Sarunas Jackson Brother: Exploring the Family Ties of the ‘Insecure’ Star

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Sarunas Jackson, known for his role on the television series “Insecure,” has recently come into the spotlight not just for his noteworthy performances but also due to his familial connections. His younger brother, Darius Daulton Jackson, gained media attention following his relationship with actress Keke Palmer. Their relationship made headlines, particularly when events took a serious turn with Palmer filing a restraining order against Darius in November 2023.

The Jackson family has faced significant public scrutiny, as allegations of domestic abuse have emerged surrounding both Sarunas and Darius. Sarunas, 33, was confronted with accusations from actress DomiNque Perry, who shares a daughter with him, while Darius was discussed in the context of his relationship with Keke Palmer. These developments have fueled discussions about the issues of domestic violence and the personal lives of those in the entertainment industry.

Biographical Background

Sarunas Jackson has made a name for himself in Hollywood through a career that reflects his artistic capabilities and dedication to his craft. His journey is marked by a series of impactful roles that resonate with diverse audiences.

Early Life and Family

Sarunas Jackson was born into a family rich in cultural heritage. He shares a close bond with his younger brother, Darius Jackson, underscored by their connection to Panamanian culture. They have actively embraced their roots, which inform their personal and professional lives.

Sarunas Jackson Career

Jackson’s foray into acting began in 2014, marking the start of his presence in Hollywood. His initial roles were in the movie Helicopter Mom and the TV show Just Life. His career trajectory saw him taking on characters in projects like The Gambler, Dutch Hollow, Alison’s Choice, and Chi-Raq. His performance in the HBO series Insecure significantly raised his profile, earning him recognition within the acting community. His work spans a variety of genres, demonstrating his versatility and range as an actor.

Television and Filmography

Sarunas Jackson has made a notable impact on television, particularly through his roles in series that have garnered significant attention and critical acclaim. His contributions to the industry are marked by a in various television series.

Significant Roles

  • Insecure: Sarunas Jackson gained widespread recognition for his role as Alejandro ‘Dro’ Peña, a recurring character in the hit HBO series Insecure. The series, which explores the black female experience, featured him as a friend and love interest, complicating the main character’s life and bringing depth to the show’s exploration of modern relationships
  • Games People Play: Jackson starred in the BET drama series Games People Play, portraying Marques King, a basketball player navigating his career and personal life challenges

Appearances in Series

  • Good Trouble: He appeared in Good Trouble, a spin-off of the The Fosters, portraying the character Isaac Hall. This role allowed him to explore a character involved in complex personal dynamics within a diverse and vibrant community
  • Made for Love: In the HBO Max series Made for Love, Jackson was cast in a supporting role, which further showcased his versatility as an actor in different television genres

Personal Life

The personal life of Sarunas Jackson, an actor known for his role on Insecure, is marked by meaningful relationships and encounters with other notable figures in the entertainment industry.

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Relationships and Parenthood

Sarunas Jackson has a daughter with Insecure co-star Dominique Perry. Their child, born in 2018, brought new dimensions to his personal life as he navigated fatherhood and co-parenting. His approach to co-parenting has aimed to be collaborative, though specifics of the arrangement are not publicly detailed.

Interactions with Notable Figures

He has a familial connection to Keke Palmer through his brother Darius Daulton Jackson. The relationship between Keke Palmer and Darius became a topic of public discussion, with Sarunas occasionally commenting on the situation. This interaction brought Sarunas into the light of the media beyond his acting career, touching on sensitive aspects of his personal life. The dealings have not only involved familial dynamics but extended to legal matters, as indicated by reports of Keke Palmer filing a restraining order against Darius in November 2023.

Legal Issues

Recent events have brought Sarunas Jackson’s legal challenges into the spotlight, primarily concerning family and domestic matters.

Custody Battles

Sarunas Jackson has faced legal scrutiny relating to the custody of his daughter. Court documents reveal that Dominque Perry, the mother of Jackson’s child, has been involved in a legal battle over their daughter’s well-being. This dispute encompasses both custody rights and child support concerns.

Court Proceedings and Documentation

The court has been a setting for various court proceedings involving Jackson, with documentation indicating serious allegations. Court-ordered child support and the quest for potential joint custody have been central issues in these legal matters. The nature of these proceedings underscores the complexity of personal disputes when they become public.


This section delves into the public allegations faced by Sarunas Jackson and the subsequent responses that unfolded on social media, highlighting a complex web of accusations and public discourse surrounding abuse and controversy.

Public Allegations

Sarunas Jackson, recognized for his role on “Insecure,” has been linked to controversial circumstances involving allegations of abuse. The actor was thrust into the public eye when allegations surfaced about his brother, Darius Jackson, primarily through a series of accusations relayed via Twitter. A particularly significant claim involved Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson’s ex, filing a temporary restraining order for trespassing. Furthermore, Sarunas himself has faced indirect criticisms due to deleted comments on social media, which were interpreted by some as condoning narcissistic behavior or being violent with women.

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Responses on Social Media

In response to these allegations, there have been a series of reactions from the concerned parties and their associates on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Sarunas Jackson’s engagements on Twitter, particularly a controversial tweet, and subsequent comments on Instagram became focal points of discussion. Family members, such as Keke Palmer’s mother, joined the discourse, reproaching Sarunas for his remarks and suggesting he was complicit or supportive of Darius’s abusive behavior. The nuances of these social media responses have added layers of visibility to the domestic abuse allegations, inciting widespread controversy and amplifying the public conversation about domestic violence and related threats.

Public Perception and Influence

Sarunas Jackson’s career and personal life have often invoked a dynamic reaction from fans and the media, leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood through his performances and off-screen ventures.

Fan and Media Reception

Fans of Sarunas Jackson recognize him not only for his roles in television, particularly as a co-star on Insecure, but also for the drama that sometimes surrounds his personal life. Media outlets have closely followed his family’s interactions, especially those involving his brother Darius Jackson and actress Keke Palmer. The public’s perception is shaped not only by his professional achievements but also by his familial ties and the narratives that unfold through social media and press coverage.

  • Professional Acclaim: Praise for Jackson’s acting in Insecure and respect for his dedication to his craft
  • Personal Life Drama: Heightened media scrutiny due to his brother’s high-profile relationship and legal entanglements

Industry Impact

Jackson’s influence extends into the domain of black entrepreneurship within Hollywood. He embodies a cohort of actors who balance their on-screen roles with contributions to the cultural and economic landscape of the industry.

  • Black Entrepreneurship: Efforts to use his platform to support and promote diverse talent and projects
  • Hollywood Impact: Although not directly linked to the mega-star status of influences like Usher, Jackson navigates his success with a clear understanding of the responsibilities and opportunities that accompany a public figure in the entertainment industry. His work contributes to the shaping of narratives within black cultural contexts on-screen, influencing both his peers and emerging talent