The 5 Best Kratom Shots That You And Your Valentine Must Try This Year

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By David

We are settling into the new year- and looking for fun things to do with our partners. While formal dates are fun, having a relaxing night with your favorite movies and drinks is a staple. And when we talk of favorite drinks, how could one forget about the best kratom shots?

Kratom shots are a delicious and fun way to take your daily dose of Kratom for an energized and happening day. So without further ado, let us see the best Kratom shots to try with your valentine this year.

Understanding Kratom Shots

Kratom shots are one of the newer yet more popular products than others. They are flavored liquids with Kratom extracts, flavorings, and other added ingredients. The concept of a shot is to minimize effort while consuming Kratom while maximizing its benefits.

And true to its purpose, the shot offers high potency and low effort consumption. The Kratom shots have a higher concentration of alkaloids which in turn enhance the effects of the Kratom shot. So not only do you get more intense benefits, but they also last longer.

They are far more convenient and delicious than other products like Kratom powder. You do not have to put extra effort into consuming shots- open the bottle and take a sip directly.

Why Choose Kratom Shots?

Many Kratom users have switched to the popular kratom shots, yet some are still skeptical. Their concern is understandable as Kratom extracts are more processed than other products like a powder. However, there is more to the shots than just that.

Sure, manufacturers use solvents and more processes while creating extracts. But reliable brands also ensure that the products do not have any solvent residue. They do so by putting all the Kratom extracts through a multi-step purification process. They even follow up with a lab test to ensure the products are safe.

So Kratom shots are among the best Kratom products in the market. You can even witness that through the hundreds of positive reviews left by their customers. And their ethical production processes ensure customers of the high-quality even more.

Top Kratom Shots For A Romantic Time With Your Partner

Several brands have a wide range of products, from powders to Kratom shots. However, among some signature products that people love are the kratom shots. Brands like mit45 have multiple variants of the Kratom shots to meet everyone’s preferences.

So you and your partner can choose from the options to fit your preferences. Let us look at the top-selling Kratom shot variants offered by MIT45 that you must try out:

1. MIT45 Go

If you plan an outdoor date with activities, carrying a big bag with you would be uncomfortable. So you can opt for the MIT45 Go pouches that are super handy. These pouches will easily slide into your pockets, and you can use them when needed. So you do not have to carry Kratom shot bottles everywhere you go.

Moreover, they also come with 150mg of mitragynine, so they do not lack intensity. They will provide an intense energy boost and keep you going for the day. The honey and cinnamon notes in the shots are customer favorites as they make the experience enjoyable.

2. MIT45 Boost

The Boost range by the brand is one of the most sought-after ranges due to its affordability. Each bottle packs a punch with 152 mg of mitragynine in it. Aside from just the Kratom, you will also get the goodness of high-quality caffeine in the bottle. So you can enjoy twice the energy in just one bottle of Kratom shot.

The Boost bottles are also affordable, so most people use them regularly. Even though they get packed with Kratom, they do not have a bitter or earthy aftertaste. So you can enjoy the drink or even make a fancy cocktail for yourself and your partner.

3. Gold Kratom Shots

Their Gold range is one of the best-selling ranges, with the Gold Kratom shot topping sales various times. The Gold Kratom shots are one of the most potent extracts that are relatively affordable.

Each bottle contains 250mg of mitragynine from Kratom plants. So it will boost your and your partner’s energy for a fun day ahead of you. Multiple lab testing procedures and purification processes also ensure that the extract does not harm you in any way.

4. Super K Kratom Shots

Super K extracts by MIT45 are some of the most intense products in their range or any other Kratom brand. They have nearly 600mg of mitragynine in each of their Kratom shots. The last few Kratom shots are potent, but now we are entering the big leagues of potency in the Super K range.

And such an amount is hefty as most products do not exceed 300-500mg. And if you and your partner are experienced Kratom users, you can try this to feel its intense effects that last for a long time.

5. Super K Extra Strong Shots

The Super K Kratom shots may be potent, but they still are mild compared to the Extra Strong ones. The MIT45 Super K Extra Strong Kratom Shots have a mitragynine concentration of 1300 mg per bottle. It is a substantial amount and makes these shots the most intense products in the Kratom market.

However, it is best to try these only if you and your partner have already tried some Kratom products. Due to the high alkaloid content, the energy and mood boost you may receive will also be substantial due to the high alkaloid content. So ensure that you try other products before switching to these Kratom shots.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t love a boost of energy provided through Kratom and all its alkaloids? But instead of going for boring powder products, more people now enjoy Kratom shots for multiple reasons.

Their ease of use, potency, and affordability will encourage you to switch to them from your old Kratom products. However, you should remember that buying these products from the best kratom vendor is essential as it ensures the safety and potency of the product. We hope our guide has offered you some ideal options to explore with your partner this year.