Rocio Oliver – Net Worth, Career And Marriage and Family

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Real Name:Rocio Oliver
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Writer, Movie Producer.
Wife of Ben Chaplin

While many might only know Rocio Oliver as being the wife of actor Ben Chaplin, there is more to her than that. She is an American writer and movie producer. Her career has not brought her so much fame, but her marriage to Ben Chaplin gave her some level of fame she didn’t have before. Rocio has led a such a private life over the years that there aren’t even pictures of her to be found on the Internet. The search results, upon deeper investigation, return with images of other women with the same name, so we don’t know so much about her, but be sure that we will be telling you all there is to know about her.

Early Life

Rocio Oliver has never indulged the public with details about her life growing up, her family, or even her educational background. Her exact age and place of birth are not known. It is usually assumed that she is almost the same age as Ben Chaplin, but she is younger than he is. We also don’t know where she grew up, but Rocio Oliver is certainly an American.

Marriage and Family

Rocio Oliver and Ben Chaplin first met and started dating secretly for a long time in 2006. They were able to avoid media attention for a long time, but there were soon rumors that they had gotten married in a very low-key ceremony. They wanted to maintain the privacy, but pictures soon leaked on the internet, and Rocio was even once seen with a wedding ring, which she said was an engagement ring.

The rumor of their wedding was sparked by a tweet referring to Ben Chaplin. A fan tweeted that “They certainly looked like a happy couple” on July 27, 2016. They later confirmed that they did get married. They are happily married but have not had any kids yet. She has often made it known that she is interested in having some children in the future.

Rocio doesn’t have a public dating record apart from her relationship with Ben Chaplin. Ben, on the other hand, has been in some serious relationships before their marriage. He is known to have publicly dated Embeth Davitz, a South African actress allegedly other than her. He has also been in very serious relationships with Rani Mukherji and Megan Dodds, but he did not end up getting married to any of them and moved on. Let’s talk a bit about Ben Chaplin.

Ben Chaplin was born Benedict John Greenwood on July 31, 1969, in Windsor, Berkshire, England. He is a British actor and commentator. He has been in several British movies, but he started to make an impression on American audiences with his 1996 Hollywood debut in “The Truth About Cats and Dogs.” Although he is still not yet recognized by the mainstream in America, the actor has been making great strides in British theatre and television. He gained much recognition from his role in Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line.

Ben Chaplin has often been regarded as a bit of a commitment-phobe, commenting that “Being an actor has an in-built flake effect, which means you can’t commit to things too far in advance.” His comment was later justified that his life was a bit unsettled and that the nature of his work does not allow him to have long term relationships. For him, settling down was not something he thought seriously about, because he had lived out of a bag since he was a teenager. Being an actor is well paid, but it’s a bit like being a circus traveler. There’s no base except for where your friends and family are, he confessed.


Rocio Oliver is known as being a writer and producer. She was involved in producing and writing a documentary calledSavis,” which is often referred to as her greatest achievement in her career. She has also been actively working with other parts of the media industry. She worked as assistant producer coordinator in movies like “Cloud Atlas” (2012) and “Exodus: Gods and Kings” (2014). She has worked for TV and helped as a production assistant on a couple of episodes of “Mad Dogs.”

Apart from these, there isn’t much work that Rocio has done that is public information. It is possible that she has been involved with other forms of work, or has been working on in recent times, but we cannot say for sure, because she has been keeping details about herself private.

Her husband, Ben Chaplin, on the other hand, is an accomplished actor from Britain. He has been movies such as “Thin Red Line” (1998), “Murder by Numbers” (2002), “The Remains of the Day” (1993), and “Cinderella” (2005).

Net Worth

Rocio Oliver has not had an accomplished career as her husband and is still not up to him in terms of earnings and total assets. Based on the nature of her work, her salary is on the low side, and she is trying to do more work and earn more in the process. Her activity in the movie industry is increasing, and she has more work to do these days.

Hopefully, it would translate to higher earnings and ultimately increased cash flow. However, it should be noted that Rocio has never officially declared her earnings or assets. For now, we can only assume she must be earning a reasonable amount of money. Her husband, Ben Chaplin, has an estimated fortune of $500,000.


Rocio Oliver has led a private life for a long time, so there is so much about her that is unknown. Her birth date, birthplace, family details are unknown, but we have told you all the details that are available so far. We hope you have enjoyed the article. Let’s have a quick recap about all we’ve talked about.

Rocio Oliver is an American writer and producer who is married to British actor and commentator, Ben Chaplin. She has worked on sevdocumentary eral projects like the “Savis,” movies like “Cloud Atlas” and “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” and even on the showMad Dogs.” Her husband also has been in several great movies over the years and has achieved some level of fame. As for her cash flow, there is no official estimate for now.

We hope that there would be more information about her available soon, so we can keep you updated.