PMP® Certification Training

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Do you want to become a project management professional? Are you also looking for the right course to get up skilled as a PMP®? If yes, then this article is prepared just for you.

In this article, we will be talking about the latest PMP® Certification Training Course which is being offered on the immersive learning platform of KnowledgeHut.

KnowledgeHut, a Premier Authorized Training Partner of PMI is a one-stop solution for all the learning enthusiasts who want to join the niche group of millions of project management professionals. To help you achieve so, KnowledgeHut brings to you the latest PMP® Certification Training Program which is designed to help you get certified as a skilled PMP® in the industry.

Key Features Of PMP® Certification Training

The PMP® Certification Training Course is designed very thoughtfully with the aim of helping the enrolled participants prepare for the PMP® exam and clear it in their very first attempt. Upon the completion of PMP® exam only, you become eligible to get certified as a project management professional hence, this PMP Course makes the job easier for you by providing you with rigorous training to ace the exam and get PMP® certified.

This is a comprehensively designed training course which is prepared by the industry experts themselves who have an extensive year of experience in the project management. The course aligns with the latest requirement of the PMP® Exam Content Outline 2021, thus certification training will be through immersive and progressive learning sessions with personalized mentorship program.

You learn by doing here and acquiring skills as in demand across industries by getting engaged in the real world simulations and activities which will give hands-on learning experience of how it actually works in the outside world to be a PMP®.

Why Should You Get PMP® Certified

It is no more a hidden fact from anyone that the project management profession has recently gained so much popularity and the demand for a project management professional has been increasing day by day, that it has made the PMP® role as one of the hottest jobs in present times. The popularity of project management role is not only limited to the tech market but has extended to the whole arena of industries since the demand for project managers continues to grow faster in comparison to demand for professionals in other occupations. The statistics shows that by the end of 2027, there will be more than 88 million individuals around the globe will be equipped with the skills that suits project oriented roles.

So, if you want to get certified as a skilled PMP®, then look no further than the PMP® Certification which is considered as the leading certification in project management.  Moreover, getting the PMP® certification which is globally recognized accreditation helps you land lucrative job roles in various industries such as IT, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and so on. Currently, there are more than 1 million PMP® certifications holders across the world and the annual average salary of a PMP® certification holder is more than 25% than in comparison to the non-certified individuals in project management.

The PMP® course instills the skills in the participants on how to design, create, organize, drive, and execute the project towards successful completion in any industry, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. The training will be provided under guidance of PMP leaders like Steven Beslac and focuses on 3 latest domains of People, Process, and Business Environment to bring business value through delivery of products.

Thus, it is the correct time when to attend the PMP® Certification Training Course and build you skills project management, get the certification, so as to capitalize on the ever increasing demand of a skilled PMP® in the industry.

What Benefits You Will Gain From The PMP® Certification Training

  • You get to learn on how to help in team building by defining ground rules, building shared understanding, engaging, and supporting through virtual teams.
  • Gain in-depth learning of the ways to bring negotiation to project agreement and tricks to empower the productivity of team members and the stakeholders of the company.
  • Learn how to manage conflicts by applying right PMP® methods to ensure smooth compliance and delivery of high value projects.
  • Acquire skills to choose on the correct project methodology which is appropriate in carrying out the project with right planning and management within budget and using fewer resources.
  • Learn managing of the risks and conflicts that may arise during the process and plan to engage the stakeholders in carrying out of the project.
  • Manage project governance by ascertaining the right project practices and methods in the establishment of healthy workspace.
  • Learn to deliver business value by correct execution of projects, that even in emergency to manage the communications and conflicts to delivery high value products.
  • Gain skills to manage compliance by learning right PMP® methods to bring business value across the organization.
  • Bring in continuous process improvement at the workplace by evaluating and addressing any internal or external changes.
  • Learn how to cope up with the project changes and issues that may arise at any stage of process development to make sure that project development continues at all cost.
  • Acquire required skills of Emotional Intelligence to keep a constant track on the team working and their collaboration with other team members and stakeholders so as to improve overall performance.

Final Remarks

There are no requirements as such that you need to fulfill before you can take up the PMP® certification training on KnowledgeHut. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that you need to satisfy like you must have either a diploma, master’s or globally equivalent degree in project management, also some experience of working as a project manager is required in order to qualify for sitting in the PMP® exam.

So, those who meet the specific criteria can only attend the PMP® course, otherwise it is open for all who are interested in excelling their career as a project management professional.