Taylor Stahl Latham: Insights Into The Life of Lesley Stahl’s Daughter

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Real Name:Taylor Stahl Latham
Birthday:August 1977
Net Worth$1 million
Height:167 cm
Occupation:American Media Personality, Producer and Executive, Daughter of Lesley Stahl

Taylor Stahl Latham is an accomplished woman best known for her family connections, as she is the daughter of the late journalist and screenwriter Aaron Latham and his wife, journalist Lesley Stahl. Despite being born into the spotlight, Taylor has created her own path and gained recognition for her professional achievements.

Taylor, a businesswoman, has been working as the vice president of Double Feature Films. She has produced several films, including LOL (2012), Servant (2019), and Freeheld (2015). Apart from her career in the film industry, she is also a wine connoisseur and has been married to winemaker and screenwriter Andrew Major since June 16, 2010. The couple shares two children, further extending their family’s legacy in both the media and the wine industry.

Though much of Taylor Stahl Latham’s life is surrounded by her private nature and a desire to keep her family out of the spotlight, she has managed to carve out a successful career and make her mark in both the entertainment and wine industries. Her diverse achievements showcase her ability to excel in various fields, while also balancing her roles as a mother and wife.

Biography of Taylor Stahl Latham

Taylor Stahl Latham was born in 1978 in Bryn Mawr Hospital, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of prominent journalists, Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham. Her mother, Lesley, is celebrated for her work as a CBS News and 60 Minutes correspondent, while her father, Aaron, was an American journalist and screenwriter best known for writing the article that inspired the movie Urban Cowboy.

Growing up in a family with a rich journalistic background, Taylor Stahl Latham had the opportunity to be exposed to the world of journalism from a young age. Her childhood was spent observing the professional pursuits of her parents, who were both deeply committed to their careers.

As the only child of Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham, Taylor has managed to establish her own identity in the media world. Despite her parents’ fame, Taylor has lived a relatively private life. However, her passion for journalism and media has flourished under the guidance and influence of her parents.

At the age of 44, Taylor Stahl Latham has built a career that reflects her unique background and upbringing. Her life has been shaped by the contributions and achievements of her journalist parents, and the values they instilled in her have undoubtedly played a significant role in her professional success.

Professional Endeavors

Taylor Stahl Latham, the daughter of renowned journalists Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham, has built a career that spans various roles in the media industry. With a background in writing and screenwriting, she has contributed to esteemed publications like Esquire, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

As a reporter, Taylor has demonstrated her skills in covering events related to Hollywood and the American entertainment industry. Her attention to detail and unique storytelling abilities has earned her a respectable reputation amongst her peers. Her work could be seen in prestigious newspapers such as The Washington Post, making her an influential media personality in her own right.

During her time in the media industry, she has undertaken various roles including author and executive positions. This diverse skillset has allowed her to adapt to the fast-evolving landscape of journalism and remain an important figure in her field. Taylor has also ventured into new media platforms, which are evident in her involvement with high-profile companies like Apple TV+.

Her diligent work in the field has led to various accolades, although she remains humble about her accomplishments. Taylor Stahl Latham is an American celebrity who has proved herself in the journalism world, and her career in both writing and journalism stands out as noteworthy. No doubt, her professional endeavors will continue to grow and evolve, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the media landscape.

Family Connections

Marriage and Personal Life

Taylor Stahl Latham, the daughter of American journalist Lesley Stahl and late news anchor and screenwriter Aaron Latham, maintains a private and low-profile life. Despite her family’s prominence in the media, details about her marriage and personal life remain mostly under wraps. It can be inferred that Taylor would prefer to keep her married life and relationships out of the public eye, unlike her famous parents.

Parental Heritage

Taylor Stahl Latham’s parents, Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham, were notable figures in the world of journalism. Her mother, Lesley Stahl, is a distinguished news reporter who has been a part of the CBS News team in New York City for many years. Lesley is best known for her work as a correspondent on the long-running television news program “60 Minutes.” With a celebrated career in news investigations, her mother has received numerous prestigious awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement News and Documentary Emmy Award.

Taylor’s father, Aaron Latham, also had a successful career in journalism. Best known as the writer of the “Urban Cowboy” movie directed by James Bridges, Aaron Latham is remembered within the film and journalism industries for his contributions. Unfortunately, Aaron Latham passed away at the age of 78, after battling Parkinson’s disease.

Ancestry and Relatives

Although Taylor Stahl Latham’s ancestry and extended family are not widely discussed, the Latham-Stahl family enjoys a significant public profile. While information about Taylor’s siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins is scarce, it is known that her family shares a strong bond and deep connections with each other.

As a result of their successful careers, both of Taylor’s parents have achieved substantial net worth, which has undoubtedly impacted Taylor’s upbringing and life. However, other details about Taylor’s nationality, family background, and possible grandchildren remain unknown to the public.

Literary and Cultural Impact

Taylor Stahl Latham, the daughter of renowned writer Aaron Latham and esteemed journalist Lesley Stahl, has undoubtedly been influenced by her family’s long-standing prominence in the field of literature. Growing up in a literary household, Taylor has been exposed to the works of several notable authors, stories, and pieces of literature since her early days. Here, we explore how Taylor’s roots connect her to some significant literary and cultural milestones.

Aaron Latham, Taylor’s father, made significant contributions to American literature and popular culture with Urban Cowboy. This groundbreaking work inspired the 1980 smash movie of the same name, directed by James Bridges. Despite being set in a contemporary timeframe, Urban Cowboy subtly echoed themes from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literature, highlighting the longing for a simpler time in the face of modernity.

In addition to his career as a screenwriter, Aaron Latham was a celebrated journalist and author known for his work with notable publications like The New York Times. His distinct storytelling style drew from New Journalism and emphasized character-driven narratives that transcended traditional reporting. This legacy imbues Taylor Stahl Latham’s background with a rich understanding of the written word.

Aaron Latham authored several books, including both fiction and non-fiction works. Amongst them, Code of the West and The Cowboy with the Tiffany Gun reflect his fascination with the spirited cowboy way of life. These publications have deepened the connection between Taylor Stahl Latham’s lineage and the American literary landscape.

Although Taylor Stahl Latham currently works as a producer, her family background has indubitably shaped her perspective on literature and contributed to a unique outlook on storytelling. As witnessed from the works and impact of her father, the power of the written word is an essential thread in Latham family history.

Media Appearances and Contributions

Taylor Stahl Latham is primarily known due to her family connections, as the daughter of Lesley Stahl, an esteemed 60 Minutes Correspondent, and her father Aaron Latham, an American journalist whose work inspired the movie Urban Cowboy. While Taylor has not pursued a career in journalism, she has made occasional media appearances and contributions alongside her notable family.

One of her notable media appearances was with her mother Lesley Stahl, who is regarded as an iconic figure in the world of journalism, serving as a CBS News correspondent for many years. Lesley’s work on 60 Minutes has earned her numerous accolades and recognition.

Taylor Stahl Latham has also been linked with the entertainment industry as a result of her father’s work as a screenwriter. For instance, Aaron Latham teamed up with director James Bridges for the movie Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta and Debra Winger. The film, based on Aaron’s article, became a popular cult classic and helped to establish his career.

In terms of professional endeavors, Taylor has mostly led a private life, focusing on her career as a businesswoman and producer. Some of her known contributions include:

  • Weddings: Taylor has organized events and ceremonies, including her own wedding with her husband, Andrew Major.
  • Business ventures: She has been involved in various business ventures, demonstrating her skills as an entrepreneur.

In summary, Taylor Stahl Latham, while not as high-profile as her parents, has made media appearances and contributions that showcase her personal and professional skills. As the daughter of the esteemed Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham, Taylor’s presence in the public eye is closely related to her family’s significant accomplishments in the fields of journalism and entertainment.

Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Taylor Stahl Latham, the daughter of renowned journalists Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham, has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman. Despite being known for her celebrity background, Taylor has managed to carve her own path and establish herself in the world of business.

One of Taylor’s notable business ventures is Our Little Barrel, a boutique wine company. She decided to enter the wine industry after recognizing a need for exclusive, high-quality offerings tailored to discerning clients. With her background in the luxury market, Ms. Stahl Latham has been able to bring a unique touch to the brand, ensuring a consistent supply of exceptional wine selections.

In addition to her wine company, Taylor Stahl Latham has also ventured into the world of fashion. Drawing upon her passion for style and her understanding of the luxury market, she has launched a high-end clothing company. The luxury clothing line provides customers with top-quality garments that exude elegance, sophistication, and timeless appeal.

As an entrepreneur, Taylor Stahl Latham understands the importance of diversification and expansion. Thus, she continues to explore new opportunities in various industries, allowing her to grow her business empire and solidify her reputation as a successful businesswoman.

Taylor’s ventures highlight her determination and tenacity in the face of a competitive market. By staying true to her vision and committing to providing top-notch products and services, she has made a name for herself within the business world and proven that she is more than just a celebrity daughter.

Significant Works and Publications

Published Books

Taylor Stahl Latham is the daughter of renowned journalists and authors, Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham. Her mother, Lesley Stahl, has had a successful career in journalism, covering significant stories such as Watergate and the Reagan assassination attempt. Apart from her journalistic pursuits, Lesley Stahl is also an author. She has published a book titled Becoming Grandma, which chronicles her experiences and reflections on the transition to grandparenthood.

On the other hand, Taylor’s father, Aaron Latham, was a writer best known for his work on the Aerobics Exercise Craze. Some of his published books include Code of the West and The Cowboy with the Tiffany Gun. These books are centered around the Old West and Texas, highlighting Aaron’s fascination with cowboys and the American frontier.


In addition to their literary careers, both Lesley Stahl’s and Aaron Latham’s work extended to the world of film and television. Aaron Latham was well-known as the co-writer and producer of the 1980 Hollywood film Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta. This movie brought widespread attention to the Texas honky-tonk culture and the late 70s-80s mechanical bull craze.

Later in Aaron’s career, he also contributed to producing the 2015 film Freeheld, which was based on the true story of a New Jersey police officer faced with terminal lung cancer fighting for pension benefits for her same-sex partner.

Though Taylor Stahl Latham herself may not have written any books or worked in the film industry, she is the product of an incredibly accomplished and talented family. Their significant works and publications in both journalism and creative writing, as well as their impact on Hollywood’s film industry, leaves an indelible mark on modern literature and cinema.

Historical Context and Legacy

Taylor Stahl Latham, born in 1978, has a unique legacy as the daughter of renowned journalist Lesley Stahl and the late news anchor and screenwriter Aaron Latham. Lesley Stahl’s impactful journalism career began during the Watergate scandal, which sets the stage for Taylor’s exposure to significant historical events and media circles.

Aaron Latham’s notable work in journalism includes writing for Texas Monthly, while his screenwriting career features the famous film Urban Cowboy. The film, based on a 1978 article by Aaron in Esquire magazine, showcased the culture of West Texas and introduced the world to the popularity of Spur and the experience of being a cowboy in the modern era. Taylor inherited a strong creative legacy from her parents and grew up surrounded by the worlds of journalism and screenwriting.

Lesley Stahl’s journalistic accomplishments have been widely recognized, including receiving the prestigious Lifetime Achievement News and Documentary Emmy Award for her extensive investigative work. Covering significant historical events and figures, such as the CIA, her work has set a high standard for media professionals. Thus, Taylor’s upbringing was undoubtedly influenced by her mother’s extraordinary dedication and work ethic.

Lesley’s involvement in the Watergate reporting was a pivotal point in her career and added to her authoritative and trustworthy reputation in the field of journalism. This historical context, along with Aaron Latham’s work on Urban Cowboy, established a unique cultural legacy that Taylor Stahl Latham inherited from her parents.

In conclusion, Taylor Stahl Latham was born into a family with a rich history in journalism and screenwriting. Throughout her life, she has been surrounded by media professionals and prominent historical moments, growing up in the context of major events like the Watergate scandal and the influential work of her parents.

Challenges and Controversies

As the daughter of famed television journalist Lesley Stahl and screenwriter Aaron Latham, Taylor Stahl Latham has had a relatively private life, though she occasionally faced the challenges that arose from her parents’ high-profile careers. Born in the late 1970s, Taylor grew up in New York. Considering her mother’s hectic schedule, a nanny cared for Taylor in her early years.

When Donald Trump’s first post-election interview took place in his residence at Trump Tower in 2016, Lesley Stahl’s involvement cast the spotlight on her family, including Taylor Stahl Latham. The privacy that Taylor had become accustomed to was challenged, but she managed to maintain her personal life away from the media’s glare.

While it’s unclear if Taylor Stahl Latham has been directly affected by COVID-19, it is a highly relevant challenge faced by many worldwide. Efforts to combat the pandemic have had an impact on various aspects of everyday life, from work to family dynamics.

The Watergate scandal is a notable controversy that occurred long before Taylor’s time. Nevertheless, it could be of interest to her, given her mother’s journalistic background. Lesley Stahl, as part of a generation of journalists influenced by the events surrounding Watergate, may have shared her insights and experiences with her daughter.

Finally, Taylor Stahl Latham has had to cope with her father’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Aaron Latham’s battle with this progressive neurodegenerative disorder has likely been a source of challenge and emotional stress for the entire family. As they face this adversity, Taylor and her loved ones maintain their strength and resilience while supporting each other through difficult times.

Personal Interests and Activities

Taylor Stahl Latham, daughter of renowned journalists Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham, has a diverse array of personal interests and activities that make her a well-rounded individual. Among her various pursuits, it is noteworthy that she has an affinity for exercise, particularly the aerobics exercise craze of the 1980s, which she has expressed fondness for in the past. Taylor’s appreciation for this form of exercise demonstrates her commitment to leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

In addition to her interest in exercise, Taylor is a wine enthusiast. She enjoys exploring different wine regions and attending wine tasting events. Through these experiences, she has gained a vast knowledge of various wines and their nuances, reflecting her refined taste and love for the finer things in life.

As vice president of Double Feature Films, Taylor also devotes time to philanthropic efforts. Her role in the company allows her to give back to society and support various charitable organizations. Taylor’s philanthropy not only highlights her generous nature but also her dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

In summary, Taylor Stahl Latham’s rich variety of interests and activities paint a picture of a multifaceted individual, who is passionate about health, culture, and making a difference.

Public Engagement and Social Media Presence

While Taylor Stahl Latham might be known for her ties to her famous parents – Lesley Stahl, an accomplished journalist, and Aaron Latham, a known writer – she successfully manages to maintain her own unique presence in various media platforms. As the daughter of a notable 60 Minutes correspondent and a CBS News personality, Taylor has grown up under the spotlight. However, this has not stopped her from forging her own paths and managing her own public engagement and social media presence.

Lesley Stahl, Taylor’s mother, has gained recognition as an award-winning journalist, working on acclaimed shows such as 60 Minutes. In contrast, Aaron Latham, Taylor’s father, made a name for himself in fields of writing as well as journalism. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Latham passed away in Bryn Mawr Hospital, leaving behind his legacy as a writer and a journalist, that he shared with his wife and daughter.

Following in her parents’ footsteps but creating her own identity, Taylor Stahl Latham ventured into the world of entrepreneurship with the launch of her own business, Our Little Barrel. The young businesswoman has been successful in utilizing various social media platforms to engage with the public and promote her brand. She leverages her family’s media ties to generate interest and ensure her own venture garners attention.

Some of Taylor’s social media strategies include:

  • Regularly posting engaging content
  • Connecting with her audience through comments and direct messages
  • Collaborating with other industry influencers to expand her reach
  • Leveraging her family’s popularity for brand promotion

In conclusion, Taylor Stahl Latham’s unique blend of family connections and personal drive has empowered her to form an impressive presence on social media platforms, enhancing her public engagement efforts. As she continues to navigate and innovate within her chosen industry, Taylor remains a noteworthy figure, standing apart from her accomplished parents and making her own mark in the world.

Net Worth and Financial Insights

Taylor Stahl Latham, a businesswoman and producer, has managed to accumulate an estimated net worth of around $1 million. Although her parents, journalist Lesley Stahl and late news anchor Aaron Latham, are prominent figures in the media industry, Taylor’s wealth stems from her own hard work and dedication in her professional life.

Her parents’ financial achievements might have further contributed to her overall wealth. Lesley Stahl, Taylor’s mother, has had an illustrious career as a journalist, winning numerous awards for her news investigations. With her successful career, Lesley has amassed an impressive net worth of about $40 million.

When discussing Taylor’s financial insights, it is important to keep in mind the various sources that have contributed to her net worth.

  1. Business ventures and investments
  2. Personal assets
  3. Inheritance from her parents

Although the exact details of her investments and assets are not publicly disclosed, Taylor’s net worth is a testament to her skills as a businesswoman and producer. With her diversified portfolio, she has been able to secure financial stability for herself and her family.