Signs He Will Never Come Back – When to Wait, and When to Move On

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By David

Ending a relationship is not easy, especially if you are not the one ending it. Sometimes, you might even end the relationship, but you change your mind. And you want him to call you and try to renew the relationship. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just have to accept the fact. What are the signs he will never come back?

Moving on is painful. But at the end of the day, you have to accept the fact. All your plans and hopes related to that person ended. You need to start something new.

You start asking yourself questions. Like, Is he pulling away or breaking up? When a man pulls away how long does it last? When he pulls away should I do the same? And more. Now, you can always take the will my ex come back quiz. But a better thing to do is watch at the signs he will never come back.

We will try to help you recognize the behavior, and turn a new page in your life.

He avoids communication

This might be as straightforward as they come. The only thing more obvious is if he gets a new girlfriend. When he stops communication and avoids your initiation, he is ready to move on. It is time you move on as well.

Do not try to be boring or needy. You can try calling him or send a message once or twice. But anything more after the breakup is clingy. And even if he considers coming back, he will not. When there is no positive response to your calls and texts, the relationship is dead.

He cuts you off

When your ex wants to move on, he will tie all ties with you. This includes communication, but also common interests and relationships. Some guys even go as far as changing their number. They can block you on social media, or delete you.

The point is the same. He wants to cut off everything with you. He needs space and a way to get over you. And move on. You should try this as well. Cutting ties is a red flag if you thought you might be getting back together.

He returned your stuff

If he still has feelings for you, he will keep things as memories. He might be over you, but he cherishes the memories you had together. He can keep your belongings, listen to the same songs, keep the photos on social media, and more.

But keeping stuff intentionally can sometimes be a problem for moving on. If he keeps the stuff, it might be one of the signs ex is confused.

This is why guys want to return your stuff. He can politely call you or text you. Do not take it as an excuse to reach. Reality hits afterward. He will ask when it is the best time to send you your stuff. They are all packed and ready. Remember, he will not prolong communication. He just wants to get over with the stuff problem.

You annoy him

Look at his reaction when you run into him accidentally. Is he excited? Or is he annoyed? Is he bothered? Does he even acknowledge you in public? This will tell you about his feelings.

Sometimes, you might attend an event both of you have an interest in. For example, a birthday party, or a gala gathering. See how he acts around you. And what he feels because you are there.

He is friendly

This might seem like a good sign. But it is not. If he wants to stay friends, he might respect your opinion. It also depends on how you broke up. Was the breakup friendly? Or was it bad?

Staying friends is never easy. This can work only if you let go of all grudges and resentment. Now, this might seem like a good thing. He doesn’t have negative emotions for you anymore. But when a guy loses interest and is capable of friendship, look out. He will not love you anymore. He doesn’t have romantic feelings.

And most importantly, he doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. He respects everything you went through together. And he doesn’t want to act like a stranger. He will act kindly. He will remember your birthday and other things.

He avoids family members and friends

You two were in a relationship for a while. And things were serious. It is only logical that you have common friends, and that he knows your friends and family members. But he disappeared from their lives as well.

He is not rude. He didn’t become rude overnight. This is just a sign he wants to avoid contact and communication with you. Guys avoid awkward situations. And meeting your friends or family is an awkward situation for them. Simply put, he doesn’t want to answer questions about the relationship and breakup.

There are no signs of jealousy

When he is over you, he will show no signs of jealousy. Any man in love cannot control himself when you are next to another guy. But your ex, he can. The moment men feel endangered, they will do everything to get you back. But not this guy.

This guy doesn’t have the desire to compete with other men in your life. He doesn’t care if you are in a serious relationship or not. He might even wish you all the best.

He doesn’t respond to flirty signals

If you want to get him back, you might be throwing some flirty signals his way. You try to make a move. And you try to look your best and as attractive as possible. But he doesn’t fall for it. He doesn’t respond to your flirty signals. You do not get the feedback you want. It is time to move on.

He doesn’t make an effort to get you back

If you want to know the signs he will never come back, look at his effort. If he doesn’t try to get you back, he is not coming back. When you disregard your feelings, emotions, and dreams, the picture is clear.

This might be a hard pill to swallow. But it is simple. If he wants you, he will go for you.

He is in a new relationship

If you didn’t get it by now, it is time to accept the reality. Stop asking questions like will he ever come back after dumping me. Or, why do I have a feeling he will come back? When he gets in a new relationship, it is over. Unless, the new relationship goes south, and he realizes you were a much better option.

But a new relationship is one of the clear signs your ex is never coming back. He forgot all about you.

There Might be Some Hope for You

Yes, there might be hope. Couples get back together all the time. But remember, your ex is not going to admit he wants you back easily. There might be signs he wants you back but is scared. And if you look closely, you will notice there are signs your ex is pretending to be over you.

Guys have a huge ego and pride. Often, they do not let them come back to you. So, if you notice any of the confusing signs, put some effort. Show him you want him back. But first, let’s take a look at the signs he might be coming back.

  • He calls you frequently, sometimes for no reason
  • Drunk dials is a common sign he wants you back
  • He has confusing feelings and doesn’t want to admit. He calls you, and then ignores you for a week, then calls you back
  • He tries to gain your attention by flirting with someone you know
  • Your ex talks about the good old days
  • He talks about what went wrong