Songs You Will Definitely Hear At a Tyler, the Creator Concert

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By David

Hit singles, top-rated studio albums, engaging music videos, and a clothing line; are just several of the many things Tyler the Creator has worked on for quite some time now. That’s why he became one of the leading performers in the world of music, whether we like it or not, and no matter what is considered quality in music today.

Be as it may, he is an appealing figure on the music scene, and going to one of his live shows can be a chance to have a tremendous amount of fun. Before you enjoy some of his upcoming concerts, let’s take a look at the Tyler the Creator concert setlist 2022 and which songs you will hear. Let’s start.  

‘’New Magic Wand’’

New Magic Wand is most likely Tyler the Creator’s favorite track from all his songs, as he stated before. The reason being is because it’s also a love song with an interesting story. Through this trendy track, Tyler talks about the aim to break up a relationship between his lover and their female ex-partner. In addition, what made this song even more popular is the fact that it features Jessy Wilson and Santigold. Back in 2020, when he won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, Tyler performed this track live in a fantastic way that made it even bigger among audiences worldwide. 

If you go to a Tyler the Creator show, be sure that New Magic Wand will undoubtedly be on his setlist. This track is about how love is not only about getting all in your feelings but trying to be better so your loved one may cast their eyes in the same direction as you.  


Earfquake is yet another track that is always part of the Tyler the Creator setlist, usually as an encore song on his live concerts. This track is the second one from his fifth studio album by the name of Igor, which was released in 2019. Furthermore, this song is the highest charting song in the United States of the Tyler the Creator repertoire, peaking at number 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100. 

There are other interesting facts about this song that also show how dedicated Tyler the Creator is to achieving a goal. This song was actually written for the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, but he turned it down. After that, Tyler asked Rihanna to sing it, but she also rejected the proposal. Therefore, Tyler decided to keep his own vocals for it, which turned out to be the right choice. 


Another typical encore track, Yonkers was the first single from the 2011 debut album by the name of Goblin. This song was critically acclaimed after its release, and the music video for it was nominated for Video of the Year. It won the Best New Artist award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011. 

It is not a surprise at all why this famous song is almost always on his concert setlist since it’s extremely popular among audiences all over the globe. Still, it also has a strong music beat right from the beginning, which is perfect for dancing at live shows. In addition, this single presented Tyler the Creator as a performer that likes to create interesting music videos. This attitude is the case even today since he always pays attention to making something different and interesting both for him and the loyal fans. And a song with an excellent beat and an interesting music video has a place on the Tyler the Creator concert setlist for all of his live performances. 


Smuckers features some superstars from the rap and hip-hop world, those being Kanye West and Lil Wayne. That’s why it’s not surprising that this song had a lot of hype right away, especially among the hardcore hip-hop music fans. It’s interesting that Tyler the Creator has collaborated with Kanye West and Lil Wayne prior to this track, but this was the first time all three of them worked together on his project. Furthermore, Smuckers is yet another essential track for Tyler since this collaboration proved once again that he belongs together with the top-rated performers in the rap and hip-hop world. 

With its blaring horns and fantastic piano solo, this track is an engaging combination that fans love, and what better place to hear it than on a live show having fun with your best friends. Also, you never know whether Kanye or Lil Wayne will show up on stage as a surprise act, which would be even more exciting.  

So, you can rest assured that these songs will certainly be part of the 2022 Tyler the Creator setlist. Of course, there are many other hit songs you will have the chance to enjoy, but some of his biggest hits like these are always on the menu. Therefore, please don’t waste any more time and buy Tyler the Creator tickets as soon as possible!