Trevor Brolin: Following The Footsteps In A Family Of Stars

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Real Name:Trevor Mansur Brolin
Birthday:June 26, 1988
Net WorthN/A
Height:178 cm
Occupation:American Actor, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Son of Josh Brolin

Trevor Brolin is an American actor, producer, and director known for his work in various short films. He is the son of renowned Hollywood actor Josh Brolin and his former wife, Alice Adair. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, Trevor chose to follow in his family’s footsteps and embark on a career in filmmaking.

Although his younger sister, Eden, pursued a career in acting, Trevor opted for a multidisciplinary approach in the film industry. He has taken up diverse roles such as executive producer, director, and cinematographer, showcasing his versatile talents. Some of his known work includes the short films Felt (2011), X (2008), and All Kids Count (2011), which highlight his aptitude for storytelling and visual aesthetics.

Coming from a star-studded family and with a clear passion for filmmaking, Trevor Brolin has made a name for himself within the entertainment world. As his career continues to develop, it is evident that Trevor is determined to carve out his own path and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Trevor Brolin Early Life

Trevor Mansur Brolin was born on June 26, 1988 in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of famed Hollywood actor Josh Brolin and Alice Adair. Coming from a family with a strong acting background, Trevor is of English, Irish, Scottish, and Swiss-German descent.

Growing up in the film industry, Trevor was surrounded by talent. His grandfather, James Brolin, is an accomplished actor, producer, and director. Additionally, his younger sister, Eden Brolin, followed the family’s footsteps and pursued a career in acting as well.

In his early years, Trevor Brolin had the unique experience of being part of a star-studded family, which likely influenced his own career choices. Throughout his upbringing in California, he became familiar with the challenges and rewards associated with working in the entertainment industry. This exposure perhaps shaped his path as a young adult, preparing him for a future as both an actor and producer.

Family Background

Trevor Brolin was born into a family deeply rooted in the acting industry. His father, Josh Brolin, is an accomplished Hollywood actor known for his roles in movies like “No Country for Old Men” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” His mother, Alice Adair, is also an actress, perhaps best recognized for her work in “Beverly Hills Cop II.” Trevor’s acting lineage doesn’t stop there; his grandfather, James Brolin, is a respected actor, producer, and director with a career spanning over six decades.

Growing up in this distinguished family, Trevor nurtured a close relationship with his sister, Eden Brolin, who followed in her family’s footsteps as an actress. Eden is best known for her portrayal of Mia in the popular TV series “Yellowstone.” The siblings share a strong bond and have been seen together at various events and red carpet appearances.

Aside from his immediate family members, Trevor Brolin also has connections to other notable figures in the entertainment industry. His stepmother, Kathryn Boyd, is a former model and actress, while his famous step-grandmother is none other than the legendary Barbara Streisand, who married James Brolin in 1998. With such prominent figures in his life, it’s no surprise that Trevor has been exposed to the world of Hollywood from a very young age.

In summary, Trevor Brolin’s family background is rich in acting history, with several relatives being well-established in the entertainment industry. With family members such as Josh Brolin, James Brolin, Alice Adair, and Barbara Streisand setting the stage, it’s clear that talent runs deep in the Brolin family tree.


Trevor Brolin, son of acclaimed actor Josh Brolin, has a solid educational background that has contributed to his career in the entertainment industry. During his high school years, Trevor attended a local high school in Los Angeles, California, where he received a well-rounded education.

Upon completing high school, Trevor pursued higher education at a reputable college located outside of California. There, he majored in Cinematography and Theatre Arts, earning a Bachelor’s degree in these fields. Unfortunately, the exact name of the college where he studied remains undisclosed.

Trevor’s education in Cinematography and Theatre Arts not only provided him with a strong foundation but also equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the entertainment industry. His academic achievements have undoubtedly helped shape his current career and allowed him to thrive both in and out of the spotlight.

Career in Film Industry

Trevor Brolin has followed in the footsteps of his actor parents, Josh Brolin and Alice Adair. Although he chose to delve into the filmmaking side of Hollywood over acting, he has managed to prove his versatility and creativity in various roles behind the camera.

Brolin’s career comprises a diverse range of contributions to the film industry. As a budding director, producer, cinematographer, and writer Trevor has experience in numerous aspects of filmmaking. Showcasing his skills in short films, he has shouldered various responsibilities like executive producer, director, and cinematographer.

He is credited for his work in films like Felt (2011), X (2008), and All Kids Count (2011). In addition, Trevor has contributed to movies like No Country for Old Men, where his father took on the role of an American actor. Brolin’s filmmaking journey also includes composing music for a short film written and directed by his father.

Despite not taking center stage as an actor, Trevor Brolin has continuously showcased his presence and impact in the film industry. His versatile and knowledgeable expertise in various roles behind the camera has undoubtedly solidified his place in Hollywood as an aspiring filmmaker.

Famous Siblings

Trevor Brolin has a younger sister named Eden Brolin, who is also a part of the American entertainment industry. Like Trevor, Eden grew up in a family with a strong acting background, which influenced her decision to pursue a career in the same field.

Eden Brolin is an accomplished actress who has gained recognition for her work in both television and film. She made her acting debut with a minor role in the 2008 film “X: The Movie” and has since been featured in a variety of projects. Some of her notable appearances include the TV series “Beyond,” where she played the lead role of Charlie, and the popular drama series “Yellowstone,” in which she portrayed the character Mia.

In addition to her work on-screen, Eden has also made a mark in the world of voice acting. She lent her vocal talents to the animated series “Blood Clot Chronicles” and the video game “Red Dead Redemption II.”

Throughout her career, Eden has demonstrated an impressive range of acting skills and has built a strong fan base. As a member of the Brolin family, her passion for the arts and her dedication to her craft exemplify the talent present in this famous Hollywood dynasty.

Artistic Pursuits

Trevor Brolin’s artistic pursuits can be traced back to his upbringing in a family of actors. The son of actor Josh Brolin and Alice Adair, and the grandson of James Brolin, Trevor has been exposed to the world of art and entertainment from an early age. As a result, he has naturally gravitated towards a career in the creative industry.

Dabbling in various art forms, Trevor’s work often showcases his artistic talent and eye for aesthetic appeal. His interest not only lies in acting but also in the production side of the industry. Mixing his family’s rich acting heritage with his unique artistic style, Trevor is slowly etching his name in the world of film and television.

Trevor’s exposure to art galleries and exhibitions has undoubtedly enriched his artistic knowledge and taste over the years. Immersed in the world of visual arts, Brolin has developed an appreciation for different forms of artwork and has possibly drawn inspiration from them to drive his creative ventures in the entertainment industry.

His artistic pursuits transcend the boundaries of performing arts and delve into the intricate world of art appreciation and creation. By soaking in the diversities of art forms and techniques, Trevor Brolin evolves as an artist with a distinct voice and vision, poised for making a lasting impact on the creative landscape.

Role in All Kids Count

Trevor Brolin, son of renowned actor Josh Brolin, has made contributions to the film industry as an actor and executive producer. Among his works is the 2011 film, All Kids Count. In this film, Trevor took on a brief role as a mall shopper. The plot revolves around a group of kids who unite to make a stand against the injustices they face.

In addition to his acting role, Trevor Brolin also served as the Executive Producer for All Kids Count, showcasing his proficiency both in front and behind the camera. As an executive producer, Trevor was responsible for overseeing the film’s production process, which includes tasks such as organizing financing, controlling the budget, and ensuring creative decisions are made in the best interest of the project.

Trevor Brolin’s work in All Kids Count exemplifies his talents and capabilities in the entertainment industry. His contributions to the project reflect his artistic drive and his ability to perform various roles within the filmmaking process.

Roles Outside Filmmaking

Trevor Brolin, son of renowned American actor Josh Brolin, is known for his work in various roles within the film industry, including acting, directing, and cinematography. However, his career expands beyond filmmaking, showcasing his diverse talents and interests.

In the realm of acting, Trevor appeared in the 2011 family film All Kids Count, demonstrating his versatility as a performer. This role allowed him to explore different aspects of storytelling and character portrayal.

Outside of film, Trevor has experience in the hospitality industry, where he served as Assistant General Manager for Revel Entertainment. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing various operational aspects of the business, including staff management, customer service, and event coordination. His background in the arts and his keen eye for detail made him an asset in the demanding and fast-paced world of hospitality.

In summary, Trevor Brolin’s career extends beyond filmmaking and embraces diverse roles in acting and management. His experiences in films like All Kids Count and as the Assistant General Manager with Revel Entertainment showcase his ability to adapt, grow, and excel in various industries.

Personal Life

Despite his parents’ divorce, Trevor maintains a cordial relationship with his family members. He has a sibling named Eden Brolin, and they both share a close bond with their father.

Trevor has always been quite private about his personal life. There is little information available about his romantic relationships, and it is currently unknown whether he is married or involved with anyone. He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and has a straight sexual orientation.

Regarding his father’s relationships, Josh Brolin has had a few significant connections. After divorcing Alice Adair, he was briefly engaged to actress Minnie Driver. Later, he married his second wife, actress Diane Lane, in 2004. However, they got divorced in 2013. Josh Brolin then found love with his current wife, Kathryn Boyd, whom he married in 2016.

Josh and Kathryn have two children together. Their first daughter, Westlyn Reign Brolin, was born in 2018. In December 2020, they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Chapel Grace Brolin.

In summary, Trevor Brolin’s personal life is quite private, and not much information is available regarding his love life or future professional endeavors. However, he shares a strong bond with his father, Josh Brolin, and his family despite his parents’ past relationships and divorces.

Trevor Brolin on Social Media

Trevor Brolin, the eldest son of actor Josh Brolin, maintains a presence on social media platforms like Instagram. Through these platforms, he shares glimpses of his personal life and professional endeavors with his followers. As a talented individual involved in the entertainment industry, Trevor keeps his audience engaged by sharing various aspects of his life.

On his Instagram account, Trevor shares a variety of posts ranging from personal moments to his artistic pursuits. He often posts pictures of himself, his family, and friends, giving a glimpse into his close relationships. One notable instance is when his father, Josh Brolin, shared a rare photo of himself with Trevor and his sister Eden, showcasing their strong family bond.

As a multifaceted artist, Trevor uses social media to showcase his diverse interests. This includes his work as an actor, producer, and painter. Instagram serves as a platform for promoting his artwork, which has even been showcased in art galleries. By sharing his creative journey, Trevor connects with both fans and fellow artists, further expanding his network within the artistic community.

In conclusion, Trevor Brolin effectively utilizes social media platforms like Instagram to share his life with followers. His presence on social media offers insights into his personal life, family connections, and various artistic pursuits, allowing fans to stay connected to the talented son of Josh Brolin.

Trevor Brolin’s Works

Trevor Brolin, the eldest son of actor Josh Brolin, has showcased his creative talent through various roles in the entertainment industry. With a keen interest in art, Trevor has not limited himself to one specific field, exploring different artistic avenues in his career.

One of Trevor’s notable works includes the 2011 film Felt, where he served as a producer. The movie focused on thought-provoking themes and showcased his ability to contribute to a thoughtfully crafted piece of cinema. With this project, Trevor demonstrated not only his passion for the arts but also his aptitude for producing quality content.

In addition to his work in film, Trevor has been actively involved in theater. In 2008, he appeared in the play X, which furthered his experience in stage performance. This opportunity allowed him to develop his acting skills and immerse himself in the world of live theater.

Apart from his creative ventures, Trevor also holds a responsible position as the Assistant General Manager and Operation Manager of Revel Entertainment located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This role allows him to combine his love for the arts with his managerial capabilities, demonstrating his versatility in the entertainment field.

In summary, Trevor Brolin has made significant contributions to both film and theater while simultaneously managing a crucial position within the entertainment industry. His dedication to the arts and passion for creative work is a testament to his talent and abilities.

Future Projects

Trevor Brolin has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry beyond his father’s fame. Given his background in film and theater, it is expected that Trevor will continue to take on projects that showcase his talents and creativity.

Currently, Trevor serves as the assistant general manager and operation manager at Revel Entertainment in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While this role may not be directly related to filmmaking, it allows him to gain valuable experience in the field of arts and entertainment management.

In addition to his work at Revel Entertainment, Trevor is likely to be involved in projects where he can use his skills as a director and actor. Having grown up in a family of actors and film industry professionals, Trevor has likely been exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experiences that can contribute to his success in the entertainment world.

Although specific future projects involving Trevor Brolin have not been detailed in the provided search results, it is evident that he is focused on his career in the arts and entertainment industry. His background in film, theater, and management, combined with his passion for creativity, will undoubtedly lead him to many exciting opportunities in the coming years.


Trevor Brolin has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, thanks to his background and the support from his star-studded family He is the son of acclaimed American actor Josh Brolin and Alice Adair, a former actress. Trevor’s Hollywood lineage extends further, as he is the grandson of James Brolin and the step-grandson of iconic singer and actress, Barbra Streisand.

Trevor has followed in the footsteps of his talented family members by pursuing a career in acting and producing. His unique upbringing provided him with valuable insights and opportunities in the world of entertainment. As a versatile artist, Trevor has showcased his skills and creative passion in various aspects of filmmaking.

In his personal life, Trevor maintains a strong bond with his family, particularly with his younger sister, Eden Brolin, who is also an accomplished actress. The siblings frequently support each other in their respective careers and share a mutual admiration for their artistic pursuits.

In summary, Trevor Brolin’s strong family background in Hollywood and the American acting scene plays a significant role in his creative endeavors. Leveraging his inherent talents and the experiences gained from his famous family, Trevor continues to make a mark in the world of entertainment as a determined and skillful artist.