Cannabis Pollen: When, Why, and How to Use It

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By David

Do you wonder which cannabis gender is preferred, male or female? If you are an experienced cannabis smoker, you know that the female plant is a favorite for smoking, vaping, or infusing. Female plants contain THC, CBD, and terpenes – the compounds each smoker is looking for.

Interestingly, the female cannabis should be unfertilized because only that way can it produce the wanted components. If pollination happens, females will develop seeds, which changes the taste.

Then what role does the male cannabis plant play? Moreover, why is the pollen used and stored? Keep reading to find out the purpose of male cannabis and when, why, and how to use the pollen.

When to Use Cannabis Pollen?

You need pollen if your female plant does not produce enough flowers or wants to make new species from existing ones.

Let’s back up a little. Both male and female plants have flowers, but females produce buds and males pollen sacs. Cannabis seeds can only grow after the male’s pollen fertilizes the female.

Male plants are vital for producing new cannabis strains. However, the pollination doesn’t depend only on the male but on both plants.

Pollen sacs are developed when the male cannabis plant matures. On the other hand, the female plant can only be fertilized during the flowering period between days 14 and 21. So when the pollen comes on the stigma located at the female nodes during the fertilization period, the breeding cycle can begin, resulting in seeds growing on the female plant.

Why use Cannabis Pollen?

The primary usage of pollen is for breeding.

You can use cannabis pollen if you want to grow your cannabis species, mix and match your favorites and create a new, better one. Use the pollen of the male plant that you like and help the female get fertilized in a specified period.

You can also keep pollen if you want to retain a specific gene. Moreover, you can harvest it and use it for future breeding instead of buying it.

Purchasing cannabis pollen is not easy and cheap, especially for some specific types. Beginners usually start by buying pollen from an online cannabis dispensary. Then, with little effort and dedicated time, you can create more and have your own.

How to Use it?

Breeding a new cannaweed is not easy. This is a complex process, but many have succeeded in it. Here we give you several steps that you can follow to ensure you gather and use the pollen the right way.

Harvest Cannabis Pollen

Pollen is gathered from the male plant. You should observe carefully and constantly when a male plant begins to develop pollen sacs. It is essential to catch the phase they start to open, which is the right moment to collect and store.

Pollen Separation

To extract the pollen, take the male flower, squeeze it, and shake it over a micron screen under which you will have paper or foil. The yellow dust will fall through it and on the paper, where you can easily collect it.

Keep the pollen in a dry place, away from direct light for two days, at a temperature of 18-24oC and humidity not higher than 60%.

Keep the Quality Longer

The best way to keep the quality is to use the pollen immediately. If you want to store it for longer, first dry the flower for one week. Then place the clusters over a fine micron screen and separate as much pollen as possible. Wear latex gloves and a mask to avoid allergies.

Pollen has no outer protective layer so moisture can decompose it. Therefore, use parchment paper to absorb any moisture left.

As mentioned, you can store this yellowy dust in a zip plastic bag in a cool, dry, and dark place. But if you want to keep it for a year, seal it and freeze it.

Meet the Pollen with Nodes

If you have frozen your pollen before using it, make sure you defrost it. Keeping the temperature steady is the only way to keep the quality.

After that, apply the pollen to the female flower during fertilization. You will notice tiny white hairs on the nodes if you look closer. Those are called stigma. Apply the pollen on them with a light touch, a brush, or spread it by softly blowing it on. Now, you only have to wait for the fertilization to complete so you can nurture a new plant.

Bottom Line

All this pollen selection, storage, and breeding may sound complex, but it’s pretty interesting. If you are a cannabis fan and want to grow cannabis at home, you can use this guide and enjoy the whole story behind smoking weed. You may even produce a new strain with different terpenes and fantastic high.