Andrew Wiggins’ Brother: Exploring the Athlete’s Lesser-Known Sibling

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Andrew Wiggins has made a name for himself in the NBA as a dynamic forward for the Golden State Warriors. A Canadian professional born on February 23, 1995, he became notable after being selected with the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, following an impressive year with the Kansas Jayhawks. Wiggins’ athletic talent seems to run in the family, with his brother also pursuing a career in basketball.

Nick Wiggins, Andrew’s elder brother, is a professional basketball player who has journeyed through different teams in the NBA and the G League. Born in Canada, Nick is four years Andrew’s senior and has followed a path parallel to his brother’s into the realm of professional basketball. Despite having a less prominent career compared to Andrew, Nick has worked hard to carve out his own identity within the sport.

Early Life and Family

The Wiggins family is not only known for its strong athletic lineage but also for a particularly notable member, Andrew Wiggins, who has made a significant impact in professional basketball. This section delves into the roots of this family, highlighting the athletic background of his parents and the path of his brother.

andrew wiggins with his brother

Parentage and Siblings

Mitchell Wiggins and Marita Payne-Wiggins are the parents of Andrew Wiggins. Mitchell is a former professional basketball player, and Marita is an Olympian with athletic prowess in track and field. Their exceptional athletic genes have clearly been passed down to their children.

  • Siblings:
    • Nick Wiggins (Brother)
    • Mitchell Wiggins Jr. (Brother)
    • Stephanie Wiggins (Sister)
    • Angelica Wiggins (Sister)
    • Taya Wiggins (Sister)

Brother’s Background

Nick Wiggins, Andrew’s older brother, was also born in Toronto, Canada, on February 4, 1991. Like Andrew, he pursued basketball and has played professionally, though not reaching the same level of prominence as his younger brother. Another notable sibling, although not directly relevant to the topic, is Aaron Wiggins, who is also pursuing a career in professional basketball.

Andrew Wiggins’ Basketball Career

Andrew Wiggins established himself as a prominent figure in basketball during his time at Kansas, and has continued to build his legacy in the NBA, earning various recognitions and titles.

College Highlights

At the University of Kansas, Wiggins had a standout freshman year where he showcased his talents as a versatile forward. He led his team in scoring and set the Kansas freshman scoring record with an average of 17.1 points per game.

NBA Journey

Wiggins was selected first overall in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers and was subsequently traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves. His time with the Timberwolves solidified his reputation as a compelling player, culminating in a move to the Golden State Warriors. As a Warrior, Wiggins has further developed his skill set and contributed significantly to the team’s success.

Achievements and Recognition

  • NBA Champion: Wiggins won an NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors, solidifying his status in the league
  • All-Star: He earned accolades as an All-Star, joining the ranks of elite players recognized for their exceptional performance
  • Rookie of the Year (2014-15): Wiggins received the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, highlighting his immediate impact in the league

Nick Wiggins’ Basketball Journey

Nick Wiggins, the brother of NBA star Andrew Wiggins, has carved out his own path in the world of basketball. His journey has seen him make notable strides during his college tenure and as he pursued a professional career across various leagues.

College Achievements

At Wichita State University, Wiggins played as a guard and made significant contributions to the team’s success. During his collegiate career, the Shockers achieved a Final Four appearance in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Wiggins was known for his athleticism and scoring ability, which helped bolster Wichita State’s backcourt throughout his time there.

Professional Endeavors

Following his time in college, Wiggins went undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft, but he stayed determined to pursue professional basketball. He participated in the NBA Summer League, showcasing his talents in hopes of landing on a team roster. Furthering his career, Wiggins ventured overseas to Germany, where he played for Tigers Tubingen in the German Basketball Bundesliga.

Back in North America, Wiggins continued to chase his NBA dream through the NBA Development League. He played for the Idaho Stampede, where he displayed the skills and work ethic that originally made him a standout at Wichita State. His professional journey underscores his resilience and dedication to the sport of basketball.

Personal Life and Interests

Nick Wiggins, the elder brother of NBA player Andrew Wiggins, has carved out his own path both on and off the basketball court. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Nick comes from a family with a rich sporting heritage. His father, Mitchell Wiggins, was also a professional basketball player, and his mother, Marita Payne-Wiggins, is a former Olympic sprinter. This cultural background has instilled in Nick a profound appreciation for sports and athleticism.

Early Life:

  • Hometown: Toronto, Canada
  • Family: Son of Mitchell Wiggins and Marita Payne-Wiggins
  • Siblings: Brother of Andrew Wiggins, alongside four other siblings

Being from Toronto, Nick holds the cultural fabric of his hometown close to his heart. He shares a unique Canadian cultural identity that embraces diversity and has often mentioned the city’s influence on his life. Toronto’s landscape, known for its sports fervor and cultural composite, likely played a role in shaping his personal interests beyond basketball.

Cultural Background and Interests:

  • Sports and Fitness: Inspired by family’s athletic background
  • Basketball: Main professional and personal interest
  • Track and Field: Influence from his mother’s Olympic career
  • Canadian Culture: Engaged with the multi-cultural community of Toronto

Nick’s interests aren’t confined to the world of sports. Being exposed to a variety of cultural experiences in Toronto, he values the city’s arts and music scene, which is known for producing internationally recognized talents. As he navigates life both within and potentially beyond professional sports, Nick’s personal life remains rooted in the values and interests nurtured by his family and cultural background.

Statistics and Playing Style

In examining Andrew Wiggins’ brother’s impact on the basketball court, statistics and playing style offer a transparent view of his contributions. His performance as a small forward is characterized by distinct scoring patterns, defensive efforts, and the ability to support the team with rebounds and assists.

Scoring and Defense

Nick Wiggins, as a small forward, displays a consistent approach to scoring. He leverages his athleticism and shooting skills to contribute points, which is a notable aspect of his gameplay. Although exact per-game scoring averages fluctuate depending on the league and season, his shooting ability particularly from mid-range and beyond the arc, remain key features of his style.

On the defensive end, Nick’s height and agility allow him to guard various positions effectively. His defensive stats reflect an active presence on the court, endeavoring to disrupt opponent’s plays and secure turnovers, adding defensive value to his teams.

Rebounds and Assists

Regarding rebounds, Nick Wiggins makes use of his vertical leap and timing to secure both offensive and defensive rebounds. His contributions in this area are vital, allowing his team second-chance opportunities on offense and ending opponent’s possessions on defense.

In terms of assists, while not primarily known as a playmaker, Nick demonstrates an ability to make decisive passes contributing to his assist tally. As a forward, his vision and willingness to distribute the ball emphasize his role as a team player.

His efforts in both rebounding and assisting are crucial components of his minutes on the floor, demonstrating his all-round abilities as a small forward.

Post-Season Performances

Andrew Wiggins’ contributions to his team’s post-season performances have proven to be significant. His presence on the court during critical playoff games often translates into impactful plays and key victories.

NBA Playoffs Impact

During the NBA Playoffs, Wiggins has exhibited consistent effort, playing a pivotal role as his team vies for a position in the Western Conference Finals and ultimately a shot at the NBA Championship. His athleticism and scoring ability have been instrumental in helping his team advance through tough playoff rounds.

  • Defense: He frequently takes on the challenge of guarding the opposing team’s best player
  • Offense: Wiggins provides valuable points and clutch shots, especially when the stakes are high

Championship Contributions

Upon reaching the NBA Finals, Wiggins’ performance has frequently risen to the occasion, contributing to his team’s quest for the title. His ability to score, rebound, and defend impacts both ends of the floor, aiding in the pursuit of the coveted NBA Championship.

  • Rebounding: He has shown an ability to compete with taller and stronger players, pulling down crucial rebounds
  • Scoring: Throughout the Finals, Wiggins has often been a reliable secondary scorer for his team

The Wiggins Brothers’ Influence on Basketball Culture

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The Wiggins brothers are a prominent name in basketball, with Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors being the most well-known. Andrew Wiggins and his siblings, Mitchell Jr. and Nick Wiggins, share a connection with the sport that resonates deeply within professional basketball.

Andrew, the youngest, has carved out an impressive NBA career. His performances at the professional level bring attention not only to his own prowess but also to the basketball heritage of his family and Canada. His elder brother, Nick Wiggins, while not as prominent in the NBA, has concurrently pursued a career in basketball, showcasing the family’s widespread influence on the court.

Influence in the NBA:

  • Andrew’s success has shone a spotlight on Canadian athletes in the NBA, fostering a growing respect for Canadian basketball culture
  • The camaraderie and cohesiveness that Andrew Wiggins often highlights in his team align with the cultural emphasis on teamwork and unity prevalent in NBA narratives

Basketball in Canada:

  • The Wiggins brothers’ collective pursuit of basketball dreams reinforces Canada’s role as a nurturing ground for professional athletes
  • While their pursuits have been individual, the brothers together symbolize the burgeoning potential inherent in Canadian basketball circuits

Their influence isn’t confined to scores and statistics; it transcends into how Canadian culture is progressively weaved into the fabric of professional basketball. Through their respective journeys, the Wiggins brothers embody the dedication and community spirit present in basketball culture.

Is He Related to Aaron Wiggins?

There has been a lot of talk within NBA circles of the relationship between Aaron Wiggins, a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Andrew Wiggins.

andrew wiggins and his brother

While the two share the same surname, they are in no way related. But it is always fun to speculate. Andrew Wiggins brother is a different person.