Robin McGraw’s Plastic Surgery – Calling Dr. Phil’s Wife

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Some of you might know Robin McGraw as New York Times best-selling author. Others might know her as the wife of TV talk show host, Dr. Phil McGraw. She has been married to Dr. Phil for more than 30 years. His viewers have embraced her. She often talks about her experiences as a mother and a wife dealing with issues women face in their life.

The two have two children together, Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw.

As the wife of Dr. Phil, she has been linked with many rumors about going under the knife. We have to say, Robin denies all the surgery rumors. There is one that she has admitted to, but that is an eyebrow transplant procedure.

What are other Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors? Let’s take a look.

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Robin McGraw Before and After Photos

Robin McGraw’s net worth is more than $40 million. She can certainly afford some cosmetic enhancement procedures, right? Speaking about Robin McGraw’s plastic surgery rumors, we have to look at before and after photos.

Fans often say she has altered gloriously throughout the years. Here are some rumors they have.

Robin McGraw Nose Job


Robin’s nose has transformed drastically if you compare her before and after pictures. Long ago, she had a vast or slightly fat nose. Looking at more recent photos, her nose looks a lot slimmer.

Another difference, her nose has become a bit lifted. That is a hint at rhinoplasty surgery, the most common plastic surgery in Hollywood.

Fans and experts clearly notice the change in her nasal bridge and tip. While the women author denies the rumors, they look true, right?

Robin McGraw Face Lift And Botox Injections

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Many fans also believe that the millionaire philanthropist has enhanced her face using botox injections and facelift procedures.

Nowadays, she has a much younger face and a well-maintained facial structure. The only logical answer for that is a facelift.

She is in her mid-60s and doesn’t have many wrinkles and fine lines on her face. It is either botox or some secret magic skincare regimen and formula. But anti-aging products do not give this good of results.

Robin McGraw Lip Filler

robin mcgraw face plastic surgery

Fans talk about Robin enhancing her lips via lip fillers. And that is because if you look at newer photos, her lips have become larger. And when that is the case, fans often speculate about lip fillers.

That is one procedure that can make lips look fuller and larger. So, that might be the reason for her puffy lips.

Robin McGraw Boob Job

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Let’s finish off the list of unconfirmed Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors with breast implant surgery. She has been “accused” of having breast implants that have increased her breast size.

Her boobs dimension has changed throughout the years. But we have to note that women often have bigger breasts during pregnancy and after that. Remember, Robin is in her 60s and she has had two kids. Maybe the different breast size has something to do with maternity.

Robin Admits To Surgery

There is one plastic surgery procedure that Robin has admitted to doing. And that is eyebrow transplant surgery.

She revealed it on her podcast, I’ve got a Secret in January 2020. During the talk show, the American author said she went under the knife. She said the procedure was done a few years ago and completely changed her life.

Addressing the rumors, the American writer said, “It brought my entire face into proportion”. For this procedure, she visited the hair-restoration specialist, Dr. Marc Dauer.

He was the one doing the invasive procedure. Robin invited Dauer to discuss the minor surgery. He explained, “Eyebrows are such a defining feature on the face. They are so crucial to framing your face. If they start too far over or if they’re just missing in different places, it just changes your whole look.”

During the podcast, she thanked Marc Dauer for helping her boost her confidence. Robin said, “I hated my eyebrows so much that I wore bangs to cover them. Because of you and my eyebrow transplant, I let my bangs grow out and I was so happy”.

While the procedure is not invasive, it still requires attention to detail. It involves removing a piece of the scalp and extracting hair follicles. Those are then grafted onto the eyebrows for a fuller look there. Dr. Marc Dauer has even utilized an even less invasive approach, called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE.