List of Indoor Games – Stay Home and Have Some Fun

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What is the best way to stay at home and have some fun? Sometimes, you do not feel like going out. You like snuggling at home with your bae, or you love hanging with friends. Well, turns out, you can have tons of fun at home. Sports and games are a great way to reduce stress. What is the list of indoor games? What do you need to play indoor sport games? We have the answers.

For starters, why play indoor games for youth and adults? Well, games are the best stress buster. They lift your mood and help you grow physically and mentally. With indoor games, you can play in a closed environment. Now, the next time you ask about 100 things to do on a rainy day, think of indoor games.

Playing simple games like jigsaw puzzles will definitely help you stay mentally sharp and engaged. In order to put together a puzzle, you will need to pay attention to details and remember patterns which makes this activity a great brain booster. Jigsaw puzzles can be enjoyed with friends and family by organizing a puzzle night. In addition, jigsaw puzzles are a relatively low-cost and low-stress way to pass the time, making them a great choice for those looking for a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. Buffalo Games puzzles for adults in  1000 piece count are the right challenge you can take to test your mind and endurance while gaining some good mental exercise. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or a beginner, this activity offers a range of benefits for those looking to get the most out of their time at home.

Pencil and paper games

There are just too many pencil and paper games to list them. You can try some classic like tic-tac-toe, or battleship. Sprouts are also a good option. Pencil and paper games are a must for a list of indoor games. They beat TV any day. You play, have fun, and stimulate your brain. Here are some quick ideas.

Tic-tac-toe is a classic pencil and paper game for two players. X and O take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. You win when you place three o your marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row.

If you want a larger grid, make a 6×6 square of dots on a page. Take turns to join them with a line, but you can only join two dots at a time. The goal is to complete a box with your line and put your initials inside. The person with the most boxes wins.

Building games

So, if you want some indoor party games for kids, try building. You can use everything you want. Put your creative mind to work. You can create popsicle stick cities, card towers, or even buildings. Boxes and pillows can help you make indoor forts. And if you want to get competitive, play to win with the highest tower. You don’t need to develop complicated construction estimates for it either, but small little projects could lead to some fun moments.

Great Minds Think Alike

Let’s talk about creative and fun indoor activities for adults that stimulate the brain. This is a group activity, so you will need a couple of people. Great idea for a home party. You can make up your questions or get a free printable.

The goal is to think about one object, topic, or anything else. You need to choose what you think everyone else will choose. The more people get the same answer, the more points.

Murder Mystery

We love games where you have to put your mind to test. You can play murder mystery games any day in the year. Yes, they are most popular during the Halloween holidays. But you can play them at any time of the year.

With a single murder mystery game, you can have a whole evening of fun. Google some free mysteries, or make your own. Remember, your murder mystery has to contain charter descriptions, clues, scripts, and characters.



The ultimate board game for a home fun. Jenga is as popular as they come. And it is simple. You build a tower of chips, and you try to remove one while keeping the tower intact. Sounds simple enough? At the same time, Jenga provides lots of fun and enjoyment. And it is quite competitive.

Freeze Dance

You can modify this game for indoor games for kids or fun things to do indoors for adults. It all depends on the tune you choose. Go for a tune you want and turn up the volume. Ask participants to dance until the music stops. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze in the position they are. You can make the game more challenging by asking specific poses like shapes, letters, or animals.

Or, if you are into fitness, make 10 jumping jacks during the start of the next round.

Hot Potato

You will giggle around for sure. Sit on the floor in a circle. Turn on some music, and pass the “hot potato”. This can be anything from a bean bag or a soft ball. Pass it around the circle as fast as you can. When the music stops, the one with the potato leaves the circle. Continue until there is only one player left.

Card games

How many card games do you know? How many do you play regularly? The list of indoor games with cards is long and great. These games challenge your minds and create hours of fun.

Who Am I?

For social gatherings, Who Am I is a great and fun game. There are different variations of the game. The premise is always the same. Write the name of a famous person on a piece of paper. Draw the paper, and try to explain it to others. You can draw the person on board, and ask them to guess. Or, you can try to guess who you are.

Draw a piece of paper, stick it on your forehead, and ask questions to guess the person. Everyone else will give you a yes or no answer.

Never Have I Ever

Any list of indoor games has to include Never Have I Ever. It is one of the best games to get to know each other. Serves as a great ice-breaker in team building events. There are a million questions. You can use it as a drinking game.

The premise is simple, you say one thing you have never done, and see whether someone has done it.

Printable Escape Rooms

Printable escape rooms are bringing the excitement of the actual escape room right into your home. They can be played as tabletop games or can be set up all around the house. These brainy teasers are a bit different than regular board games, because kids learn how to cooperate and work together rather than compete against each other. If you are looking for the quality family time you should try one of these games and bond in a special way with your kids.

Balloon Games

There is only one downside to balloon games. You will make a mess around the house. Other than that, balloon games are great fun group activities for adults. Here are three ideas.

For balloon hockey, set up two goals on opposite sides of rooms and try to get the balloon into the goal by hitting it with a hockey stick.

For balloon ping pong, you need to make a racket first. Blow up the balloon and put a tape line on the ground to serve as a net. You can hit the balloon only one time.

Last, but not least, balloon catch. For this game, blow up one balloon per player. Then, each player tosses the balloon in the air and must catch it in the mouth of their funnel. Toss it and catch it again without using the hands. You get one point for each catch.

Treasure hunt

Some indoor games for teenagers are fun, and others are mentally stimulating. Treasure hunt falls into both categories. When there is a prize at the end, we all want to play. Write clues on slips of paper. Get creative, and let your guests find the treasure. You need to make a trail to the final clue.

Truth or Dare

This is a simple game and we all love to play it. That is unless there are sensitive people that do not want to share some details. The most important thing here is to set up some ground rules. For example, no intimate questions if guests are not ready for it.

Dares can go as far as you are ready.

Two Truths and a Lie

A lot of the games on the list of indoor games are great for team building events. This one falls into that category as well. The premise is simple. Each person tells three things about himself. Two of them are true, and one is a lie. Guess which is which. You can even turn it into a drinking game. If you guess wrong, you drink.

Press Conference

Now here is a unique party game. Have you ever watched a press conference? Well, you play that at home. Choose one person to hold the press conference. He must answer questions from all the other guests.

Simon Says

We finish off the list with one of the best fun group activities for adults and kids. Simon Says is a traditional fan-favorite game. It never gets old. One player is Simon. The others gather in a circle or a line. He calls out tasks, and you have to do it.