The 6 Best Delta-8 Vapes For 2022

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By David

Delta-8 THC puffs are some of the most vogued items on the market. You’ve probably seen their packaging and know they contain pure, high-quality cannabis. But what does that mean to have a high-quality vape? Well, for one thing, you’ll get an incredible experience from these products. But also, these vapes are made with premium-grade ingredients that can produce some seriously intense effects if you’re into THC vaping.

We’ve got the top six Delta-8 vape here (and we’re going to go ahead and say that they’re all worth checking out), so take a look through our list below-

The top six Delta-8 puffs of the year!-

Here are they-

  • Shark Shock-

Shark Shock is a very potent strain that is suitable for experienced users. It has a THC content of 25%, but it also has 0.1% CBD and 0.9% THCV, making it one of the most potent cannabis products on this list.

This hybrid strain has a pungent (diesel-like aroma that can get felt in your sinuses as soon as you inhale it). And if you’re not accustomed to vapes or don’t want to take any chances when vaping, Shark Shock is an excellent choice. That’s because it smells like nothing else out there.

The sweet taste comes from its earthy aroma: something between hops and grapeseed oil. And that’s a winning combination for many categories of foods, such as salads or ice cream!

Shark Shock is a popular strain because of its potency and versatility. It is perfect for those looking for an experience that will knock you off your feet and make you feel like you’re floating on clouds.

However, there are some downsides to the Shark Shock experience. First, it’s not the most suitable strain for those who have never tried cannabis earlier. The high is super potent and may surprise you if you don’t know what to expect. The second downside is that the taste can be off-putting for some people. It’s not a bad taste, but it’s certainly not one of the best-tasting strains on this list.

  • Dream Queen-

Delta-8 is a strain of cannabis that belongs to the family Cannabaceae and got used for centuries. It’s extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stems using solvents such as butane or CO2. The Delta-8 THC content in Dream Queen is around 18%. It makes it one of the strongest vapes on this list compared to other products available online today. Its high will hit you quickly with an uplifting feeling lasting several hours after consumption. It can be consumed as a vape cartridge or dab rig, depending on how much you want to ingest.

Dream Queen is a wowing product for anyone who wants a quick, durable high. It’s also great for those looking to get their first dab or vape pen and who don’t want to spend too much money on their first purchase. The effects of this strain are similar to any other high-quality cannabis product. A slight tingling sensation can get felt throughout your body after consuming Dream Queen. This logic makes it great for those who want a powerful but mild effect they can enjoy anytime they use it.

  • Aries OG Kush-

Aries OG Kush is a hybrid strain that is a cross between the vogued OG Kush and Aries. This blend makes it a Sativa-dominant variant. Aries OG Kush is known for its potent sedative effects, making it best for evening or nighttime use. It has an earthy and piney aroma with sweet berry flavors.

The cannabis plant in this item grows tall with dense branches covered in tiny leaves. It makes up its greenish-brown coloration. Its bud structure looks like jagged crystals when viewed from afar. But close inspection will reveal brown hairs covering each bud and resin glands on each leaf node (where flowers grow).

As far as the terpene profile goes, this strain produces skunky aromas with hints of citrus fruitiness. However, no genuine chemical taste is present unless you’re extremely sensitive to smells such as peppermint or tea tree oil scents. This strain can slowly creep up on you. So if you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with just a slight amount.

  • Granddaddy Purple-

Granddaddy Purple is a high D8-THC strain with a deep purple hue. The variant is known for its potent THC content, which can reach up to 25% in some cases. It has a sweet and earthy aroma that blends well with its purple color.

Granddaddy Purple was created by crossing two Indica plants together: G13 Haze and Mango Kush. This cross yields an incredibly potent cannabis strain perfect for daytime use or late at night. Or you want something more relaxing than your typical Indica blend but still want to get high. Granddaddy Purple has a long history of being one of the best strains for getting stoned. It’s not just hype. This strain is very potent and will turn you high in no time.

  • Death Bubba-

Death Bubba is a high Delta-8 THC strain promising for day use. It’s a cross between Death Star and Bubble Kush. But with a strong flavor. It has notes of chocolate, coffee, and earthy pine. This strain pairs well with coffee in the morning or afternoon when you need to get things done.

  • Blackberry Kush-

Blackberry Kush is a cross between the popular Blackberry and OG Kush strains. It’s known for its fruity, sweet smell and taste. This strain, with its high content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), gives it that fruity flavor. The effects of this hybrid can last for up to two hours. So if you’re looking for something to help unwind after work or school, this might be your best bet.

As far as dosage goes, if you want more euphoria than just “high,” then opt for 25mg per session. If relaxation is more crucial than paranoia or euphoria, go with 20mg per session. And if both get equally desired, go with 15 mg per session. Finally, if none apply, only stick with 10 mg per session.

Quality delta-8 THC vape products can make all the difference in your experience-

Delta-9 THC is a close second, but it’s not quite as potent. To find the best delta-8 THC vape products, you must ensure they’re high in delta-8 THC. It can be the ideal option if you’re looking for a less intense high than delta-9 THC. Ensure you choose the best quality of the Delta-8 puff product to get flawless and satisfying results.


Delta-8 THC vape products are great for relaxation and enjoyment. So, these are the top six Delta-8 vape products. We have so many more options than just these six. So, stay tuned for more!