Savannah Blackstock’s – Celebrity Child of Brandon Blackstock

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Real Name:Savannah J. Blackstock
Birthday:June 7, 2002
Net WorthN/A
Height:165 cm
Occupation:American Athlete, Horse Rider, Daughter of Brandon Blackstock And Melissa Ashworth

You probably know Savannah Blackstock as an American competitor and pony rider. And that is a good thing. She is a rare celebrity kid that has carved her own successful career path. Yes, her celebrity stems from the fact she is a child of the famous artist Brandon Blackstock.

Savannah is the child of Brandon and his former wife, Melissa Ashworth. After that failed marriage, Brandon got married to celebrity singer and vocalist, Kelly Clarkson. But currently, that marriage is on the verge of a divorce as well.

That being said, how much do you know about Brandon Blackstock’s daughter? Do you want to find out more? Do you want to know more about her education and career?

We know a lot about her father, the American talent manager who rose to prominence as a talent manager for Kelly Clarkson.

At the moment, Savannah lives with her father, as she recently turned 18 years of age.


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Quick Bio

Born in June 2002, Savannah is the child of Melissa Ashworth and Brandon Blackstock. The two got married in 2001, and quickly after exchanging vows, they welcomed their daughter. After 11 years of marriage, they decided to put an end to it in 2012.

Savannah is an American horse rider. Many praise her for her pony riding abilities. With a height of 5 feet and 5 inches and a weight of 120lbs, Blackstock’s daughter has the perfect body for horse riding.

She is popular as the daughter of Brandon Blackstock. She is the eldest daughter among all children of Brandon. Her younger sister Seth came to the world in November 2006.

She also has half-siblings, River Rose Blackstock and Remington Alexander Blackstock from his father’s relationship with American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson. Savannah inherited Melissa’s kindness and boldness.

While she has earned quite the fame and popularity as a celebrity kid, she also wants to carve her own career path as a horse rider.

While living with Brandon, she has put her interest in something else. She is actively involved in social media, posting daily on Instagram.

She is also an equestrian and a passionate person about horse riding. Even though she is only 18 years of age, the celebrity child has already participated in several horse riding competitions.

If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you will see many adorable pictures from her horse-riding competitions. Yet, the question remains whether she will continue her career as an equestrian or not. As of now, she has everything she needs to succeed in it.

There is no information regarding her formal education. That is why we cannot guess what she studies and what kind of career path she wants in terms of formal education.

As of 2021, Savannah and her father have yet to disclose any information about her education.

And while we know little about her education, we know a bit more about her personal life. She is currently in a romantic relationship with Quentin Lee. They seem to have started living together in Ocala, Florida.

Her boyfriend has a strong interest in cars, which might explain her Ford Mustang. We often see them hanging together. Savannah and Quentin go on rides on their wheels and share their adventures on Instagram later on.

Net Worth

We said before that we know little to nothing about her formal education. We do know she is an understudy. That means Savannah Blackstock’s wealth is hard to calculate.

After all, Brandon Blackstock’s daughter doesn’t have a regular salary and income sources. Yet, Savannah earns some money through her pony riding winnings.

Luckily, her father has quite enough money to provide for her. Brandon Blackstock’s fortune is at $10 million. The talent manager might earn even more money from his divorce from Kelly Clarkson.

In May 2020, Kelly announced her divorce from Savannah’s father after 7 years together. The news came as shock to many fans around the world.

They announced their divorce citing irreconcilable differences. In September 2020, Kelly filed a document accusing Brandon of defrauding her of millions of dollars by charging huge fees via his talent management company.

Brandon denied these claims and filed separate paperwork. Brandon even requested $450,000 per month in spousal support from Kelly.

Because this divorce gets more and more complicated, we might have to wait a while for the end. But while Brandon might get some money from it, we do not think Savannah will benefit a lot.

In the end, she will continue her equestrian career, a promising career that might help her earn a lot of money. We know she is good at it.