Test Your Mac’s Performance With These Steps

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By David

The Mac performance isn’t always great, it can sometimes become problematic and something you will need to tackle. Learning how to do it will help save time, while offering a great way to help you speed up your Mac very fast. It’s a great approach and one that will help implement better benefits in the long run.

Use a benchmarking tool

Such a tool helps save time, while offering accurate results. Tools like CleanMyMac are handy since they show protection, free space, hard drive state, components, temperature and others. You can also receive an overview of what works great and what can be improved for your device.  Benchmarking can be timely and if it’s an often recurrence, it can help unearth some of the many issues that a Mac might have from time to time.

Start using the Apple Diagnostics

Press and hold Power as you open your Mac. Release it when you see a few startup options. Here you want to run the diagnostics, press Command D for that. Your Mac will do the diagnostics on its own and then you will receive a report. Keep in mind that a checkup of these Apple Diagnostics will take a while, so it’s a good idea to perform other tasks in the meantime. It can show you if there are faulty components or any other problems that might harm your device.

Install Geekbench

Geekbench is a nifty little app that can test your device and CPU as a whole. Testing the memory and CPU performance is simple, you enter the app, press run Benchmark and you are good to go. Not only that, it can take a while too, since the benchmark has many different sections and it’s comprehensive. But it works great, and that’s what makes it such an amazing option.


Novabench is a similar tool, it has a ton of benchmarking tests that you can do on the Mac. Open the app, and then you can press the Start All Benchmark button. It can be of great help because it runs all tests very fast. It’s quite speedy when compared to the other tools, and that will be an advantage you want to take into account with this type of content. Your goal is to always have a great score, so high scores are important.


It’s another good tool because it gives an objective measurement of your CPU and memory. You can also upload your results to their website. It’s anonymous, but it does allow others to compare results to yours.

Using these tools can give a proper idea of your Mac performance. Any slight performance drops can show the existence of issues. The more you learn about it, the better, so these performance measurements are not just something random to do. They can help assess your Mac, see if there’s any performance loss and how you can address that. Narrowing down the cause of any issues is always helpful, and it can prevent many problems!