Time To Upscale Your Business? This Is What You Need To Do

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By David

You have done your due diligence and considered what was needed to build up your business.

Your start-up has now taken traction and has become a success and all original goals have been met. Now you are thinking and aiming for more.

Are you thinking about taking on staff, getting a new premises, or branching out on the services you are offering?

How do you upscale your business without jeopardizing what you have built up so far?

Before going ahead and upscaling ensure that it really is the right time to grow your business further. If you are turning away business or not offering services being requested, it is probably a good time.

This is how you can make it happen:

Do You Have What You Need In Place?

Is your business running smoothly? Have you streamlined your process to enable you to get on more clients?

It is important to maintain a balance between the personal touches that make your business standout and keep your customers returning and have the tools in place to make your business grow. Are there clear processes in place to make signing up new clients run smoothly?

If you are expanding your production do you have the right equipment to support your growth? Do you need to invest more in industrial bench scales or a new printer?


Hiring staff can be costly. You need to pay their wages, incur the cost to hire them, and offer benefits.

The majority of businesses ready to upscale aren’t necessarily ready to hire full-time employees just yet.

Outsourcing certain tasks can allow you then to focus your time and attention on your business and completing the tasks needed for its growth. Although it can be daunting handing over part of your business tasks to someone else, you will reap the rewards. You can pass on those jobs that you are overly keen on completing, or the ones that are extremely timely. If there is a job that you want help with, there will be a freelancer or company that will specialize in it.

Create A Business And Marketing Plan

After you have set up the processes to free up your time, you have decided on how you want to grow your business, the next step is planning how this will be possible.

Break it down and set goals for the short, medium, and long-term future of your business. Where do you want to take it? When is realistic for certain targets to be met and goals to be reached.

No matter the size of the goal, you need to think about how you will be able to make this happen. Will you want to put on an event with a printed marquee or focus purely on upping your digital marketing game? It’s time to think about this now.

Brainstorm your ideas. Work out the steps that are needed to get the growth you desire. Understand what obstacles might arise and make a plan to overcome them. Understand the market and your clients. How will you market the business, the new services, or products? The clearer the plan the easier it will be for you to keep your business growth on track.