Sherrill Sajak’s – Ex-Wife of Pat Sajak

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Real Name:Sherrill Sajak born Sherrill James
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:Ex-Wife of Pat Sajak

Nowadays, people have so many ways to get popular. With the rise of the Internet and TV media, you can get famous overnight. There are both positive and negative aspects of fame. But in any case, nowadays, people can get famous easily through their success, or their partner’s success. In the case of Sherrill Sajak, the latter is the case.

She gained attention after getting involved with TV personality Pat Sajak. We all know him, right? Pat was a former weatherman and talk show host. But he got famous as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune.

Sherrill met Pat in 1978. They started dating, and one year into their relationship, they got married. For their wedding in 1979, the couple invited their family, relatives, and friends.

Let’s take a look at the life of Sherrill.

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Quick Bio

Born as Sherrill James in 1945 in the US, she gained popularity through her marriage with television presenter Pat Sajak. Unlike other celebrity wives, she didn’t want to expose herself to the media.

Despite being married to a famous American television personality, she chose to be a private figure, not a public one. Mrs. Sajak keeps her private life to herself and rarely talks about her personal life and career.

Even more, we do not know anything about her education and career. You can say she is a rather mysterious woman.

We know she was born in the US in 1945. But we do not know her exact birth date or place of birth. There is no information regarding her parents and their profession. Sherrill doesn’t reveal anything about her siblings and early life as well. So, when she tries to keep her personal details a secret, how can we find out more about her?

Well, let’s see what do we know? We know that she met Pat in Nashville, Tennessee in 1978. They dated for less than a year before they tied the knots in a small wedding ceremony in 1979. Only their close family and loved ones came to the wedding.

Now, what very few people knew at the time was that it was not her first marriage. But since Sherrill and Pat had such an idyllic marriage and relationship from the start, nobody could ever suspect it.

When the two met for the first time, the Wheel of Fortune host was an ordinary person. But he reached a height and popularity. Pat actually started as a desk clerk at the Palmer House Hotel.

But Pat was determined to earn money for himself. He then found a job as a newsman and host of the show An Officer and a Movie.

Fun fact: Pat also took part in the Vietnam War. During the War, he was sent to Vietnam to work at the American Forces Vietnam Network.

In the early 1970s, he gathered popularity working as a DJ. He also worked as a voice cover for NBC’s show Today’s Show. When he got married to Sherrill, he started working as a weatherman for KNBC-TV. After working as a weatherman for a few years, he got an offer to host the game show on television in 1981.

At the time, many people within the channel didn’t accept the decision. But there were also people supporting him. He finally hosted the two game shows, Puzzlers and Press Your Luck.

And then, he got the chance to host the game show Wheel of Fortune. The rest, as they say, is history. Pat hosted the game show for six years.

In the beginning, he hosted both the daytime and evening time version of the game show. Yet, later on, he hosted only the prime-time version.

During that period, Sherrill stood by her husband. They remained married for eight years before getting a divorce in 1986. During their time together, they looked inseparable.

Today, the reason for their divorce remains unknown. Neither Sherrill nor Pat has ever talked about the divorce to the media. Some magazines have speculated about the cause, citing personal differences.

After their divorce, they have no contact. Following her separation from ex-husband Pat Sajak, Sherrill zipped her mouth. Since then, she has maintained a low profile and low-key personal life. There is no information on any future relationship or family.

Pat, on the other hand, has moved on. He found a new partner in Lesly Brown, and the two have remained married for more than three decades.

Sherrill and Pat had no children. While in marriage, they raised her son from her previous marriage. The celebrity wife doesn’t have a profile on any social network sites, including Facebook or Instagram.

Net Worth

It is nearly impossible to find out more about Sherrill Sajak’s assets. She keeps her private life a secret. While she was married to Pat, she lived in a luxurious 1911 Craftsman house.

After the divorce, they sold the house. And while we do not know much about her estimated wealth, we know about her former husband. He has a fortune of close to $70 million and an annual salary of $15 million.