Sean Kyle Swayze – Net Worth And Quick Bio

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Real Name:Sean Kyle Swayze
Net Worth$500,000
Occupation:American, Patrick Swayze's brother

Sean Kyle Swayze is the younger brother of actor Patrick Swayze. He is the youngest in the family. His older brother Patrick, got popular after appearing in movies like Dirty Dancing, Donnie Dark, Jump, Keeping mom, and more. Patrick Swayze earned the title sexiest man alive by People magazine in 1991. And we can say his brother Sean looks amazing as well. But how much is Sean Kyle Swayze’s cash flow?

Let’s take a look at his career. It is not as impressive as the one of his brother. But Sean earned some recognition as well.

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Quick Bio

Born in 1962 in Houston, Sean is the youngest child in the Swayze family. His mother, Patsy, worked as a choreographer, dance instructor, and dancer. His father, on the other hand, worked as an engineering draftsman.

Sean grew up alongside his sisters Vickie, Bambi, and brothers Patrick and Don. Bambi is his half-sister, as she got adopted by the Swayze family.

Sean grew up in Houston and attended St. Rose of Lima Catholic School and Oak Forest Elementary School. During his childhood years, he played football with his brothers and friends. And as the youngest child, he received a lot of pampering from all of his siblings.


For a long time, Sean kept his life private. He was not in the spotlight, unlike his older brother. But he got involved in a controversy with his brother’s ex-wife, Lisa Niemi. Following the death of Patrick, Lisa started opening more about the disturbance she had to face in the Swayze family.

She went as far as accusing Patrick’s and Sean’s mother of abusive behavior towards her children. Sean, on the other hand, denied the accusations, saying it is normal to get angry towards children at some point.

Things got heated when Lisa tried to acquire the properties of Patrick Swayze. Things escalated, the media got involved, and Lisa sold everything Patrick brought for her. She then got married again, this time to a billionaire, forgetting everything about Patrick.

Besides his feud with Patrick’s ex-wife, there is not much information about Sean Kyle Swayze. We do not know his marital status. He is now 58 years old and keeps his life a secret. Sean doesn’t post on social media and doesn’t even have an account on most platforms.

Tall, handsome, and with a good personality, many fans speculate Sean dates someone for sure. But there is no information on that. We can say for sure, his life is a mystery.

Net Worth

So, how much is Sean Kyle Swayze’s fortune? Well, as of December 2020, Sean Kyle Swayze’s assets are something more than $500,000. He earned the money thanks to his short career as an actor. Sean portrayed small roles in three movies, Lost in the Woods, The 4th Stage, and Sam and Cat. In the last one, he appeared alongside Ariana Grande.

Per some estimates, Sean earned between $12,000 and $14,000 for his movie appearances. His brother, Patrick, on the other hand, had a fortune of $40 million at the time of his death in 2009. Patrick also made his fortune from acting, but he appeared in much bigger box-office hits.

Sean also worked in the transportation department for the movie Letters from a Killer. His brother Patrick starred in the movie about a man wrongfully convicted of his wife’s killing. Patrick often tried to get his brother a job in the movies he appeared in. This is just one example. But there are many more uncredited roles and appearances.