Red Halloween Coloured Contacts

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By David

Naturally, Red Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses are a popular choice during Halloween but which style comes out on top when it comes to the spooky season?

Horror movies have further solidified the association between red eyes and evil spirits. From Pennywise to Billy The Puppet, their unusual eye colours are a key part of the costume. Adding Halloween contact lenses that match horror movie characters to your fancy dress will help you to complete your costume and take it to the next level. Red eyes instantly set us on edge thanks to their association with horror so turn up the fright factor this Halloween with your own pair of Red Halloween lenses.

Number 1: Red Blood Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

The classic solid red iris of these Halloween lenses gives a blood red coverage that is super freaky. This versatile design is a must-have for anyone taking part in a Halloween makeup challenge as it can be used for so many horror characters. From demons to clowns, red eyes will help you to complete your Halloween fancy dress.

Number 2: Red Twilight Volturi Coloured Contact Lenses

If you love vampires then the Red Twilight Lenses are the lenses for you. With so many popular vampire characters and stories, it is no wonder this folklore creature is a top choice every Halloween. Whether you prefer traditional vampire tales such as Count Dracula or are a fan of new teen fiction vampires such as The Twilight series, a pair of vampire contact lenses will create a convincing transformation as you leave your human form behind.

Number 3: Red Voldemort Coloured Contact Lenses

The red iris highlighted by a black inner and outer ring instantly catches attention. Get hypnotised by these intense red lenses and add them to all kinds of demon Halloween costumes. These lenses have become a go-to style for many makeup artists for all kinds of other characters including Terminator and Cruella De Vil.

Number 4: Red UV Coloured Contact Lenses

The specialist pigment used to create the Red UV Coloured Contacts allows them to glow under UV blacklight. There’s nothing more chilling than seeing a pair of glowing eyes staring at you – the perfect vibe for a Halloween costume.

Number 5: Red Crazy Clown Coloured Contact Lenses

A popular choice for Pennywise costumes, Red Crazy Clown Coloured Contacts have a yellow background with red detailing. The blend of colours is ideal for a few of your favourite supervillains including Pennywise and Darth Maul.

Number 6: Red Angelic Coloured Contact Lenses

The intense red pigment of the Red Angelic Coloured Contact Lenses is highlighted by a black limbal ring. Depending on the costume that you pair these lenses with, they can look either cute or scary. Pair with anime cosplays or go for a frightening devil costume.

Number 7: Red Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses

The red mini sclera coloured contact lenses have a larger diameter than regular contact lenses to give additional colour coverage.  Full sclera lenses are a popular choice for Halloween but they do come with drawbacks so the Red Mini Sclera Lens offers the perfect compromise. They are as easy to insert and are as comfortable as regular coloured contacts but do offer that eerie additional coverage around the iris.

Number 8: Red Blind Coloured Contact Lenses

Perhaps the freakiest style of contact lenses is the Red Blind Coloured Contacts which completely shrouds the pupil and iris in a red tone. This style of lens is best reserved for Halloween photoshoots or wearing in one eye. While they do create an incredible SFX effect, it is worth remembering that any lenses that cover your pupil with colour will limit or completely block vision.

Number 9: Red Demon Cat’s Eye Coloured Contact Lenses

Cat Eye Lenses are seriously undervalued during the Halloween season. The transformative effect of animal contact lenses is super freaky thanks to the vertical pupil which is perfect for finishing off all kinds of Halloween fancy dress. The Red Demon colour has a solid block of red with a black vertical pupil. There is still a clear hole for your own pupil to see through so it is all a spooky illusion.

Number 10: Red Darth Maul Coloured Contact Lenses

Sith eyes instantly send chills down the spine as we know the power of villainous characters such as Darth Maul. The Red Darth Maul Coloured Contacts feature a yellow iris with gory red veins and outer ring. Join the dark side or use Darth Maul Lenses for a range of other Halloween characters such as Pennywise.

As coloured contact lenses continue to increase in popularity so does the choice of designs. You will find plenty of other red Halloween coloured contact lenses on the market including designs such as Sharingan Contacts inspired by Naruto. This fun Halloween accessory is the ultimate way to complete any scary Halloween costume.