Is Pivoting Career Path As Simple As They Say?

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By David

With the cost of living as it is and workplaces continually remaining understaffed, now might be a good time to consider a switch of career if you deem this to be relevant. However, it;’s very easy for us to suggest such a thing and harder for you to pull it off, and this is your life after all, so it’s important to make sure every decision you make has been carefully thought through instead of at a whim.

This is where frustration can be felt, because constant suggestions that may not hold any resemblance to your working reality may seem tiring. You may begin to ask the question “is pivoting career path as simple as they say?” It’s good to ask this question because it allows you to identify the potential challenges or even obstacles in your way, as well as how you might pivot career not only to find more of a satisfactory salary but to potentially work at something you truly believe in.

Let’s consider how that might be possible, and where you should get started:

Consider Your Goals

It’s good to consider your goals, to begin with. This will help keep you on the right path. For instance, why are you changing careers in the first place? Sure, we listed some reasons above, but they’re by no means exhaustive.

Perhaps you’re simply tired of the industry you work in? Is it possible that you wish for something that helps your professional ethics shine? It might be that your transferable skills are good for that.

Perhaps your management and people skills can apply well to running a small department in a different industry.

Perhaps you’d rather become involved in the creative field or the humanities, such as working for museum department’s marketing team. Goals are important to consider, because ultimately this is your career, no one elses, and setting the right priorities will fuel your desire to get uncomfortable outside of your current position.

Use Specialist Training

You may need to specialize further or to retrain in order to make your forward progress more seamless than it otherwise could be. Using experts from the Corporate Coach Group could make a tremendous difference in helping you retain, gain essential leadership courses, and push for personal development.

As time goes by, this should aid you in not only figuring out your renewed professional persona and skillset, but in helping you respec for the market of today rather than the one, or a similar one, that you entered twenty years ago. It’s okay to admit we may be a little rusty around the edges or that we need to push some of the cobwebs off. If we do that, then in the long run we find that a new career path feels like a challenge to be overcome, rather than an obstacle to fight through. The perspective change is subtle, but it’s certainly there to help you put your best food forward in the best manner.

Think Of The Market

Of course, it’s always good to think of the market from time to time, and what its needs may be. In some areas, job categories are opening up like wildfire. Think of the electric vehicle market, or how renewable energies is promising to become a massively open job category with technicians needed in almost every sector.

It might be that things have changed significantly since you first entered the workforce. On top of that, the way you approach certain job roles may have changed also. For instance; perhaps you have excellent writing and marketing skills being involved in advertising for some time. Could the form and format of your work take on a different shape? Offering your professional services online may help you gather the best earning potential rather than moving into another department.

The market may have changed, and that’s fine. It provides you with the chance to look to the future and spot opportunities in the best possible way. Who knows what potential could be waiting there for you?

Identify Core Roles

What roles are out there and available to you? Could this be relevant to your expertise? When you list out a few specific and concrete roles you’d like to apply for, you can become more clear in what you’re pivoting too rather than simply hoping to take the first job that may come along.

Consider what the lifestyle of that kind of job will be, what the benefits are, and what responsibilities will be on your shoulders. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a pay cut if it means you have to deal with 40% less stress.

With this advice, we hope you can pivot your career path with ease and satisfaction.

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