Popular Disney Plus Shows Right Now

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By David

Even though Netflix is still the big kid on the block as it relates to streaming services and Amazon comes in at second place, it is important not to forget all of the wonderful hit shows on Disney Plus. Whether it’s original programming or reruns of shows that we might have grown up with, Disney+ has a plethora of shows to choose from.

The good news is, according to a study by Smart-Pig, for those paying the subscription fees, Disney+ is revealed to be the most cost effective, working out at only 11p per hour of viewing. Here are some of the best shows that the streaming service offers:


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a big hit and it looks like Thor’s evil brother is more popular than many people thought. Disney+ changed the release date for future episodes on all their shows to a Wednesday because of how well Loki did. The show links directly to Avengers End Game making it flow into phase 4 of the MCU.


Do you like family sitcoms and sci-fi? Look no further than WandaVision. Another MCU related TV show which stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maxmioff and Paul Bettany as Vision in performances that have been praised by critics and fans alike. The plot of the show is based on the events that happened three weeks after the end of the Avengers: Endgame movie. The couple are living in a town in New Jersey, trying to hide their true identities. Suddenly their lives move from decade to decade while they seem to be set in popular television shows from the past.


Are you a Star Wars fan? The Mandalorian is something that you might want to check out. The story follows a masked bounty hunter The Mandalorian, Mando for short, who crosses paths with Grogu, known to the audience as Baby Yoda. The show expands on the Star Wars universe and follows the adventures of the pair as they go on adventures throughout the galaxy.

Hannah Montana

This smashing success for Disney follows the story of Miley Stewart who leads a double life as a popstar Hannah Montana. She realises that she can have the fun that goes along with being a high school teen and the fame and fortune of being a pop star.

The Simpsons

If you are bored during the pandemic and want to binge watch one of the most popular shows in history, Disney Plus offers every episode of the Simpsons. The biggest animated show in history follows the life of Homer Simpson and his family and should provide hours and hours of entertainment.

Monsters at Work

Are you a fan of the Monsters Inc franchise? Monsters at Work is the show for you. The story begins the day after Henry J. Waternoose III is arrested in Monsters, Inc. and the Monsters, Incorporated factory is switching to laughter. It can be enjoyed by adults and children alike – adults for the nostalgia!

During this pandemic, streaming services have become more popular. Disney Plus offers a plethora of shows and movies that you and your family can watch for days to come.