Vaping and Driving: Here’s What You Need to Know

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By David

Smoking while driving in the US comes with several conditions or prohibitions. For example, there are states where it’s strictly prohibited to smoke and drive due to the risk of accidents or burning the forests.

But, with vaping products and e-cigarettes, accidents are less likely to occur, and there’s a dilemma whether these rules apply in this case.

The following article is a guide on vaping and driving with helpful information about safety, law, and possible fines.

Vaping and Driving Regulation

The US doesn’t impose strict prohibitions regarding vaping while driving. However, there are laws on safety and distracted driving you should know.

Some states have set windshield obstruction laws. Therefore, don’t roll up the windows if you plan on vaping. You may get fined if you smoke inside the car, as you’ll obstruct your clear vision.

California, and most other states, have a law that prohibits smoking in a car with minors. Since the smoke causes various diseases, you’re not allowed to drive and vape while carrying children. Mind this next time you’re in the car with minors, especially children.

Colorado prohibits vaping during driving tests but has no specific prohibitions during driving.

However, it’s essential to understand that DUI laws in Denver are stringent and apply to drivers impaired by substances, including vaping. Violating these laws can lead to detention in Denver City Jail and other legal consequences. So, while there may not be explicit regulations against vaping and driving in Colorado, the general DUI laws still apply, and they should be a significant concern for anyone considering vaping while operating a vehicle.

Lastly, a law prohibits texting or carrying any portable electronic device. Sometimes, this also means you cannot have electronic cigarettes on you. Therefore, be cautious of this possibility because the law has loopholes they can use against you.

We’ll now go over a quick guide to vehicle vaping and summarize all you need to know.

Vaping and Driving: Car Insurance Concerns

Another concern related to vaping and driving is insurance. Namely, smoking in a vehicle may affect the reimbursement as the cigarette may damage the car, and the insurance won’t cover it completely.

Vehicle insurance policies operate on liability, risk, and car value. The flexibility of the insurance varies from provider to provider.

Let’s look at an example. In many cases, UK car insurance policies are intolerant of vapes or smoking. For instance, they have rigorous measures against people approved for vehicle insurance that later caused an accident with a vape or a cigarette in the insured car.

There have been occasions when the insurance dismissed a claim because the motorists used the vaping device while driving. Either way, insurance policies don’t prevent smokers from obtaining auto insurance.

The US insurance companies are more tolerant regarding repayments or claim approvals. However, they still suggest respecting the rules for protection because e-cigarettes are a driving hazard. They may block the driver’s view or cause health issues to the user and those around him.

Vaping and Driving Tips

Vaping and driving are dangerous on any vehicle, but especially motorbikes. A spokeswoman for the National Motorists Association, Sheila Dunn, advises everyone to be aware of how much distraction they can handle and nothing more than that.

Some people require complete focus while driving, while most long-time drivers are casual and intuitive. It would be misleading to say vaping isn’t that serious of a distraction just because it isn’t to the majority.

Moreover, there are many cases where experienced drivers crash into something because their phone fell, or something distracted them and led to a trip to the hospital, or worse. To cause a car crash takes a split second.

So, if you want to vape during driving, at least don’t use drip models where you have to refill the vape with juice. If you like the taste of the e-juice ones better, be responsible and always stop and pull over for a refill.

Should I Store a Vape in a Car?

You may store your vape in a car, but there are two conditions you should mind.

Keeping your vape in freezing or hot temperatures isn’t recommended because extreme temperatures can wear off the battery. Therefore, you should always correctly store your equipment, preferably in dry and cold places such as the glove.

If you’re going to smoke in the car, make sure your vape is in clear view, and you won’t have to look away from the road to reach it. The cup holders are the best option.

Avoid storing your vape in the glove, as reaching it can be fatal. You can at least relocate it to the coffee cup before using it.

Vaping and Driving: Final Say

No particular rules apply to vaping while driving, but every driver must be aware and take responsibility when using vapes.

The US prohibits using any electronic device while driving, and there were cases when police officers fined drivers for vaping while driving under that premise. And they’re right to do so to some extent because the vapor clouds can obstruct the driver’s vision.

These are just a few nifty tips on how to stay safe while driving and vaping. Ultimately, it’s best to save the puff when you reach your destination, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, right?