Aaron Wiggins Brother: Is He Related to Andrew Wiggins?

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Aaron Wiggins has made his entrance into the professional basketball scene with the Oklahoma City Thunder. His skills on the court have garnered attention, leading many to speculate about his lineage and any familial ties to other basketball players with the Wiggins surname. Notably, he shares no direct relation to Andrew Wiggins, who is a prominent player for the Golden State Warriors. Aaron’s journey to the NBA followed a successful stint with the Maryland Terrapins, where he developed his game before declaring for the draft.

The curiosity about Aaron Wiggins’ family, particularly regarding a brother who might play basketball, arises occasionally among fans and sports commentators. While Aaron does have siblings, none have made a name for themselves in the NBA like Andrew Wiggins’ brothers, Nick and Mitchell Wiggins. These familial dynamics illustrate the independent pathways taken by individuals within the sport, regardless of their last name. Aaron’s career is distinctly his own, set apart by his unique achievements and aspirations in basketball.

Early Life and Background

The section delves into the inception of Aaron Wiggins’ journey, highlighting his birth, the intricate family dynamics, and his brother Nick Wiggins’ path in basketball, which has a foundational impact on their lives.

Aaron Wiggins’ Birth and Early Years

Aaron Wiggins was born in the United States and quickly found his passion for basketball from a young age. Growing up, he demonstrated a natural talent that set the stage for his future in the sport.

Wiggins Family and Sibling Dynamics

Family Ties: Family played a significant role in Wiggins’ life. With the support of his family, Aaron navigated his early years alongside his siblings, including his brother Nick, who also pursued basketball, forging a path at Wichita State.

  • Connection to Canada: While Aaron was born in the USA, the Wiggins family does have ties to Canada. This international aspect underscores the familial bond and collective athletic propensity

Aaron and Andrew Wiggins

aaron wiggins brother

Many NBA fans want to know whether Andrew is Aaron Wiggins brother. But that not is the case. While they share the same surname, the two NBA players are not related. Andrew is a bit more experienced in the NBA, and he would be great big brother for Aaron.

Andrew Wiggins was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. From there, he wound up on the Golden State Warriors, where he won a NBA title along Stephen Curry.

Nick Wiggins’ Basketball Journey

Nick Wiggins, Aaron’s elder brother, embarked on his basketball journey in North Carolina, later transferring his skills to Wichita State. His career, while distinct from Aaron’s, reflects a shared commitment to the sport within the Wiggins family.

College Basketball Careers

In the realm of college basketball, the Wiggins brothers have etched their names into the annals of their respective schools, demonstrating prowess and skills that have laid the groundwork for their professional ambitions.

Aaron Wiggins at University of Maryland

Aaron Wiggins played for the University of Maryland, making a significant impact on the Terrapins basketball program. He showcased his abilities as a dynamic guard, known for his scoring, defensive skills, and overall versatility on the court. During his tenure, Wiggins’ performance was instrumental in Maryland’s success, making them a competitive force in college basketball. His evolution as a player was apparent with each season, culminating in him being recognized for his contributions and earning honors that reflected his stature as a key player for Maryland.

Nick Wiggins’ Time at Wichita State

Nick Wiggins, Aaron’s older brother, took to the court for Wichita State University, where his time was marked by the team’s memorable runs in the NCAA tournaments. As a player for the Shockers, Nick provided depth and experience, contributing to a squad that became known for their tenacity and teamwork. Wichita State’s presence in college basketball was strongly felt during his years, and Nick was a part of that narrative, playing alongside teammates who shared a common goal of excelling in the sport and pushing the boundaries of what was expected from the mid-major conference team.

NBA Draft and Early Professional Career

Aaron Wiggins and Nick Wiggins both ventured into professional basketball with aspirations to make their mark. Each brother took a different path following their respective draft years.

Aaron Wiggins’ NBA Draft Experience

Aaron Wiggins entered the NBA Draft scene in 2021. Selected in the second round as the 55th overall pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder, Wiggins immediately showcased his potential during the NBA Summer League by averaging 11.2 points per game, the second-highest on the team. His performance was promising enough to secure a two-way contract with the Thunder shortly after the draft on August 15, 2021.

  • Drafted: 2021 NBA Draft, 2nd Round, 55th Overall
  • Team: Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Post-Draft Achievement: Secured a two-way contract

Nick Wiggins’ Professional Aspirations

On the other hand, Nick Wiggins, Aaron’s older brother, entered the basketball professional scene during the 2014 NBA Draft; however, unlike Aaron, he went undrafted. Despite this setback, Nick continued to pursue his professional career, displaying determination and flexibility by playing in the NBA G League and exploring opportunities in international leagues.

  • Drafted: Undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft
  • Professional Pursuits: NBA G League and international leagues
  • Approach: Demonstrated determination by continuing his professional career despite not being drafted

Professional Basketball Endeavors

The Wiggins brothers have carved out their professional paths in basketball. Aaron Wiggins has shown promise in the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder. On the other hand, Nick Wiggins has explored opportunities in the NBA G League and other professional leagues abroad.

Aaron Wiggins with Oklahoma City Thunder

Aaron Wiggins was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the second round of the 2021 NBA draft with the 55th pick. His performance during the NBA Summer League was noteworthy as he averaged 11.2 points per game, the second-highest on the team. Wiggins continues to develop his skills and contribute to the Thunder’s lineup, showing the potential for growth within the professional basketball setting.

Nick Wiggins’ Stint in NBA G League and Overseas

Nick Wiggins, the elder brother of Aaron, has ventured into the professional basketball scene as well. He has competed in the NBA G League, a critical development league that fosters talent for the NBA. To expand his horizons, Nick also played professionally in Germany, reaching out to international basketball circuits and showcasing his athletic abilities on teams outside of the North American leagues.

Statistics and On-Court Impact

Aaron Wiggins and Nick Wiggins both have unique on-court impacts characterized by their individual statistical contributions, marking their progression and influence in basketball.

Aaron Wiggins’ Career Progression

Aaron Wiggins, not to be confused with Andrew Wiggins who plays for the Golden State Warriors, has shown promising growth since joining the NBA. Drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2021, his rookie season statistics included an average of 5.1 points and 2.3 rebounds, showcasing his potential as a guard. Over time, his on-court presence has grown, leading to increases in his averages. His scoring ability and defensive plays contribute significantly to the Thunder’s overall game strategy.

Nick Wiggins’ Influence on the Court

Nick Wiggins, the brother of Aaron Wiggins, has carved out his own path in professional basketball, albeit less prominently than his brother. His collegiate career and subsequent international play displayed his athletic prowess. While his professional numbers aren’t as publicized, they suggest a player with determination and the ability to influence games by providing key plays when given the opportunity. His impact on the court is noted more for his role within team dynamics rather than standout individual statistics like points or assists.

Personal Lives and Interests

Aaron Wiggins approaches life with a passion that extends well beyond the basketball court. His personal pursuits and community contributions provide insight into his character and values.

Interests Beyond Basketball

Beyond the court, Aaron Wiggins indulges in hobbies that enrich his personal life. Music and fashion stand out as interests that Wiggins dedicates time to, reflecting a creative side that parallels the discipline of his athletic career. He often shares glimpses of his musical interests on social media, revealing a diverse taste that spans various genres.

Community Involvement

Wiggins’ sense of community is evident through his participation in outreach programs. He understands the platform he has as a professional athlete and uses it to inspire and engage with young fans. Whether it’s through basketball camps, charity events, or speaking engagements, Wiggins invests in the well-being of the communities that support him, emphasizing the importance of giving back to others.