Tips for Small Business Owners to Prepare for Retirement

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By David

Planning for retirement can be challenging, and you may find it to be a stressful time, no matter where you are in your planning. Depending on where your business is when you are ready to retire, there may be enough money from selling the business to live off, but you may also find you need to take additional steps now in case it is not enough.

Create a Diverse Portfolio of Investments

It’s common for entrepreneurs to invest all their profit into their business without leaving enough diversification in the portfolio. However, without a diverse portfolio, you may be risking your retirement. It’s important to take out some discretionary funds to put in other areas, like real estate or even insurance. Adding insurance to your portfolio can help you diversify your funds, and it also protects you and your family. You can’t predict what will happen in life, and it’s not as expensive as you might think to protect your family. Term life is often more affordable than whole life. If you’re wondering if it’s worthwhile to get term life insurance, you can look over a guide with more specific information to help you decide and to know the difference between term and whole life insurance too.

Start Thinking About Your Exit Strategy

It’s important to have an exit strategy before you are ready to retire. It’s a good idea to plan for the decisions you will need to make, like who you will want to take over once you retire. You may want to sell it to an outsider, but if it is a family business, you may prefer to have a family member take over. You’ll want to plan for unexpected circumstances as well, like health or personal problems that could force you to retire sooner than expected. Coming up with a few different ideas will help you protect yourself.

Use Other Sources of Income

You should make sure you are paying yourself a substantial enough salary through your business instead of counting on all your income coming from the sale of the business when you are ready to retire. You should also be contributing to your retirement account. If something happens to devalue your organization’s value, you may not be able to get enough money to retire off. You can also consider starting an online business that runs itself so that you can still have income streaming in without having to physically work.

Create a Plan for Expenses

It’s important to start taking stock of any expenses that you currently pay for with income from the business. You may have received insurance from the company or used a vehicle owned by the business. Making sure you know how these things will be paid for during retirement will prevent you from putting too much strain on your funds when you are ready to leave. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a high enough credit score when you are ready to retire. If your cards have outstanding balances, make sure to pay them off. Ensure you have a payment plan set up so you don’t miss any payments that could negatively impact it.