Tobe Keeney – Net Worth And Quick Bio

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Real Name:Tobe Keeney
Birthday:October 20, 1975
Net WorthN/A
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Housewife, Celebrity Spouse of Joshua Jacob Morrow

Tobe Keeney is a housewife. Many people might not know her. But they know her husband. Tobe got married to Joshua Jacob Morrow, an American actor famous for The Young and the Restless. Her husband also played a role in the soul-pop group 3Deep. But how much is Tobe Keeney’s fortune?

Well, as a housewife, she doesn’t earn a lot. Tobe doesn’t have a side business or some inheritance from her parents. Thankfully, her husband takes care of her.

Joshua Morrow is a renowned actor, famous for his participation in The Young and the Restless. But he also plays on the World Poker Tour. The two got married in 2001, and since then, they live happily ever after life. Joshua and Tobe have four children together, three boys and one girl. Fun fact: they got married the same year Joshua disbanded 3Deep.

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Quick Bio

Let’s talk more about Tobe and her life journey. As we said before, she got married to Joshua in 2001, and since then, gave birth to four children. But what about her life before Joshua? Or life before fame?

We don’t much about her early life. She played the piano and showed interest in the entertainment industry.

The two started dating while Joshua played in The Young and the Restless.. They are together for more than 20 years, and dated for a while before tying the knot in August 2001.

In 2002, Tobe and Joshua welcomed their first child, their son Copper Jacob. They got three more children after that, two boys and one girl. Crew James came two years later, Cash Joshua in 2008, and finally, they got Charlie Jo in October 2012.

Joshua and Tobe have spent more than 19 years in marriage, and so far, they haven’t had any public fight or misunderstanding. That is a remarkable feat for a Hollywood couple. And even though Tobe is not in the spotlight, her husband lives in it.

Unlike Joshua, Tobe is not active a lot on social media. But he often tweets and posts about his family, children, and wife.

Net Worth

We said before that Tobe Keeney doesn’t work. At least, she doesn’t have an official paid job and position. She does work as a housewife. And ask anyone, they will tell you it is a hard thing to do. Working as a housewife is a 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year job. And it doesn’t get any easier.

Tobe is the glue that keeps the family together. So, how much is Tobe Keeney’s cash flow? Well, we have to discuss that in relation to her husband’s net worth.

As of November 2020, Joshua Morrow’s fortune is more than $1 million. He earned his money through his acting gigs and music performance.

Joshua entered the entertainment industry as a young boy and continues to live in the spotlight. Tobe, on the other hand, stays at home and takes care of the family.