Sunetra Sastry: Unveiling the Life of a Talented Makeup Artist

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Sunetra Sastry, born to an Indian father and British mother, gained recognition as the ex-wife of the famous English actor, comedian, and writer, Rowan Atkinson. Sunetra’s professional background lies in her work as a skilled make-up artist. She first met Atkinson during the 1980s, and their relationship eventually led to marriage in February 1990.

Throughout their marriage, Sunetra and Rowan had two children: Benjamin, born in 1993, and Lily, born in 1995. Sunetra decided to step back from her career to focus on raising their children, dedicating her time and energy to their well-being. However, after 25 years of marriage, the couple eventually ended their relationship and finalized their divorce in 2015. Despite this, Sunetra remains an intriguing public figure, known for her connections to the world of entertainment and her private life beyond the spotlight.

Early Life and Background

Cultural Roots

Sunetra Sastry was born in 1957 to an Indian father and an English mother. Growing up in 1960s England, she experienced cultural challenges and racism due to her father’s origin. Her mother, who belonged to a prestigious British family, was disowned by her own relatives for marrying an Indian man.

Education and Early Career

Sunetra attended high school in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, where she had to cope with the discrimination she faced as a result of her cultural background. Despite the adversity, she remained resilient and focused on her academics. After completing high school, she pursued her passion for beauty and make-up by enrolling in beauty college. This step marked the beginning of her career as a make-up artist.

  • 1957: Born to an Indian father and an English mother
  • 1960s: Grew up in England facing racism and cultural challenges
  • After high school: Attended beauty college

As a make-up artist, Sunetra Sastry had the opportunity to work on the classic British comedy show ‘Black Adder’, which led her to meeting and eventually marrying renowned actor Rowan Atkinson. Although their marriage ended in 2015, Sunetra’s life has undoubtedly been shaped by her early experiences and determination in the face of cultural adversity.

Career as a Makeup Artist

Rise to Recognition

Sunetra Sastry began her career as a makeup artist in the early 1980s. She initially worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), where she gained recognition for her talent and skill. During this time, she had the opportunity to give a makeover to Stephen Fry, who admired her work and praised her abilities.

Notable Works and Collaborations

One of Sastry’s most notable collaborations was with the cast of Black Adder, a historical comedy show produced by the BBC. She worked as a makeup artist on the series, which starred her future husband, Rowan Atkinson. Black Adder allowed Sastry to showcase her expertise in makeup for television, contributing to the show’s distinctive visual style.

In addition to Black Adder, Sunetra Sastry also worked on other Rowan Atkinson productions, such as the popular TV series Mr. Bean. Her proficiency in makeup helped bring the iconic character to life and enhance the comedic elements of the show.

Another noteworthy project in Sastry’s career was the 1988 TV movie Smack and Thistle, also produced by the BBC. By working on various television projects, Sunetra Sastry has demonstrated her versatility and talent as a makeup artist, earning her a notable place in the industry.

Personal Life

Marriage with Rowan Atkinson

Sunetra Sastry, a makeup artist, met renowned actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson in the late 1980s while working for the BBC. They got married in February 1990, marking the beginning of their life together.

Children and Family Life

Sunetra and Rowan have two children. Their son, Benjamin Atkinson, was born in 1993, and their daughter, Lily Atkinson, was born two years later in 1995. Sunetra decided to focus on raising her children, leaving her professional career behind.

  • Benjamin Atkinson: Born in 1993
  • Lily Atkinson: Born in 1995

The family lived in Apethorpe, England, during the course of Sunetra and Rowan’s marriage.

Divorce and Moving Forward

The couple parted ways when their divorce was finalized in 2015. Despite the separation, Sunetra Sastry is still recognized for her notable career as a makeup artist and her contribution to her ex-husband’s success.

With an estimated net worth of $650,000, Sunetra has presumably also benefitted from Rowan Atkinson’s substantial wealth (over $130 million) and their divorce settlement.

Public Image and Media Presence

Sunetra Sastry, an English make-up artist, is primarily known for her former marriage to actor Rowan Atkinson. Despite her association with a renowned public figure, she has maintained a relatively low-key persona and has limited media exposure.

Representation in the Press

Her media coverage often focuses on her personal life, particularly her marriage and children. For instance, Sunetra Sastry has been mentioned in a few articles emphasizing her role as the ex-wife of Rowan Atkinson and mother of their daughter Lily Sastry, who has followed a career in show business.

Given the practical nature of her profession, Sunetra Sastry’s work in the make-up industry hasn’t attracted the same level of attention as her family connections. However, her contributions behind the scenes have played an essential role in various television projects.

Sunetra’s virtual presence is minimal, as there are no mentions of her being active on social media platforms. This further emphasizes her desire to maintain privacy and separates her from the glitz and glamour associated with showbiz. Her absence from online platforms such as Wiki and IMDb indicates limited professional engagement in the entertainment industry.

Despite her limited public exposure, Sunetra Sastry has occasionally been mentioned in print media. For instance, The Observer covered her attendance at the Laurence Olivier Awards in 2010 alongside Rowan Atkinson, providing a rare glimpse of her participation in public events.

Sunetra’s desire to keep her life away from the media serves as a testament to her reserved nature and focus on personal matters. Overall, it is evident that her public image is primarily defined by her relationships, while her professional achievements remain largely overshadowed.