Who Is Tyler Seguin’s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know

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Tyler Paul Seguin is a Canadian professional ice hockey center and alternate captain for the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League. He was selected second overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins. With the Bruins, he won the 2011 Stanley Cup in his rookie season. As one of the famous NHL stars, fans always want to know who is Tyler Seguin’s girlfriend.

Well, let’s break it down. Born in January 1992 in Brampton, the ice hockey player has yet to hit the 30-year old mark. That makes him a desirable bachelor. In the past few years, Tyler has dated several women. But he has yet to find the love of his life. Or least that is the case since he hasn’t made things serious with either girlfriend.

Fun fact: his parents were professional hockey players. His father played hockey in college at the University of Vermont. So he comes from a sporting family.


Tyler Seguin Marital Status?

Before we move on to who has stolen the heart of the Canadian athlete, let’s talk a bit about his personal life. Born in Brampton, he grew up in Whitby, Ontario. His parents are Jackie and Paul Seguin. He also has a little sister, Cassidy Seguin.

Tyler made his NHL debut on October 9, 2010, with four shots on goal, but losing 5-2 to the Phoenix Coyotes. The next day, he scored his first professional goal, receiving the puck on a pass from Michael Ryder in the third period.

While he had a couple of relationships in the past several years, as of October 2021, Tyler Seguin is single. But we will talk about Tyler Seguin’s girlfriend in the past.

Tyler Seguin Last Girlfriend Kate Kirchof

Tyler’s last girlfriend was Kate Kirchof. In August 2020, he shared a birthday Instagram story for Kate. In the story, we the professional hockey player him and his girlfriend on a date.

There is no information about who is Kate Kirchof. Or what does she do for a living? Most importantly, we do not know when and how they meet or when did they end their relationship.

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Past Relationships Of Tyler Seguin

We said Tyler had a couple of girlfriends over the years. Let’s take a look at his dating timeline. One of his most popular girlfriends was Ciara Price. Born in a small town near Portland, Maine, she is a social media influencer. The famous Instagram celebrity dated Tyler during their college years. She became a model for Playboy, and also an Instagram model.

The NHL player and Ciara met on Twitter and started flirting. They dated in 2012 and things were going well. They attended parties together and enjoyed life to the fullest. Tyler and his stunning ex-girlfriend Ciara Price dated all the way to 2013.

And then, in 2013, Tyler started dating another model, this time, Ali Nugent. The two spent three years together, from 2013 to 2016. Nugent is a model and the winner of Miss Texas USA in 2013. There is no information on how they meet. But they dated for three years.

After ending things with Nugent, the famous hockey star started a romantic relationship with Danielle Moinet in 2018. She is an athlete, famous as Summer Rae, a professional American wrestler.

To this day, Tyler has yet to propose to any of the girlfriends he has had. And we know he has a thing for beautiful women and models.

Most of his girlfriends were models. As of October 2021, the 2011 Stanley Cup Championship winner is single. But we cannot expect him to stay single for long. As you can see, he often dates, and with wealth like his, he can surely find a girlfriend.

Tyler Seguin’s net worth is around $25 million. The average salary of a NHL player is $3 million per year. Young stars like Tyler surely earn a lot more than that.

Because he is a big NHL star, it is understandable that his personal life serves as a topic for discussion and conversation among fans.