Skye Herjavec Net Worth – Daughter of Canadian Millionaire

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Real Name:Skye Herjavec
Net Worth$1 million
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Entrepreneur, Daughter of
Robert Herjavec and Diane Plese

Skye Herjavec is the daughter of Robert Herjavec and Diana Plese. Her father is a famous Canadian businessman, investor, and television personality. Robert founded BRAK Systems, a Canadian integrator of Internet security software. He then sold it to AT&T Canada for more than $30 million. Robert founded Herjavec Group, a global leader in cybersecurity. How much is the fortune of his daughter?

Today, we will talk about Skye Herjavec and her cash flow. But we cannot do it without talking about her father and his businesses.

Robert and his company remain one of the global leaders in information security. He is also one of the richest Shark Tank investors. He will get back to the show for season 12. Robert is one of the six main Sharks, alongside Mark Cuban.

Skye is his middle child with Diana Plese. Fun fact: both of Skye’s parents are multi-millionaire with a massive net worth.

So, does Skye swim in riches or tries to make her own empire?

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Quick Bio

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Robert Herjavec is the father of Skye. He was born in Varazdin, Croatia, in 1962. But his father had trouble with the Croatian regime, and the family moved to Toronto. At the time, Robert was only 8 years old. Robert rose on the ladder to corporate leader, and in 1990, he created an internet security software, BARK Systems. He then sold it to AT&T Canada in 2000 for $30 million.

Her mother, Diana Plese, studied medicine in the Optometry Department. Diane began her career as an optometrist, and when she met Robert, she worked in her field. But after Robert increased his empire, Diane left her job.

After daring for a couple of years, they got married in 1990. And for the ceremony, they invited only a few selected friends and family members.

Robert and Diane have three children, with Skye being the middle child. After two decades together, the two split. Tabloids speculated that Robert had a brief affair with actress and model, Danielle Vasinova.

Skye’s parents finally separated in 2016, finalizing their divorce. Robert got married again, to Kym Johnson, a Canadian TV star. He has twins with Kym, giving Skye half-siblings.

Now back to Skye’s life. Born in the late 1990s in Toronto, Skye is in her 20s. Neither of her parents have revealed the exact birth date. She has an older sister, Caprice, and a younger brother, Brendan.

She spent the majority of her childhood in Ontario, Canada. Skye moved to the US only for her education, studying at Havergal College. It is an all-girls private institute in Toronto. Following her graduation, she moved to the US to study Business Administration and Management program at the University of Southern California. During her time at USC, she joined the Pi Beta Phi fraternity.

It is a fraternity that promotes friendship between women, but also intellect and integrity. Robert’s daughter got a BA from USC, after which she started her working career.

Skye and her siblings try to stay as far away from news and social media as possible. Even their father doesn’t share pictures of his kids on social media.

We do not know much about the relationship between Skye, her siblings, and the second wife of their daughter and the twins.

Skye has managed to carve her own path and career. She has worked as an organization host at Muskoka Woods Sports Resort, sales intern at Badgley Mischka, sales and marketing intern at Walter Baker, and special events intern at Trojan Athletic Fund.

As of 2020, she works as an Investment Banking Credit Risk Analyst at JPMorgan Chase and Co. in Toronto, Canada. Skye got the job in December 2019, and since then, she does a great job.

We have to note that she has a similar career path as her father. Who knows, one day, she might start her own business empire.

Speaking of her private life, we do not know whether she has a boyfriend. As we said before, the middle Herjavec tries to keep her life away from the public. She doesn’t share on social media, and almost never gives interviews.

Net Worth

Let’s talk about the net worth of Skye Herjavec. Will she get a business empire one day? As of now, we do not know her salary and income. But we do know that Robert Herjavec loves spoiling his children. For example, he got Skye a custom license plate as a birthday present.

That was when she only celebrated her 13th birthday. And for her 16th birthday, he got her a car. Skye has lived a life of luxury, going on luxurious vacations around the world and enjoying the perks of her father’s fortune.

Yes, she does earn her own money. And per some estimates, she has a fortune of more than $1 million as of May 2021. But it is all about her father’s income. He has a wealth of more than $200 million. And her mother has a wealth of more than $100 million.

Will Skye follow her father’s path to a business empire and multi-millionaire status? We will wait and see. But she definitely has the potential and support to get there. Her father can definitely share some words of wisdom.