psychologist, played an important role in the inception of the fashion brand Galvan. As a co-founder, she collaborated with her creative team to establish a unique platform for women’s fashion. Together, they focused on creating modern, minimalistic, and versatile evening wear, which gained recognition for its elegance and sophistication.

The brand’s collaborations with notable designers, such as Stella McCartney, further solidified its reputation in the fashion industry. Solveig’s involvement in Galvan showcased her ability to successfully merge artistic vision with the business side of fashion.

Music and Creativity

In addition to her accomplishments as a fashion designer, Solveig Karadottir is also known for her close relationship with the music industry. This is in part due to her former marriage to Dhani Harrison, a talented musician and composer from the United Kingdom. Harrison is the son of former Beatles member George Harrison and Olivia Harrison.

Through their shared love for music, Solveig was exposed to various aspects of creativity in the music world. Though not a musician herself, her background in psychology and interest in creative expression likely influenced her appreciation for the art form. Harrison’s band, thenewno2, featured a unique blend of alternative rock and electronic music, demonstrating an innovative fusion of genres.

In conclusion, Solveig Karadottir’s involvement in the arts spans from her accomplishments as a fashion designer to her connections in the music industry. With a diverse set of skills and interests, she has made a significant impact in these creative fields.

Personal Life

Lifestyle and Residence

Solveig Karadottir, an Icelandic psychologist, fashion designer, and model, was born Sólveig “Sóla” Káradóttir in Eskimo, Iceland, in 1983. Now 40 years old, she is the daughter of renowned neurologist Kari Stefansson, the director and CEO of Reykjavik-based biopharmaceutical company deCODE Genetics. Solveig was married to Dhani Harrison, a British musician, songwriter, and composer, in 2012. Their wedding was attended by various notable personalities, including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Hanks, and Clive Owen. Unfortunately, they do not have children together.

Being in the public eye mainly due to her relationship with Dhani Harrison, Solveig has enjoyed a life of prominence. The couple has been known to reside in luxurious homes in both the UK and the US. They have lived in the idyllic town of Henley-on-Thames in the UK, as well as in Los Angeles, a popular choice among celebrities.

Solveig’s lifestyle is also backed by her and Dhani’s considerable net worth, as their combined wealth comes from their individual careers, with Dhani being a successful musician and composer, and Solveig working within the realms of psychology, fashion design, and modeling.

Social Media Presence

In terms of social media, Solveig Karadottir maintains a relatively private presence. While she has an Instagram account, she keeps it private, allowing only her friends and followers to view her posts. Similarly, she does not have a public Twitter profile, further emphasizing her preference for a more private online presence. Through social media, she primarily connects with her close friends and family and reflects her preference for maintaining a personal life away from the public eye.

Cultural Significance

Influence in Modern Fashion

Solveig Karadottir, an Icelandic fashion designer, has made a notable impact on the modern fashion industry. Her unique designs reflect the rich cultural heritage of Iceland, which seamlessly blend North Germanic and Eskimo influences. Through her work, Solveig has introduced innovative patterns, textures, and color palettes that provide a fresh perspective on modern fashion.

Solveig’s creations emphasize sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials, reflecting the Icelandic tradition of respecting nature and minimizing waste. This commitment to environmentally conscious design has inspired other fashion designers globally to adopt sustainable practices in their own work.

Some of her key contributions to the modern fashion industry are as follows:

  • Introduction of Icelandic patterns and motifs: Solveig incorporates traditional Icelandic elements such as geometric patterns and vibrant color combinations in her fashion designs.
  • Adoption of eco-friendly materials: She emphasizes the use of sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and reclaimed fabrics in her creations.
  • Promotion of ethical production: Solveig is a strong advocate for fair labor practices and responsible manufacturing processes within the fashion industry.

Contribution to Icelandic Culture

In addition to her work as a fashion designer, Solveig Karadottir has made significant contributions to Icelandic culture. As a psychologist, she has worked closely with various institutions and organizations in Iceland to raise awareness about mental health issues and promote the well-being of individuals and communities.

Solveig has utilized her public platform to share her insights and experiences, encouraging open dialogue and fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities of mental health. Her efforts have led to the implementation of various mental health support programs and initiatives within the Icelandic community.

Her contributions to the cultural fabric of Iceland include:

  1. Advocacy for mental health awareness: Solveig openly discusses the importance of mental health and advocates for resources and support for those struggling with mental health issues.
  2. Community engagement: She participates in numerous events and initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity within the Icelandic community.

As both a fashion designer and psychologist, Solveig Karadottir has made remarkable contributions to modern fashion and Icelandic culture. Her innovative work and passionate advocacy continue to inspire and positively impact countless individuals in Iceland and around the world.

Public and Media Relations

Media Coverage

Solveig Karadottir, an Icelandic psychologist, fashion designer, and model, has experienced a fair share of media coverage, mostly due to her previous marriage with the renowned British musician and composer, Dhani Harrison. Their relationship, engagement, and wedding in 2012 caught the attention of the media, leading to various articles and interviews featuring Solveig Karadottir. However, after their divorce in 2016, the media coverage has significantly reduced, and there aren’t many recent updates about her personal life or career.

Public Appearances

As a public figure, Solveig has made a number of public appearances over the years, often seen attending significant events and social gatherings. Many of these appearances were alongside her ex-husband, Dhani Harrison. Some notable events she has attended include:

  • Red carpet events: Solveig has appeared at red carpet events, often by her former spouse’s side. This has given her more visibility and increased her presence in the media.
  • Fashion shows and related events: Given her background in fashion, Solveig has been seen attending and participating in fashion shows and similar events. Her presence at these events showcases her professional interests and further connects her to the fashion industry.

Her public appearances have contributed to her overall public profile, allowing her to leave an impact on the audience and establish connections within the industry. Although there aren’t many articles or interviews covering Solveig Karadottir’s recent activities, her social media presence has allowed her to stay connected with her fans and followers, providing glimpses into her life and interests.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Association with Leading Designers

Solveig Karadottir, a psychologist and fashion designer, has built a remarkable reputation thanks to her strategic collaborations and partnerships within the fashion industry. One of her most noteworthy associations was with Galvan, a luxury fashion brand founded by Katherine Holmgren, Carolyn Hodler, Anna-Christin Haas, and Sola Harrison. Galvan focuses on modern, minimalist designs that cater to sophisticated women.

Solveig’s involvement with Galvan brought fresh ideas and fostered a mutually beneficial relationship. Her penchant for collaborating with creative industry leaders has greatly contributed to her standing and success as both a psychologist and designer.

Business Ventures

Throughout her career, Solveig Karadottir has been dedicated to forming strategic partnerships that elevate her influence within the fashion industry. Some of her business ventures are a testament to her dedication and ambition. Examples of her collaborations include:

  1. Luxury Fashion Brands: Partnering with high-end labels to create exclusive capsule collections that merge her design expertise with the brand’s identity.
  2. Charitable Organizations: Working with non-profits to raise awareness and funds for important social causes by designing and producing unique and meaningful clothing lines or organizing fashion events.
  3. Industry Leaders: Networking with leading fashion professionals to bring about innovation, share industry knowledge, and leverage support for emerging designers and entrepreneurs.

These successful partnerships have allowed Solveig Karadottir to grow and adapt to an ever-evolving industry, establishing her as a powerful force in the realms of fashion and psychology.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Charitable Works

Solveig Karadottir is a steadfast advocate for philanthropy, consistently making significant contributions to various charitable organizations. She has demonstrated a unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society through her financial support and engagement in numerous social causes. Examples of her philanthropic efforts include:

  • Donations to educational initiatives that aim to improve access to quality education for underprivileged students across the globe.
  • Contributions to healthcare organizations focused on researching and treating life-threatening diseases and providing medical care to underserved communities.
  • Support for environmental conservation projects promoting the protection and preservation of vital ecosystems and endangered species.

Advocacy and Campaigns

In addition to her charitable endeavors, Solveig Karadottir is highly engaged in various advocacy and campaign activities. By lending her influence and expertise, she has amplified important social issues, catalyzing change through awareness and activism. Some of the key issues she has championed include:

  • Tackling climate change: Solveig has been a vocal supporter of campaigns fighting climate change, emphasizing the urgency for governments, organizations, and individuals to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Promoting equality and diversity: Passionate about creating a more inclusive society, Solveig has eagerly backed initiatives advocating for gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial justice, using her influence to further their reach and impact.
  • Mental health awareness: Recognizing the importance of mental health in overall well-being, Solveig has actively participated in campaigns that promote mental health awareness and destigmatization, urging society to prioritize support and care for individuals living with mental health conditions.

Solveig Karadottir’s myriad philanthropic efforts and advocacy pursuits have undeniably contributed to significant social impact, as she continues to leverage her influence to further positive change on a global scale.

Personal Achievements

Awards and Recognitions

Solveig Karadottir is a talented and versatile individual with accomplishments in various fields. As a psychologist, she has made significant contributions to her field, although specific awards and recognitions are not available from the provided search results.

In the world of fashion, Solveig is one of the co-founders of Galvan London, a brand that focuses on modern, clean, and stunning eveningwear. Alongside her talented team of Carolyn Hodler, Katherine Holmgren, and Anna-Christina Haas, they have established a sought-after brand known for elegant designs and top-notch quality. Although there are no explicit awards or recognitions mentioned in the search results for Galvan London, the brand’s reputation speaks for itself within the industry.

Notable Projects

Solveig’s career also includes her work as a model and efforts within the fashion industry. One of her most notable projects is her involvement with Galvan London. The brand not only creates beautiful eveningwear but also designs simple and casual wedding attire, catering to a wide range of occasions. Galvan London has gained significant success and recognition within the fashion industry, showing Solveig’s dedication to her craft and her talent for creating exquisite designs.

As a psychologist, Solveig has undoubtedly made contributions to her field. However, specific details about her work or any notable projects she has taken part in could not be found from the provided search results. Nonetheless, her diverse skillset and various accomplishments across different industries display her adaptability and prowess, making her an influential figure in her own right.

Future Endeavors

Business Outlook

Solveig Karadottir, a businesswoman with experience in various industries, is expected to continue her journey exploring new opportunities and strengthening her existing ventures. As technology and innovation continue to reshape the world, industry outlook presents numerous possibilities for Solveig to harness her skills and expertise.

In the coming years, it’s anticipated that she will embark on new projects that align with her passions and industry trends. A sustainable future is a strong driver for many entrepreneurs today, and Solveig may also participate in initiatives that promote environmental consciousness and contribute to positive global change.

Personal Aspirations

While her professional life remains a significant focus, Solveig also has personal aspirations to fulfill. Her past philanthropic work demonstrates her commitment to giving back to society. It’s highly likely that she will continue to engage in charitable endeavors and ensure that her resources are leveraged for the greater good.

Furthermore, exploring various avenues of personal growth will likely remain an essential aspect of Solveig’s future. As she navigates life post her marital relationship with Dhani Harrison, priorities such as mental and emotional well-being, as well as developing a healthy work-life balance, will play a significant role in shaping her future endeavors.

Solveig Karadottir’s journey is multifaceted, encompassing both business prospects and personal aspirations. Her approach to life, adaptability, and courage to face change will undoubtedly influence the impact she leaves on the world around her.