Rebecca Jefferson: Meet The Talented Wife of Lance Gross

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Real Name:Rebecca Jefferson
Birthday:July 16, 1985
Net WorthN/A
Height:167 cm
Occupation:American Model, Stylist, Wife of Lance Gross

Rebecca Jefferson is a name that might not ring a bell universally, yet she holds a significant place within certain industry circles. Known for her work in fashion styling and wardrobe consulting, her influence extends over a range of celebrity clientele and projects. With an eye for contemporary trends and the ability to anticipate the direction of fashion currents, Jefferson has become a sought-after figure among those looking to refine their public image.

Jefferson’s expertise is not limited to merely selecting garments for red-carpet events. Her consulting work encompasses personal shopping, commercial styling, and brand endorsements. This comprehensive approach allows her to tailor her services to the needs of each client, providing a personalized touch that sets her apart in the styling industry.

Her path to success was paved with a combination of formal education in fashion merchandising and hands-on experience in the industry. Jefferson’s journey underscores the importance of not only having a solid foundation in the theoretical aspects but also grasping the practical realities of the ever-evolving fashion landscape. Through her work, Jefferson has shown how a keen sense of style and a commitment to the craft can lead to a reputable career in the competitive world of fashion.

Rebecca Jefferson Biography

Rebecca Jefferson is a known figure in the fashion industry, recognized for her transformation from a model to a sought-after stylist. Jefferson’s journey encompasses a solid academic foundation, a dynamic modeling career, and a significant transition into styling, marking her as a versatile and evolving professional.

Early Life and Education

Rebecca Jefferson was born in California. She is the daughter of actor Herbert Jefferson. A strong emphasis on education led her to attend Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she graduated with a degree in Psychology. Her academic experience laid the groundwork for her adaptable and insightful approach to her later career in fashion and styling.

Modeling Career and Ventures

Jefferson’s entrance into the modeling world was marked by significant engagement with prestigious fashion entities. Her modeling career showcased her versatility and adaptability, traits that would later benefit her foray into styling. Throughout her time as a model, she participated in numerous campaigns and walked various high-profile runways, gaining recognition and building a strong portfolio that would serve her well in her future endeavors.

  • Key Campaigns & Runways:
    • Worked with renowned fashion brands
    • Featured in major fashion publications

Transition into a Stylist

Equipped with industry knowledge from her modeling career, Jefferson transitioned into styling. Her intrinsic understanding of the fashion world allowed her to cater to clientele seeking her experienced and nuanced eye for design and trends. As a stylist, Jefferson has built a diverse network of clients in Los Angeles and continues to influence the fashion scene with her tailored and sophisticated aesthetic.

  • Styling Ventures:
    • Personal stylist to celebrities and high-profile clients
    • Collaborations with fashion magazines and brands

Personal Life

Rebecca Jefferson’s personal journey is notably marked by her marriage to actor Lance Gross and their experience of parenthood. Her life in these areas is built around deep personal connections and milestone family events.

Marriage to Lance Gross

Lance Gross, a prominent actor and photographer, became Rebecca Jefferson’s husband through a ceremony that encapsulated the couple’s love and commitment. They exchanged vows on May 23, 2015, after being engaged in 2014. Their wedding stood as a testament to their bond and mutual respect for one another.

Motherhood and Family

Becoming a mother has been a defining aspect of Jefferson’s life. On July 16, 1985, Rebecca Jefferson embarked on her life’s journey, which would later involve creating a family of her own. She gave birth to their daughter, Lennon Lorin Gross, further enriching their lives. Motherhood has been central to Jefferson’s personal narrative, shaping her family dynamics and daily experiences. The couple has embraced parenting, celebrating milestones and embracing the joys of raising children together.

Professional Collaborations

Rebecca Jefferson is renowned for her extensive work within the fashion industry, particularly known for collaborating with high-profile celebrities and featuring in prominent magazines. Her distinctive styling approach has made noteworthy contributions to the industry.

Work with Celebrities

Jefferson has worked alongside notable fashion stylists Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi to create iconic looks for celebrities. She is credited with styling figures such as Rihanna and Kerry Washington, enhancing their red-carpet presence. Jefferson’s collaboration with celebrities extends to personal styling for Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, which has been featured across various media events.

Celebrity Event/Example of Collaboration
Rihanna Red-carpet appearances
Kerry Washington Public appearances and interviews
Jada Pinkett Smith Movie premieres and awards shows
Will Smith Press tours and promotional events
King Bach Social media and event appearances
Emmy Raver-Lampman Theatrical premieres and special events

Her work with Kelly Rowland and Pinkett Smith also showcases Jefferson’s ability to merg fashion trends with individual client styles, leading to looks that are both unique and timeless.

Magazine Features

ESSENCE Magazine has featured Jefferson’s styling work, displaying her flair for pairing fashion with storytelling. Her editorial pieces within the magazine highlight an elegant fusion of contemporary and classic styles that resonate with a diverse audience.

Magazine Feature/Contribution
ESSENCE Editorial articles on fashion and style trends

Additionally, her collaborations have included style guidance for personalities like Catt Sadler and Emmy Raver-Lampman, which have been encapsulated in spreads and feature articles in various fashion magazines. Jefferson’s influence and versatility make her a sought-after figure for magazine features within the fashion industry.

Social Media Presence

Rebecca Jefferson maintains a notable presence on various social media platforms. She strategically leverages Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with her audience, share content, and promote her work.


  • Followers: Undisclosed
  • Content: Personal lifestyle, professional updates, and behind-the-scenes insights
  • Engagement: Regular posts and interactive stories to maintain a close connection with her followers


  • Followers: Undisclosed
  • Tweets: News, opinions, and industry-related discussions with a mix of personal anecdotes
  • Engagement: Frequent tweeting and retweeting, responsive to mentions and direct messages


  • Followers: Undisclosed
  • Content: Provides a blend of personal updates, promotional content, and community engagement
  • Engagement: Interacts with her community through comments and live sessions

Jefferson’s social media content is curated to reflect her brand and professional ethos. She avoids controversy and focuses on positive messaging. The tone across all platforms is consistent with her public persona – articulate and approachable. She takes advantage of the different strengths of each platform to reach a diverse audience.

Through her social media channels, she reinforces her presence in her industry and maintains open lines of communication with her followers. Her strategy demonstrates an understanding of the importance of online presence in today’s digital landscape.

Advocacy and Influence

Rebecca Jefferson, known for her dual expertise as a behavior therapist and a wardrobe stylist, leverages her platforms to promote autism awareness and serves as an empowering role model.

Support for Autism

As a behavior therapist, Jefferson dedicates her efforts to supporting individuals with autism and advocating for their needs. Her initiatives in this realm include evidence-based interventions, which she presents through:

  • Educational workshops: aimed at teaching families and educators about autism.
  • Awareness campaigns: to increase public understanding.

Empowerment and Role-Modeling

Jefferson intertwines her faith with her advocacy work, seeing her actions as a manifestation of God’s will to promote inclusion. In her work as a wardrobe stylist and public figure, she models confidence and empowerment through:

  • Public speaking engagements: where she shares her professional journey.
  • Social media: using her presence to inspire and mentor young professionals in both her fields.

Lance Gross Profile

Lance Gross is an established American actor, known for his captivating hazel eyes and dark brown hair, which have become somewhat of a signature look for the actor. Gross found his way into the hearts of television audiences through his role as Calvin Payne on the popular TV series Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

The actor’s career includes a mix of television and stage work, which has enabled him to demonstrate his versatility and skill within the entertainment industry. His presence on the screen often exudes a calm and confident persona that resonates well with his audience.

Gross is not only recognized for his professional achievements but also for his personal life. He experienced the joy of becoming a father to a daughter, which added a new dimension to his life. His engagement and subsequent pregnancy announcement were met with excitement from fans and support from the entertainment community.

Personal Detail Description
Full Name Lance Darnell Gross
Occupation Actor
Notable Work Tyler Perry’s House of Payne
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Children 1 Daughter
Engagement Publicly announced
Industry Entertainment, Primarily Television and Stage

As a fixture in the entertainment landscape, Lance Gross continues to cultivate a career that encompasses a broad range of roles, further establishing his place within the industry. His progression both professionally and personally is followed with interest by fans around the globe.

Entertainment Industry Dynamics

The entertainment industry is continually influenced by various factors such as reality television and the interplay between fashion and entertainment.

Reality Television Impact

Reality television has a substantial effect on the entertainment industry, leveraging the allure of real-life drama and personalities. Shows like Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches, of which Rebecca Jefferson is known to be a participant, highlight the blend of travel, personal interactions, and real-world experiences that captivate audiences. Terrence J, a notable television personality and actor, gained prominence through similar platforms, ultimately shaping his career trajectory. This genre can sometimes serve as a springboard for discussions on serious topics, including health issues such as cancer, adding depth and social relevance to what might otherwise be considered light entertainment.

Fashion and Entertainment Crossovers

The cross-pollination between fashion and entertainment is evident, with fashion designers frequently appearing in films and television shows to broaden their reach. Eva Marcille, a model turned actress, demonstrates how individuals can successfully navigate between these spheres. Additionally, the influence of figures like Cheryl Howard, who manages a dual role as a fashion designer and an actress, further illustrates the symbiosis between these industries. Fashion elements often significantly contribute to the visual storytelling of films and television, with designers’ work playing a pivotal role in creating characters’ identities and driving narratives forward.

Media Coverage and Publicity

Rebecca Jefferson has attracted notable media attention through various press releases and interviews, primarily related to her relationship with Terrence Jenkins and subsequent wedding, alongside her mentions on social media platforms in association with the entertainment industry.

Press Releases and Interviews

Rebecca Jefferson has been the subject of many press releases, primarily concerning her work in the fashion industry. She gained increased visibility following her interviews where she often shared insights about her professional journey. Noteworthily, her engagement and marriage to Terrence Jenkins, a prominent television personality and actor known for his role on “House of Payne,” was extensively covered by the press. In these interviews, Jefferson has displayed a professional demeanor, remaining clear about her personal boundaries while also offering fans a glimpse into her life.

  • Marriage to Terrence Jenkins: Jefferson’s wedding to Jenkins was a significant event covered by media outlets, with details about the venue and guests highlighted in various entertainment articles.
  • Interviews About Fashion and Relationships: She frequently addresses her dual roles in the fashion world and as a partner to a public figure, providing a balanced perspective on managing both aspects of her life.

Celebrity Relationship Highlights

The relationship between Rebecca Jefferson and Terrence Jenkins has been a focal point for media coverage, with their public appearances often making headlines. Their social media posts about each other and their jointly-attended events typically garner significant attention from both fans and the press.

  • Social Media Activity: The couple’s posts about their life together, including photos of their home and celebrations, consistently receive widespread engagement from followers.
  • Wedding Publicity: Details of the couple’s wedding—such as the designer of Jefferson’s dress, the guest list, and the location—were featured in exclusive articles and social media posts, captivating the interest of many fans.

Jefferson’s tasteful handling of media engagement has supplemented her public image as both an individual professional and as one-half of a celebrity couple. Her media presence has remained prominent, consistently covered with a clear and confident narrative.

Net Worth and Financial Aspects

Rebecca Jefferson is acknowledged in the fashion industry for her substantial financial achievements, with a net worth that is reported to be around $8 million. Her financial portfolio is bolstered by her income as a sought-after fashion designer.

Earnings from Fashion and Styling

Jefferson’s career as a fashion designer has been marked by her successful line of dresses and styling projects that have contributed significantly to her income. Her work is characterized by its elegance and often includes partnerships with luxury brands, such as Tom Ford. Jefferson’s designs are frequently featured in high-profile events, enhancing her reputation and earning potential.

  • Annual Earnings: Data not disclosed
  • Key Collaborations: Tom Ford, High-End Fashion Shows
  • Revenue Streams: Dress Sales, Styling Services

Influence on the Market

With her noteworthy contributions to the fashion world, Jefferson holds a strong influence on market trends. Her endorsement and partnerships, for example with heritage brand Hennessy, can drive consumer interest and affect market dynamics. Her financial success is further evidence of her impact.

  • Brand Endorsements: Hennessy
  • Market Effects: Driving Trends, Attracting Consumers
  • Peer Recognition: Widely respected by industry insiders