Rhonda Rookmaaker Net Worth – Celebrity Spouse and Hairdresser

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Real Name:Rhonda Rookmaaker
Birthday:July 1, 1954
Net Worth$45 million
Occupation:American Hairdresser and Wife of Jimmy Johnson

Do you know what Rhonda Rookmaaker does for a living? She is an American hairdresser. So, why do we consider her a celebrity? Well, because she has a famous husband. She is the wife of veteran American football star, Jimmy Johnson. The two have stayed together for many years.

The two have remained married for more than two decades. And yet, there is little we know about Rhonda.

How much is the net worth of Rhonda Rookmaaker? How much does she earn as a hairdresser? We answer these and many more questions.

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Quick bio

Born in the United States during the mid-1950s, Rhonda is in her sixties. There are little details about her parents, childhood, and early education. What we know is her profession.

Rhonda has worked as a hairdresser before meeting Jimmy. And she has continued working as a hairdresser ever since.

The two got married in 1999 and exchanged vows in the Florida Keys. Both had one marriage behind them. Rhonda and Jimmy held a private wedding ceremony at his oceanfront home.

Rhonda met Jimmy in 1984 while he worked as the football coach at the University of Miami. At the time, time, she worked as a hairdresser at a Coral Gables salon.

At the time, Jimmy was still married to his first wife. And after he joined the Dallas Cowboys as a head coach, he got a divorce from his first wife. He said that he no longer needs the social prop of a spouse.

Rhonda followed him and moved to Dallas shortly after he accepted the Cowboys head coaching job. That is when the two took their relationship to another level. More than 15 years after their first meeting, they got married in January 1999.

Fun fact: Johnson announced his engagement at a news conference for his retirement. Instead of retiring, he decided to stay with the Cowboys and announced his engagement instead.

Jimmy has two children with his ex-wife, Linda Kay Cooper. Rhonda gladly accepted the role of a stepmother to his children.

His younger son, Chad, battled with alcoholism for a long time. He worked as a stockbroker and got addicted to alcohol to the point Jimmy had to reprimand him of their relationship. At the time, Jimmy said, “Not only will you out of the family, but there’s also going to be no communications. Because I am not going to stand by and watch this happens”.

Following that incident, Chad gradually returned to sobriety, and since 2009, he helps others get rid of the addiction. Chad founded a treatment center, Tranquil Shoes in St. Petersburg. Rhonda and Jimmy try to support him as much as possible.

In 2012, Rhonda made an appearance in the documentary “A Football Life”. She played herself in the documentary profiling the most important and influential figures in the history of the National Football League.

Net Worth

So, how much is the fortune of Rhonda Rookmaaker? Does she earn a lot with her hairdressing business? Well, she is the wife of Jimmy Johnson, a former famous footballer and football coach. Jimmy has won several trophies during his career as a player and coach. And he has earned millions. As of April 2021, Jimmy Johnson has a fortune of more than $45 million.

What about his wife, Rhonda Rookmaaker, and her fortune? There is not much info about her business earnings.

We know her husband has a restaurant business. He owns a restaurant in Miami, Three Rings. He also has a bar/restaurant in Key Largo, JJ’s Big Chill.

Rhonda and Jimmy live in his house in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. He bought the house in the 1990s, and has spent years turning it into a mansion. Yet, we have to note, the Hurricane Irma severely damaged the home in 2017.