Introducing Rageism Niche Cult brand for the over 40’s

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By David

Rageism Beauty has introduced makeup solely for women over 40. Kathrine Balderstone and Paula Nagel are the masterminds behind Rageism. They have done a wonderful job by dedicating their efforts to creating products that can disrupt the standard cosmetics industry and make a place for women who feel isolated and updated.

What fueled the conceptualization of Rageism?

Kathrine Balderstone and Paula Nagel were disappointed and disheartened when they learned no cosmetics company made products only for women above 40 years of age.

That’s why they decided to work on their products and formulate them by keeping in mind that with age, a woman’s skin changes and needs more care. Their products are meant for women who:

  • Live life with an attitude
  • Are no shrinking violets
  • Want to live their life in the best possible way
  • Do not want to be ignored anymore

What makes Rageism unique?

Rageism does not settle for compromises. This brand was launched to introduce products suitable for women above their 40s. However, it doesn’t mean the company has launched any new and innovative product which is completely different from what one can find currently in the cosmetics industry. All that makes Rageism different from its competitors are:

  • The zeal of Paula Nagel and Kathrine Balderstone to create something that can suit women who have crossed the threshold of 40 years of age.
  • All products are formulated with a special formula that blends well with the skin of women who have started to age little by little.
  • Rageism does not believe in isolation just because the skin ages at that time, a completely natural phenomenon.

Introducing mineral makeup for women 40+

Rageism has introduced special mineral makeup for women in their 40s containing all-natural ingredients which created a full range of makeup products that one can easily incorporate into the day-to-day routine without any hassle. Key benefits of mineral makeup from Rageism:

  • Improves the skin texture
  • Ensures the breathing of skin pores via non-comedogenic products
  • Excellent protection against UV rays
  • Water-resistant makeup that offers full coverage along with longevity

Rageism – an innovative approach for women over 40

Rageism is a brand worthy of appreciation from all aspects. Not only is their line of products different from the mainstream collections in the market, they have also ensured every woman can feel confident in their skin after crossing 40 years of age.