Olivia Harrison: Life and Legacy of George Harrison’s Wife

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Real Name:Olivia Trinidad Harrison
Birthday:May 18, 1948
Net Worth$ 275 million - $300 million
Height:165 cm
Occupation:American Author, Film Producer, Widow of George Harrison

Olivia Trinidad Harrison, born on May 18, 1948, is an American author and film producer. Best known as the widow of the legendary English musician George Harrison of the Beatles, she has made significant contributions in the entertainment industry. Before gaining prominence as the wife of the famous guitarist, Olivia built a career in the music industry, working for A&M Records in Los Angeles.

Her association with George Harrison began when she started working at his Dark Horse record label, and they eventually got married. Olivia has played a vital role in preserving her late husband’s legacy through her efforts in various projects. She produced a documentary about George Harrison, giving unprecedented access to the family archive, showcasing the life and work of one of the most iconic musicians of all time.

As an author, Olivia Harrison has also shared her personal and intimate experiences with George in her poetry. In her book, “Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George”, she offers unique insight into their lives, their romance, and the challenges they faced together. By sharing their memories through various mediums, Olivia continues to keep George Harrison’s spirit alive in the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Early Life and Background

Upbringing and Early Influences

Olivia Trinidad Arias, better known as Olivia Harrison, was born on May 18, 1948, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the bustling city, Olivia experienced both the cultural diversity and the entertainment industry Los Angeles is renowned for. Her upbringing was influenced by her Mexican immigrant family; she spent her early childhood surrounded by a Mexican, Spanish-speaking entourage[^5^]. This environment helped Olivia develop strong work ethics and an appreciation for different cultural backgrounds.

Los Angeles played a significant role in shaping Olivia’s worldview and interests. As a city with a rich history of the arts, it is no surprise that young Olivia was exposed to various facets of the entertainment industry, which ultimately contributed to her relationship with George Harrison and her involvement in the music community.

Meeting with George Harrison

Olivia first encountered George Harrison when she was working at A&M Records. The two fell in love and eventually got married on September 2, 1978. Their relationship would go on to span decades, with Olivia famously supporting George during his battle with cancer and profoundly grieving his passing in 2001.

Throughout their life together, Olivia played a crucial role in George Harrison’s preserving his musical legacy, even launching the Material World Charitable Foundation in his name.

Marriage with George Harrison

Wedding and Life Together

Olivia Harrison, born Olivia Arias, married George Harrison in a private ceremony at the Henley-on-Thames Register Office in England in September 1978. This happened just a month after the birth of their son, Dhani Harrison, on August 1, 1978. George was previously married to Pattie Boyd, but his marriage with Olivia proved to be a long and enduring union.

Together, George and Olivia formed a strong bond, supporting each other through various personal and professional endeavors. Olivia played a vital role in maintaining their family life, and the couple constantly worked on their relationship. It has been reported that Olivia struggled at times to keep the relationship on track due to George’s wandering eye.

Collaborations and Projects

Throughout the years, the couple collaborated on many projects, both artistic and philanthropic. In 1990, they co-founded the “Romanian Angel Appeal” to support Romanian orphanages. Olivia went on to become a producer, and in 2011, she co-produced the documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World. which delved into the life and career of George, revealing insights into their relationship.

Since George’s passing in 2001, Olivia has continued to oversee his musical legacy, ensuring its preservation for future generations. Alongside her son, Dhani, they have worked on several endeavors, such as the release of the “Concert for George” tribute album in 2003 and the remastering of George’s solo material in recent years.

Overall, Olivia Harrison’s role as George’s partner extended beyond their marriage, spanning across personal, professional, and philanthropic aspects of their lives. Their love and devotion for one another have left a lasting impact on the world, as well as on the legacy of George Harrison.

Professional Endeavors

Role in the Music Industry

Olivia Harrison, born on May 18, 1948, started her career in the music industry in Los Angeles, working for A&M Records. It was during her time at the record label that she met George Harrison, a renowned musician and former member of the Beatles. After their meeting, Olivia played a significant role in supporting George’s solo musical endeavors and contributed to the management of his record label, Dark Horse.

Literary Contributions

In addition to her involvement in the music industry, Olivia Harrison has also made notable literary contributions. In 2022, she published a collection of 20 intimate poems titled Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George. The book encompasses the couple’s life and marks the 20th anniversary of George Harrison’s death. The poems provide a heartfelt insight into the relationship between Olivia and George.

Work as a Film Producer

Olivia Harrison has ventured into film production, exploring and preserving her husband’s legacy. One of her most compelling projects is the co-production of the documentary “George Harrison: Living in the Material World.” The acclaimed film provides an in-depth look at George Harrison’s life, music, and spiritual journey. Moreover, Olivia also played an essential role in organizing the historic Concert for George in 2002 as a tribute to his life and music.

Advocacy and Philanthropy

In addition to being an author and film producer, Olivia Harrison is also known for her philanthropic efforts and advocacy work. As the widow of legendary musician George Harrison, Olivia has been instrumental in continuing his legacy through various charitable initiatives and events.

Concert for George

The Concert for George was a tribute concert that took place one year after the passing of George Harrison. Organized by Olivia and close friend Eric Clapton, the event brought together numerous artists and musicians to celebrate George’s life and music. Performers at the event included Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, and Billy Preston, among others. The event’s proceeds went towards the Material World Charitable Foundation, a charitable organization established by George Harrison himself.

Material World Charitable Foundation

The Material World Charitable Foundation was founded by George Harrison in 1973. After his passing, Olivia has overseen the foundation, which aims to support various causes such as the arts, education, and healthcare. Some of the foundation’s projects include:

  • Providing grants to organizations supporting social causes
  • Donating proceeds from the sales of memorabilia, like limited edition photographs
  • Funding education initiatives and scholarships
  • Supporting the preservation of natural resources and promoting environmental awareness

One notable example of Olivia’s involvement with the Material World Charitable Foundation is her work on the film George Harrison: Living in the Material World. The documentary, directed by Martin Scorsese, delved into the life and career of the late musician. In her role as a producer, Olivia collaborated with Scorsese to provide a comprehensive and intimate look into George’s world, helping to preserve his memory while raising funds for the foundation.

Through these various efforts, Olivia Harrison continues to honor her late husband’s legacy and contribute to philanthropic causes that aligned with his beliefs and values.

Personal Life

Spirituality and Beliefs

Olivia Harrison, the widow of English musician George Harrison of the Beatles, shared a spiritual bond with her late husband. They both had a deep connection with nature and held similar beliefs. Their connection is evident in the compilation of poems Olivia released in 2021, titled “Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George”. In addition to their spirituality, they also enjoyed gardening and spending time in their garden at Friar Park, their home in England.

Handling Loss and Grief

Olivia Harrison has demonstrated immense resilience in handling the loss of her husband, George Harrison. Following his death in 2001, Olivia has dedicated herself to preserving his legacy. Her efforts have included film production, granting access to the family archive for documentaries, and publishing her poignant collection of poems as a tribute to their life together.

Invasion and Security Incidents

In 1999, Olivia and George Harrison faced a terrifying experience when a knife-wielding intruder broke into their home, Friar Park. George was stabbed multiple times, and Olivia fought back with a fireplace poker and table lamp in a courageous attempt to save her husband’s life. The traumatic incident forced the couple to reassess their security, as they had previously been receiving hate mail and death threats. Olivia’s bravery in this situation showcased her strength and devotion to George.

By highlighting her journey, including her spirituality, handling of grief, and courage in the face of danger, the personal life of Olivia Harrison offers readers a glimpse of the woman behind the public figure.

Legacy of George Harrison

Preserving George’s Memory

Olivia Harrison has played a significant role in preserving the memory of her late husband, George Harrison. Known as the “quiet Beatle,” George’s contributions to the Beatles legacy and his solo career have been celebrated thanks to Olivia’s efforts. In 2002, she helped organize Concert for George, a tribute concert held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The event featured performances from friends and fellow musicians such as Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr.

In addition to the concert, Olivia published a book titled George Harrison: Living in the Material World in 2011. The book chronicles George’s life, from his early beginnings with the Beatles to his spiritual journey and philanthropic efforts. It also served as a companion to the Martin Scorsese-directed documentary of the same name, which provides an in-depth look into George’s life, music, and influence on popular culture.

Some notable projects Olivia supported include:

  • The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF
  • Dark Horse Records, managing George’s posthumous releases
  • Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George, a collection of Olivia’s poetry reflecting on their life together

Honoring His Music and Influence

George Harrison’s influence on music and popular culture extends well beyond the Beatles. His exploration of Indian music and spirituality introduced Western audiences to these traditions, inspiring many musicians to follow suit. His solo works, such as the acclaimed All Things Must Pass, showcased his immense talent as a songwriter and musician.

Olivia’s efforts to honor George’s music have helped ensure that his artistic contributions continue to be recognized and celebrated. She has curated various reissues and remasters of his solo work, ensuring that new generations of fans can appreciate the depth and complexity of his artistry.

In summary, the work of Olivia Harrison has played a crucial role in preserving and promoting the legacy of George Harrison. Through her devotion to keeping his memory alive, she has allowed fans old and new to continue enjoying the timeless artistry of a truly influential musician. The everlasting impact of George’s music and his deep love for Olivia is a testament to the enduring nature of his spirit.

Published Works

Books and Poetry

Olivia Harrison has made significant contributions in the literary world, authoring several books and creating poetic works. One of her well-known publications is the revised edition of George Harrison’s 1980 autobiography, “I, Me, Mine.” Olivia’s dedication to preserving her husband’s memory is evident in her work.

Her most recent literary accomplishment is the book titled “Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George.” Released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of George Harrison’s passing, this collection of poems features an emotional exploration of Olivia’s life with George and the love they shared. The poetic autobiography delves into themes of grief, loss, and the passage of time.

Some noteworthy works by Olivia Harrison include:

  • I, Me, Mine (Revised Edition)
  • Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George


As a film producer, Olivia Harrison has been involved in the creation of documentaries that celebrate the life and career of her late husband, George Harrison. In 2011, she produced a documentary titled “George Harrison: Living in the Material World,” which provides an in-depth look at George’s personal life, his time with The Beatles, and his solo career. This documentary serves as a tribute to the legendary artist and offers fans a unique insight into his life.

In addition to the 2011 documentary, Olivia has also been involved in the creation of a box set, which includes exclusive material and serves as a companion piece to the documentary. The box set contains:

  • The documentary “Living in the Material World”
  • Bonus interviews and previously unreleased footage
  • A beautifully designed book
  • A CD containing exclusive tracks

Olivia Harrison’s contributions to these documentaries and publications emphasize her dedication to honoring the life and legacy of George Harrison. Through her work as an author and film producer, she preserves the memory of her beloved husband and ensures that future generations will continue to appreciate his artistic genius.

Cultural Impact

Influence on Music and Arts

Olivia Harrison played a significant role in the music and arts industry, particularly through her associations with prominent figures and her work in preserving cultural heritage. As the widow of English musician George Harrison of the Beatles, Olivia contributed to the growth and development of various artists and their work.

George Harrison’s close friendships with musicians like Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and Indian sitar maestro Ravi Shankar created a unique blend of musical styles. Olivia helped support these collaborations, promoting the exchange of artistic ideas and fostering the growth of new musical genres.

Her work in the music industry extended beyond supporting her husband’s career. Olivia also played a crucial role in running George’s Dark Horse record label, further establishing her impact on the arts. By providing a platform for both established and emerging artists, Dark Horse allowed various talents to flourish, further showcasing Olivia’s influence on the music scene.

Associations with Prominent Figures

Throughout her life, Olivia Harrison developed strong connections with some of the most notable figures in the music industry. These relationships not only furthered her influence but also allowed her to play a pivotal role in various cultural events.

Members of the Beatles, such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr, along with their respective partners, including Yoko Ono, all shared personal connections to Olivia. As the wife of a key member of the iconic band, she participated in many memorable moments in music history and was an integral part of the Beatles’ inner circle.

Her connection to Ravi Shankar further highlights the range of her influence. Through her husband’s friendship with Ravi, Olivia played an active role in bridging the gap between Western and Indian music. As a result, she contributed to the growth and development of World Music as a genre.

In conclusion, Olivia Harrison’s cultural impact is undeniable. Whether it’s her influence on music and arts through collaborations with renowned artists or associations with prominent figures, she has left a lasting mark on the industry. Her dedication to philanthropy, activism, and preserving cultural heritage further solidifies her role as an inspiring muse in the world of music and beyond.

Olivia Harrison Today

Current Endeavors and Activities

Olivia Harrison, the widow of English musician George Harrison, has continued to make her mark in the world of music and film. Today, she is an acclaimed author, film producer, and the curator of her late husband’s legacy. Born on May 18, 1948, Olivia has dedicated her time and effort to preserving George Harrison’s memory through various projects and initiatives.

A notable accomplishment of Olivia is her work as a film producer. She has received significant awards and accolades, including a Grammy Award for producing the documentary film George Harrison: Living in the Material World in 2012. Directed by renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese, the film offers an in-depth look at the life and career of the beloved Beatle, while also showcasing never-before-seen footage and interviews.

In addition to her work in film, Olivia has carried on George Harrison’s philanthropic efforts by supporting various charitable organizations and causes. She has actively participated in fundraising events and awareness campaigns for global environmental conservation, health care, and disaster relief.

As the director of the George Harrison Estate, Olivia Harrison has played a crucial role in curating and overseeing the release of her late husband’s posthumous material. She has ensured that the work of her husband remains both accessible and relevant to fans. In commemoration of the anniversary of George Harrison’s passing, Olivia has overseen the release of special edition albums, art installations, and even a poetry collection entitled Came the Sun.

To summarize, Olivia Harrison’s current endeavors and activities revolve around preserving her late husband’s legacy and continuing his philanthropic work. With her impressive accomplishments as an author, film producer, and curator, she continues to make a significant impact in the world while keeping the memory of George Harrison alive.