Yessica Kumala – Net Worth And Quick Bio

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Real Name:Yessica Kumala
Birthday:September 2, 1977
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:Indonesia born Chinese, Wife of Josh Holloway

Yessica Kuala is a Chinese born in Indonesia. She later moved to the United States. She starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and worked at a night club in Los Angeles. But now, many recognize her as the wife of Josh Holloway. How much is Yessica Kumala’s cash flow?

The two tied the knot in 2004, and since then, live happily ever after. They spent all these years together strengthening their love and bond. Let’s take a look at her career and life journey.

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Quick Bio

Born to Chinese parents in 1977 in Indonesia, Yessica later moved to the United States with her parents. She starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and worked at a night club in Los Angeles.

Do you want to know more about the gorgeous wife of Josh Holloway? Read on. Her life is a bit of a mystery. That is because she prefers to stay away from media attention.

But we do know a bit about her and her relationship with Josh. The two met in a night club. Josh noticed a group of girls, Yessica among them. So, he tried to approach the group of hot ladies. And instantly, his future wife Kumala slapped him on his shoulders.

And she then asked him for his cell number. Yet, Josh didn’t pay much attention to her and didn’t give her his number. They met again later, and it went well. After a couple of meetings, he asked her to come to a shoot for his television show.

Since that shooting day for Lost in Oahu, Hawaii, the two started dating officially. They share a beautiful life with their adorable children.

Josh and Yessica’s relationship is among the most successful ones in the show business. So far, they haven’t appeared in any negative rumors about their marriage. Their bond grows stronger and stronger with each day.

So far, Josh and Yessica spent more than 15 years together. They got married in October 2004. Five years later, they welcomed their first child, a daughter, Java Kumala. And then in 2014, they welcomed their second child, this time a son, Hunter Lee.

Net Worth

Professionally, Yessica Kumala is a former club girl. We do not know anything about her current profession. Where does she work? What does she work? That is all a mystery. Her fortune also remains a mystery.

We do, however, know about her husband. Josh Holloway is an American model and actor with estimated assets of $22 million. He grew up in Georgia, where he attended the University of Georgia. He left after his freshman year to pursue a modeling career.

At this point, Yessica takes care of the children while Josh earns money for a living. As of December 2020, Josh Holloway’s fortune is more than $22 million. There is no info on Yessica Kumala’s wealth.

Josh earned most of his money in Lost. He got paid more than $40,000 per episode for Lost. And he also appeared in movies like X-Men 4, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Paranoia, and many more.