The IBC Tote: Making Sure You Get the Best One on the Market

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By David

If you don’t know about IBC totes, we’ll discuss them now. You might find them useful, and if so, you should only buy the best ones available. You can find many IBC tote uses in several different situations and industries.

What is an IBC Tote?

IBC stands for intermediate bulk container. These containers meet industrial-grade standards. They’re very hard and tough, so they won’t break if something jostles them or even if you drop one.

Many times, you will transport liquids using an IBC tote. However, you might also have solids, semi-solids, or even pastes in there. You can use them in industrial processes.

Once you have a finished product, you can put it in the IBC tote and ship it. You might also have an ingredient you need in some of these totes, though. You can remove what you require and use it during the industrial process. You’ll get a different finished product in the end.

Often, you’ll see cages around IBC totes. This metal framework further protects them. You can buy durable caged IBC totes for long-term use, but you can also rent them in some instances.

You must consider whether buying or renting them makes more sense, and that means looking at your business model carefully. Now, let’s talk about how you can make sure you’re getting the best IBC totes available if you need some right now.

The Rigid and the Flexible IBC Tote

Before you look at some specific companies that make IBC totes, you should figure out whether you need a rigid or flexible one. Most times, you’ll find rigid IBC totes. More companies make them.

The rigid IBC tote might have a metal and plastic composite. You’ll also find ones with cardboard, plastic, or metal. As you might expect, what you’ll store in the rigid IBC tote impacts what material you want.

You can also find a flexible variety, though fewer companies make them. The flexible IBC tote has a plastic inner lining, but it’s not very hard plastic. Instead, the outer shell uses hard plastic that’s fairly thick. The outer shell supports the inner one.

Research the Manufacturer

If you need IBC totes, you’ll often find that you’re dealing with a few larger, more established industry names. You can sometimes run into smaller, lesser-known companies, but some notable names dominate this niche.

If you’re unsure which one to use, you can research the manufacturing companies. You can see on their website which companies they list as clients. If they list some major companies with which they partner, that’s probably your first indication you’re looking at a reputable entity from which you might buy your IBC totes.

How Much Do They Cost?

You might look at some different companies that make IBC totes and see how much they cost. You want the best ones that are on the market, but you’ve also probably allocated money from your budget that you’ll use to buy them. If the company you’re looking at charges too much, you must use someone else.

You might see whether this company gives you any kind of a bulk rate if you buy hundreds of these containers at the same time. If you’re shipping enough material or using it in your manufacturing process, you may even need a larger order. You may require thousands of IBC totes.

If the company you’re looking at will drop the price by 5% or 10%, you might feel like they’re the best choice. You can see whether the other companies will match or beat that.

Do They Have Them Available?

You should also find out whether this company has the IBC totes you need available right then. If they manufacture them, but they’re running low at that moment, you must consider how long the company might take to get more in. If you can wait, you might, but if you’re operating on a rigid timetable, as many companies do, you might go with someone else who has those totes immediately.

Additional Considerations

Customer feedback should also enter into the decision-making process. If you look at who bought these totes in the past and you see many five-star reviews, you might feel like you can buy more confidently.

If you see any reviews indicating they leak or they’re not very sturdy, you should go with another manufacturer. You need the best-quality IBC totes that won’t break open or leak when you’re using them.