How to Play Airsoft: An Introduction

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By David

Beginner’s Guide to Airsoft: Getting Started

You’ve watched enough YouTube videos, watched enough movies, and played a plethora of video games to realize that you want to shoot some baddies and live out your Combat dreams, but which pistol should you purchase? Are you a Gas or Electric customer? Which brands are the best and which are the worst!? Do all firearms include a battery & charger? Can I purchase a black one? Perhaps you simply need to understand what an Airsoft gun is.

We’ll help you find what you’re searching for and get you set up with your dream session with airsoft explained.

Buying your first firearm

The most common question we receive is likely, “What is the finest Airsoft gun for beginners?” But ultimately, that is a very difficult question to answer, because what person A loves may not be what person B enjoys, as such opinions vary significantly, and choosing your initial gun is a matter of personal taste and what you enjoy the look of, as it all comes down to aesthetics.

There are several ways to start airsoft, but the rifle is the best. But even choosing a gun may be difficult—there are Bolt Action Rifles, Electrical Rifles, Gas Rifles, Spring Loaded Shotguns, Gas Pistols, and more—so we’ll help you out by steering you in the correct way and begin with an Assault Rifle, which is the most popular first-time buy because it lets you check out a variety of play styles.

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Should I choose Gas or Electric?

Despite the fact that gas-powered firearms are quite cool, they are also very expensive, extremely demanding, and inconsistent! Due to the effect of ambient temperature on their effectiveness, you are frequently at a severe disadvantage. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a reliable first gun, you’ll want to choose Electric!

Although we can’t make your decision for you, we can point you in the direction of tried-and-true, dependable platforms that have long been the first choice of beginning players. Fortunately, these platforms mostly consist of Assault Rifles or M4 / AR-15 platforms because of their simplicity, modularity, and versatility, which make them a great choice for any starting player.

May I purchase a Black one?

Unfortunately, purchasing an airsoft gun comes with quite stringent laws that we and our clients must adhere to. All Airsoft Guns, regardless of color, need the buyer to be at least 18 years old because they are age-restricted products, similar to 18-rated video games and films.

You need something called a “Defense” in order to buy a black or realistic-looking gun. This is a defense against prosecution under the Violent Crimes Reduction Act of 2006. We know it sounds scary, but don’t worry, you probably won’t hear this term again on your airsoft journey because it’s more of a retailer’s concern.

There are several forms of Defense, the most prominent of which is something called a UKARA, a database where businesses may view a customer’s listing and determine whether or not they are an active Airsoft player. To receive a UKARA listing, you must visit the local Airsoft location three times over a period of no less than 8 weeks, then obtain a membership by inquiring with the site’s personnel; once you have a membership, they will provide you with a special player number. Then, each time you go to play, they’ll sign a form for you. Once this document has three signatures, you can apply to be added to the UKARA Database with your site.