Post Malone Brother: Exploring the Personal Side of the Music Star

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Austin Richard Post, better known by his stage name Post Malone, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter renowned for his genre-blending music. He has effectively combined elements from hip hop, pop, R&B, and trap to create a unique sound that has earned him widespread acclaim within the music industry. Since beginning his musical career in 2011, Post Malone quickly rose to fame, especially gaining notable attention after the release of his debut single “White Iverson” in 2015.

A detail often explored by fans and media alike is the artist’s personal life, particularly his family. Post Malone’s family background occasionally surfaces in interviews and articles, offering fans a glimpse into his private sphere. The rapper has a younger stepbrother, Mitchell Post, and a younger maternal half-brother, Jordan Lake. Jordan Lake, having served as a Marine, has been mentioned by Post Malone in the context of his family’s influence on his life and career.

While the rapper’s career continues to flourish, the public’s fascination with his life beyond the music remains, with his brothers being part of the narrative that shapes Post Malone’s personal story. Despite not being as publicly known as their famous sibling, the interest in Post Malone’s brothers highlights the curiosity about the familial bonds that support and influence one of today’s leading musicians in the American rap scene.

Today, we will talk about Post Malone brother. What do we know about him? There are very few details, but we will try to uncover them all.

Early Life and Background

Austin Richard Post, known globally as Post Malone, was born into a family where music and love for the arts were a household staple. His upbringing in Syracuse, New York, and the subsequent move to Grapevine, Texas, played pivotal roles in his cultural and musical formation.

Family and Early Influences

Post Malone’s family milieu was instrumental in nurturing his musical talents. His father, Rich Post, worked for the Dallas Cowboys and, having a background as a DJ, exposed young Austin to a broad array of musical genres. Jodie Post, his stepmother, along with his father, provided a supportive environment.

  • Birthplace: Syracuse, New York
  • Relocation: Grapevine, Texas
  • Later spent time in Grapevine, Texas, where he continued his education and musical pursuit.

As for Malone’s immediate family:

  • Mother: Nicole Frazier Lake
  • Stepmother: Jodie Post
  • Younger Maternal Half-Brother: Jordan Lake
  • Younger Stepbrother: Mitchell Post

Instrumentally, Malone found an early connection with the guitar, which he picked up thanks to the popular video game Guitar Hero. This sparked a profound interest in music creation and performance, setting the stage for his future career. His family, recognizing his potential, encouraged these creative endeavors. Malone’s childhood experiences in Syracuse and Grapevine, coupled with his family’s support and encouragement, were fundamental to his early development as an artist.

Musical Career

Post Malone’s ascent in the music industry is marked by his genre-blending style that melds pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B. His career is distinguished by chart-topping singles and collaborations with prominent artists that have cemented his status in contemporary music.

Rise to Fame

In the landscape of modern music, Post Malone stands out with his debut single White Iverson, which propelled him into the limelight in 2015. Following the success of this track, he released his first album, Stoney, in 2016, which further solidified his place in the music industry with hits like Congratulations featuring Quavo. The album not only showcased his versatility across genres but also peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, earning Multi-Platinum status from the RIAA.

Collaborations and Influences

Over the years, Post Malone’s collaborative efforts have included a wide array of artists from different genres. He has worked alongside rap figures such as 21 Savage on the song rockstar, which earned a spot at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Other notable collaborations include Psycho with Ty Dolla Sign, showcasing his ability to blend seamlessly with the stylistic nuances of hip-hop and R&B. Moreover, his association with artists like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and 50 Cent has been indicative of his varied musical influences and his ability to craft hits across the musical spectrum.

Awards and Achievements

Displaying his impact on music, Post Malone has been recognized with numerous awards. His album Beerbongs & Bentleys broke streaming records and garnered critical acclaim, leading to a Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Album. Additionally, his track Sunflower, featuring Swae Lee, became a multi-platinum sensation, adding to his achievements with top-tier placements in charts globally. The ever-growing list of accolades is a testament to his influence and success in the music industry.

These milestones outline a career that is not only versatile and collaborative but also incredibly successful within a short span since his entry into the music scene.

Personal Life

Post Malone, born Austin Richard Post, has led a life colored by varied experiences and intimate relationships. His journey from Syracuse to stardom has involved significant personal connections and interests that have shaped who he is.

post malone with his brother


Post Malone has previously been in a relationship with Ashlen Diaz. The couple’s relationship garnered media attention during his rise to fame. They have since parted ways, but his relationship with Diaz played a part in his personal life during his early success.

Interests and Hobbies

Post Malone is known not only for his unique blend of hip-hop, but also for his love for country music and playing the guitar. Hailing from Syracuse, he has managed to blend his New York roots with the musical influences of his later home in Texas, specifically Grapevine. His interest in the guitar began at a young age and has been a constant in his life, influencing his music’s genre-crossing appeal. Beyond music, he’s expressed his hobbies range broadly, from watching sports to playing video games, showing that his interests extend far beyond the music studio.


Post Malone’s artistry is a blend of various musical genres, combining elements of pop, rock, and hip-hop, with an execution that has won him accolades, including a Billboard Music Award.

Musical Style

He has a diverse musical style characterized by its blend of rock, pop, and hip-hop. Traditionally, rock has been a significant influence, but Malone smoothly incorporates pop’s catchy melodies and hip-hop’s rhythm and flow. Malone’s incorporation of trap and R&B elements can be seen in his rhythmic patterns and beats. His music often includes references to chemical romance, hinting at grunge influences that align with his melancholic themes.

Lyrics and Public Image

His lyrics frequently explore themes of fame and introspection, with a blend of personal storytelling and general life contemplations. Publicly he has expressed admiration for legendary artists like Bob Dylan, whose impact on Malone’s lyrical style is reflected in his storytelling approach. Post Malone’s image, marked by his distinctive tattoos and fashion sense, resonates with his musical diversity and has become a key part of his brand within the country and rock-infused hip-hop scene.

Public Persona and Media

Post Malone’s brother, Jordan Lake, though not as publicly known as the celebrated artist, maintains a modest media presence while also engaging in interactions through press and interviews, lending insights into his personal experiences and perspectives as they relate to his famous sibling.

Social Media Presence

Jordan Lake’s social media engagement is relatively low-key when compared to his brother’s wide-reaching influence. On platforms like Instagram, his presence is characterized by personal updates and occasional shares about Post Malone, pointing fans towards his brother’s work without overshadowing the established celebrity’s digital footprint.

Press and Interviews

As for press and interviews, Jordan has appeared on outlets such as The Breakfast Club and may reference his experiences related to Post Malone’s career and their relationship. Lake’s discussions in the media often shed light on the more private aspects of the Malone family, reaffirming the strength of family ties in the backdrop of Post Malone’s public life. Although not seeking the limelight, when Jordan Lake does participate in interviews with platforms like Rolling Stone or The Howard Stern Show, he articulates his experiences succinctly and with clarity, contributing to the media narrative around the Malone household without relying on the trappings of celebrity culture.

Business Ventures and Endorsements

In his burgeoning career, Post Malone has merged musical success with shrewd business acumen, aligning himself with significant brands and expanding into diverse business ventures.

Collaboration with Brands

Post Malone’s partnerships with high-profile companies showcase his strategic approach to brand collaborations. These alliances include:

  • Bud Light: He has maintained a consistent partnership with Bud Light, contributing to campaigns, touring, and even launching a clothing line
  • Crocs: His collaboration with Crocs has resulted in multiple limited-edition footwear releases, each selling out quickly due to high demand
  • Doritos: Known for his appearance in a popular commercial, Post Malone has creatively interacted with the Doritos brand
  • Maison No. 9: His foray into the luxury alcohol market includes the launch of Maison No. 9, a line of rosé wine
  • Esports: He diversified his portfolio by investing in Envy Gaming, becoming a co-owner of Texas’ most prominent Esports group, which includes teams like Dallas Fuel and Dallas Empire

Post Malone continues to be at the forefront of the music industry, not just through his record deal and the release of new albums but also via lucrative endorsements that further cement his status within the entertainment sphere.

Family Connections

Post Malone is known for his music, but his family connections, especially with his brother, play a significant role in his personal life.