Andrew Terraciano: Promising Talent Taking a Break From Performing

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Real Name:Andrew Terraciano
Birthday:February 5, 2003
Net Worth$1 million
Height:173 cm
Occupation:American Actor

Andrew Terraciano is a talented young actor who has made a name for himself in the television industry. Born on February 5, 2003, in Pelham, New York, Andrew first entered the world of acting as a model before transitioning to on-screen roles. Though his acting career is still in its early stages, he has already been a part of notable projects like Rogue Assistant and Zsaruvér.

Perhaps best known for his role in the hit CBS series Blue Bloods, Andrew portrays Sean Reagan, the son of Danny Reagan (played by Donnie Wahlberg) and grandson of Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck). Andrew has been a part of Blue Bloods since its inception in 2010, and his on-screen character has grown and developed alongside his real-life experiences.

What makes Andrew’s role in Blue Bloods even more special is the fact that he shares the screen with his older brother, Tony Terraciano. The two brothers play siblings in the series, with Tony taking on the role of Jack Reagan, creating an authentic dynamic between them. Both Andrew and Tony have gained considerable recognition and praise for their portrayals in this widely popular police procedural drama.

Early Life and Family

Childhood and Education

Andrew Terraciano was born on February 5, 2003, in Pelham, New York, USA. As a young child, Andrew’s parents started auditioning him for modeling work as early as just six months old. Growing up in New York, he attended a local high school, where he balanced his education and acting career. Andrew was always interested in the acting field, which led to his eventual casting in the popular CBS crime drama series “Blue Bloods.”

Family Members and Background

Andrew comes from a tight-knit family residing in New York. His older brother, Tony Terraciano, is also an actor and works alongside Andrew in the “Blue Bloods” series. The two siblings portray the roles of Sean and Jack Reagan on the show. Andrew also has a twin sister named Molly, who is an essential part of his family life. The family maintains a close bond, and Andrew and his brother Tony still live together with their parents.

Career and Achievements

Role in Blue Bloods

Andrew Terraciano is best known for his role as Sean Reagan in the popular CBS police procedural drama series, Blue Bloods. The show, which has been on air since 2010, revolves around a multi-generational family of New York City Police Department officers, with Andrew’s character being the youngest member of the Reagan family. On the show, he shares the screen with his real-life older brother, Tony Terraciano, who portrays Jack Reagan.

Other Career Highlights

Apart from his role in Blue Bloods, Andrew Terraciano ventured into acting with a role in the short film Rogue Assistant in 2014. His acting career started at a very young age; he began auditioning for gigs when he was just 6 months old. Although he is primarily known for his on-screen appearances, Andrew’s career also includes some behind-the-scenes work. For instance, he has been credited in several Blue Bloods episodes, such as “Old Wounds,” “Ends and Means,” and “Warriors,” for his work in the art department.

As an emerging American actor, Andrew Terraciano has achieved notable success for his age. With his roles in both Blue Bloods and Rogue Assistant, he has showcased his talent and potential in the industry. As the CBS crime drama continues its successful run, it will be interesting to see how Andrew’s career develops, and what other exciting projects he might take on in the future.

Character Analysis

Sean Reagan in Blue Bloods

Sean Reagan, portrayed by actor Andrew Terraciano, is a recurring character in the hit television drama Blue Bloods. As the youngest son of Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda Reagan, Sean is a part of the multi-generational Reagan family, led by Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). Throughout the show, Sean’s character is shown to have a strong sense of family values and commitment to following in the footsteps of his father, uncle Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), and grandfather Frank.

In the series, Sean’s character shares a close bond with his older brother Jack Reagan, played by Andrew’s real-life older brother Tony Terraciano. Their on-screen chemistry as brothers is authentic and lends a unique sense of realism to their interactions within the show. The Reagan family dynamic is central to the series, and Sean’s role contributes significantly to the portrayal of this tight-knit group.

Andrew’s Real-Life Influence on Role

Andrew Terraciano’s own experiences as a young actor have had an impact on his portrayal of Sean Reagan. His relationship with his on-screen family, including stars like Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Sami Gayle (who plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle), and Bridget Moynahan (who portrays Erin Reagan) is influenced by real-life connections and interactions. These genuine bonds help to create a believable family dynamic on the show.

Additionally, Andrew’s connection with his brother, Tony, as real-life siblings brings an extra layer of depth to the relationship between Sean and Jack Reagan in the series. The rapport between the two brothers has been nurtured both on and off the screen, enhancing the overall character development and chemistry in Blue Bloods.

Andrew Terraciano’s portrayal of Sean Reagan has evolved over the course of the show, as he has grown and developed as an actor. Sean’s character plays a crucial part in the broader context of the Reagan family, and his on-screen relationships and experiences provide a convincing and memorable depiction of the Reagan family dynamic.

Public Life

Social Media Presence

Andrew Terraciano maintains a presence on social media, particularly on Instagram. Through his account, he shares both personal and professional glimpses of his life, engaging with fans and followers. Andrew frequently posts pictures from his daily experiences in New York City, as well as behind-the-scenes moments with his co-stars on the set of “Blue Bloods.”

Public Appearances

As an actor in a popular series such as “Blue Bloods,” Andrew Terraciano often participates in public appearances to promote the show. These events can range from interviews and panel discussions to red carpet events and charity functions. Alongside his fellow cast members, Andrew promotes the show and interacts with fans, showcasing his dedication to his craft and his commitment to the show’s success.

Speculations and Rumors

Andrew Terraciano, best known for his role as Sean Reagan on the popular television series “Blue Bloods,” has faced various rumors surrounding his personal and professional life. One of the most common speculations is about his sexuality, as his character on the show is a gay police officer. However, Andrew has not confirmed nor denied these rumors, leaving them in the realm of social media gossip.

Another focus of discussion is the possibility of Andrew leaving “Blue Bloods.” In anticipation of the show’s season 12 premiere, some quotes surfaced that hinted at a potential departure for the young actor. Nevertheless, no official statement has confirmed his exit, and he continues to be a vital part of the series.

In relation to other cast members, the departure of Amy Carlson from the show raised questions about the future of the remaining Reagan family members. Although her departure had an impact on the series, it did not seem to affect Andrew’s character significantly.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Andrew’s on-screen sibling relationship with Tony Terraciano, who portrays Jack Reagan, extends beyond the show. The two actors are real-life brothers, further adding to the strong family element present in “Blue Bloods.”

In summary, while Andrew Terraciano has faced various rumors and speculations throughout his time on “Blue Bloods,” it is essential to approach these topics neutrally and with caution, as not all of them are confirmed or officially endorsed.


Andrew Terraciano is a talented young actor best known for his role as Sean Reagan in the popular CBS crime drama, Blue Bloods. Born on February 5, 2003, in Pelham, New York, Andrew has been involved in the acting industry since he was just six years old.

His role in Blue Bloods has allowed him to share the screen with other actors in the Reagan family, such as Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan and Sami Gayle as Nicky. The show’s family dinner scenes have become iconic, featuring a well-rounded cast engaging in a blend of police procedural drama and personal interactions.

In real life, Andrew is not only close with his on-screen siblings but also his actual family. He has a twin sister named Molly and an older brother named Tony. Tony is also a part of the Blue Bloods cast, portraying Jack Reagan, Sean’s older brother.

As of now, information about Andrew’s college plans or aspirations remains undisclosed. It is also unclear what his height and other personal details are, as he keeps a relatively low profile outside of his work on Blue Bloods. With a neutral and knowledge-driven presence onscreen, Andrew’s portrayal of Sean has made him a well-liked character within the show’s loyal following.

Although young and still fairly early in his career, Andrew Terraciano shows great promise and potential in the acting world. As he continues to grow as an actor, viewers eagerly anticipate his future projects and the continued development of his character on Blue Bloods.