The Best Bayonet Knife Skin Under $500 — Bayonet | Freehand

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By David

The bayonet is one of the most functional weapons in existence today. As a rule, the bayonet knife is used in conjunction with the main weapon. However, bayonets are also used independently as a functional, useful weapon. Particularly noteworthy is bayonet freehand, one of the most coveted skins for this type of weapon.

How is the knife different from the rest?

In CS:GO, the bayonet has a more modern look. From the real version, still used by sailors in the United States, only the handle is different, as well as the absence of a small saw, which the real one has right near the top of the blade. It is a long blade that brings the enemy instant and painless death.

The knife clearly has similarities with all melee weapons in CS:GO. The 30cm blade is incredibly narrow and resembles what was previously used with the main weapon.

Regardless, bayonet does not offer any of the performance advantages of other knives. The most obvious advantage of a knife, compared to another weapon, is its low weight and ease of carrying. It is for this reason that players use knives, including the bayonet, to move faster to a given point.

Bayonet is one of the oldest knives in CS:GO. Despite this, Valve constantly replenishes the knife with new skins, which it receives on a par with other melee weapons in the game. Bayonet skins only color part of the blade, not the handle as, for example, happens with the Butterfly Knife.

The Freehand skin has an average price among the skins of this knife. On this skin, purple paint has been applied to the surface of the blade as a background. Various metal patterns have also been applied to the surface of the background. The handle, limiter and head of the knife handle are unpainted. Now a little about the difference in qualities. In “Field-Tested”, the biggest abrasions are on the surface of the blade, which suits, because they look pretty harmless, like normal abrasions after sharpening a knife. So the skin looks really good.

The cost of this skin depends on the exterior quality:

  • from $310 for Factory New;
  • from $270 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $240 for Field-Tested;
  • from $230 for Well-Worn.

As you can see, the cost is not small, however, such a skin can be a good item in a personal collection and become a definite investment for the future.

Where to buy?

There are several ways to purchase a skin. One of the most common is buying through Steam. The site is the official platform of the game developer, so it is a safe place to buy or sell skins. However, there is a nuance – it is impossible to withdraw real money. All funds remain within the community.

That is why today there are alternative platforms that help in this matter. Many of them have established themselves in the gaming market, have a large selection of skins, several withdrawal options, good technical support and much more. However, in this case, you need to take the choice of platform very seriously so as to avoid scammers.