Who Makes Onn TV: The Manufacturer Behind the Brand Revealed

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Onn TVs are the electronics offering from Walmart, falling under the retailer’s umbrella of private label brands. These televisions are designed to be budget-friendly, catering to consumers who seek affordable viewing options. Known for their competitive pricing, Onn TVs target the segment of the market that prioritizes cost-effectiveness over high-end features.

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Manufactured by Durabrand, a name used exclusively by Walmart, Onn TVs are outsourced for production to various companies located in Taiwan and China. Despite their lower price point, these TVs come equipped with features such as 4K resolution and smart technology, often powered by the integrated Roku platform, which offers a wide array of streaming options. This balances the appeal of an economical price with the modern functionalities that a contemporary television viewer may desire.

While they don’t typically match the performance of more expensive models from well-known brands, Onn TVs provide a practical solution for casual viewers and budget-conscious consumers. The line-up includes a range of sizes and functionalities tailored to different needs, yet they maintain a consistent focus on value. When it comes to post-purchase support, the warranty and customer service reflect Walmart’s commitment but can vary compared to what’s offered by premium television brands.

So, who makes Onn TV? Let’s take a look at the popular Walmart Onn TV manufacturing and features.

Brand Overview

The Onn television brand is the creation of a strategic private label initiative by Walmart, providing an accessible electronics option for consumers. Through Walmart’s vision, Onn TVs cater to budget-conscious shoppers, offering a balance of cost and quality.

Onn TV Origins

Onn TVs are manufactured under the name of Durabrand, a private label trademark owned by the retail giant Walmart. Initiated as part of Walmart’s broader consumer electronics offering, Onn TVs have been positioned in the market to meet the demand for affordable television options without compromising on the essential features that consumers expect from modern TVs.

Walmart’s Private Label Strategy

Walmart employs a strategic approach to its private label offerings, aiming to provide value to customers while fostering brand loyalty. Onn, as Walmart’s electronic brand, exemplifies this strategy by offering various home entertainment products, including TVs, that promise reliability and affordability. By outsourcing parts from various countries, Durabrand manages to keep the production costs of Onn TVs low, which, in turn, allows Walmart to price these TVs competitively against more well-known brands.

Onn TV Manufacturing

Onn TVs are the result of a multi-manufacturer production process branded under one of Walmart’s private labels. This production strategy involves several industry players, ensuring a spread of manufacturing expertise across different geographic locations.

Manufacturers Behind Onn TVs

Onn TVs are not the product of a single manufacturer; rather, they are assembled by a collaboration of various companies. The brand is owned by Walmart and adopts the trade name Durabrand for its range of television sets. Although Durabrand is the owner on record, it is common for the actual manufacturing process to be outsourced to third parties.

  • TCL: A key player in the manufacturing of Onn TVs, recognized for their success with their own 6-Series smart TVs
  • Hisense: Another significant manufacturer for Onn, also well-known for their H9G smart TV series
  • Element Electronics Company: While not directly involved in the manufacturing, they are crucial for warranty and repair services for Onn TVs

Global Manufacturing Locations

While the specifics of the manufacturing plants for Onn TVs are not publicly disclosed, the general regions where these televisions are produced are known.

  • China: A primary location for the manufacturing of Onn TV components and assembly. The exact plants and the degree of involvement vary
  • Thailand: It is a possible site involved in parts supply or assembly processes
  • Orion Electronics: There is no explicit mention of their direct involvement, but Orion Electronics operates in regions that contribute to global electronics production

The blend of manufacturers and global production locations for Onn TVs supports a diverse and efficient manufacturing system, offering consumers budget-friendly electronic options through Walmart’s retail infrastructure.

Product Specifications

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The range of Onn TVs encompasses various models and sizes, featuring specific resolutions, picture quality standards, audio capabilities, and a selection of ports. These specifications are essential for consumers to understand in order to select a television that fits their needs regarding performance and connectivity. Now that we talked about who makes Onn TV, let’s talk about the features of the smart TV.

Onn TV Models and Sizes

Onn TVs come in a variety of models, each catering to different user preferences:

  • Small-sized TVs: Ideal for bedrooms or small apartments, sizes start at 24 inches
  • Medium-sized TVs: Suitable for an average-sized living room, available in 32 to 50 inches
  • Large-sized TVs: Designed for large spaces, sizes range up to 70 inches

Resolution and Picture Quality

Onn TVs support multiple resolution options, ensuring clear and vivid images:

  • 720p (HD Ready): Found in smaller models, suitable for basic viewing
  • 1080p (Full HD): Standard in medium-sized models, offering decent picture quality for everyday use
  • 4K (Ultra HD): Available in larger models, providing sharp and detailed imagery

Picture quality in Onn TVs is often characterized by:

  • Color accuracy: Aims to deliver true-to-life colors but may vary between models
  • Contrast ratios: Higher in 4K models, enhancing the depth of the picture

Audio and Ports

Walmart Onn Tv is equipped with audio and connectivity features designed to cater to mainstream usage:

  • Audio: Most models come with built-in speakers that offer standard sound quality for casual viewing
  • HDMI: At least two HDMI ports are present for external connections like streaming devices and gaming consoles
  • USB: Usually includes USB ports for media playback from flash drives
  • Additional ports: May include composite, component inputs, and a headphone jack for legacy and personal audio devices

Smart Features

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Onn TVs integrate advanced smart capabilities, allowing users to access a multitude of entertainment options and home automation features directly from their television.

Built-In Roku Platform

Onn Smart TVs come equipped with the Roku TV platform, a user-friendly interface renowned for its simplicity and efficiency. The Roku TV platform offers seamless access to a vast range of channels and applications, contributing to a comprehensive and intuitive smart TV experience.

Compatibility with Streaming Services

Users can stream content from numerous services with Onn TVs featuring the Roku Smart TV platform. Notable services include:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Amazon Prime Video

This compatibility ensures that a variety of entertainment options are at the user’s fingertips.

Smart Home Integration

Onn Roku Smart TVs support smart home integration, enabling voice control through devices like Amazon Alexa. This integration provides users with the convenience of controlling their TV and connected home devices through voice commands. Additionally, while specific models may vary, integration with other smart home systems is typically available, enhancing the functional ecosystem within the home.

Performance and Reliability

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In evaluating Onn TVs, performance and reliability emerge as key differentiating factors. Consumers typically consider these aspects when choosing a television, directly impacting satisfaction and longevity.

Television Performance Factors

Performance: Onn TVs, manufactured under Walmart’s private label using a range of manufacturers such as TCL and Hisense, offer a basic level of performance that caters to budget-conscious consumers. The quality of the display and the refresh rate are vital performance metrics where Onn TVs generally meet the standard expectations for budget TVs, but they may not compete with higher-end models that offer more advanced technology and superior picture quality.

  • Refresh Rate: Onn TVs commonly feature a standard 60Hz refresh rate, which is adequate for most viewing scenarios but may not provide the smoothest experience for high-speed gaming or action-packed movie scenes
  • Sound: While Onn TVs come with built-in speakers, the audio quality is typically modest. Consumers often purchase additional soundbars to enhance the audio experience

Consumer Reports and Reviews

Consumer Reports and online reviews provide insights into the reliability of Onn TVs. According to various consumer feedback:

  • Warranty: A standard warranty is typically available, offering some measure of protection against manufacturing defects
  • Consumer Feedback: Some users report satisfaction with Onn TVs as a value-for-money option, but others highlight limitations, particularly when comparing Onn TVs to more established brands known for higher performance and reliability

Consumer reviews often reiterate that Onn TVs, while affordable, may not deliver the same level of performance as more expensive televisions, indicating a trade-off between price and advanced features.

Pricing and Value Proposition

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Onn TVs, sold exclusively by Walmart, are designed to provide consumers with an affordable option in the television market. They offer a budget-friendly choice, especially during high-sales periods such as Black Friday.

Cost Comparison with Other Brands

Onn televisions are typically positioned as a value-oriented brand, with prices that are often significantly lower than those of well-known manufacturers such as Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Vizio. For example, a 40-inch Onn TV may be priced at $128, while the same size TV from competitors can range from $200 to $300. The table below illustrates a basic cost comparison:

Brand 40-Inch TV Price Range
Onn $128
TCL $200 – $250
Hisense $220 – $270
Sony $300+
Vizio $250 – $300

This pricing makes Onn TVs a compelling option for those seeking a television without a high price tag, aligning it with the notion of value for money.

Deals and Promotions

Walmart frequently offers TV deals and promotions for Onn TVs, notably during key shopping events. On Black Friday and other sales days, consumers can expect to find Onn TV models at reduced prices, making these already affordable televisions even more accessible. Certain promotions may include bundle deals with streaming devices or slight discounts on other electronics when purchasing an Onn TV.

Shoppers looking for an economical television solution often consider these promotions a great opportunity to purchase a new TV at a lower cost, reaffirming Onn’s position as a budget television provider with great value.