Pamela Hudak: Insight Into The Third Wife of Robert Blake

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Real Name:Pamela Hudak
Birthday:September 18, 1933
Net WorthN/A
Occupation:American Actress, Ex-Wife of Robert Blake

Pamela Hudak first gained public attention due to her marriage to Hollywood actor, Robert Blake. She was his third wife, and their union lasted for a little over a year before Blake filed for divorce in 2018. Blake, star of TV show “Baretta” among other numerous films, was previously accused of the murder of his second wife, Bonnie Lee Blakely, before being acquitted.

Hudak was a lesser-known figure compared to her famous husband, but her marriage to Blake brought her into the limelight. The couple was married in the spring of 2017, however, the relationship was short-lived. Blake passed away in March 2023 due to heart disease at the age of 89.

The reason behind their divorce, as well as details of Hudak’s life before and after her relationship with Blake, remain a mystery for most people. Nevertheless, Pamela Hudak remains a topic of interest for the public given her connection to the late Robert Blake and his controversial past.

Pamela Hudak Biography

Pamela Hudak is an American personality who gained recognition for her relationship with actor Robert Blake. She has managed to maintain a low-profile; therefore, limited information regarding her date of birth and early life is available. Hudak predominantly remains known for her marriage to the notable actor.

Robert Blake, born on September 18, 1933, in Nutley, New Jersey, is famous for his roles in the 1970s American television series Baretta and the 1967 film In Cold Blood. Hudak and Blake have known each other for decades, having dated in 1991, 1995, and 1997. They eventually tied the knot in March 2017 at Beverly Hills City Hall.

In addition to her association with Robert Blake, Pamela Hudak is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and media personality. She played a part in the 1984 Armyan Bernstein film Windy City, showcasing her skills in acting. Despite her marriage and work in the entertainment industry, Hudak remains a relatively private individual.

It is worth noting that Pamela Hudak’s marriage to Robert Blake did not endure; they divorced in 2018, only a year after their marriage.

Through her various endeavors, Pamela Hudak has maintained her presence in the public eye primarily as the ex-wife of a well-known actor. As a private person, however, she has managed to keep her personal life largely away from the limelight.

Early Relationship with Robert Blake

Meeting Robert

Pamela Hudak first met the famous actor, Robert Blake, in the early 1990s. As a relatively private person, not much is known about the precise circumstances of their meeting, but it is clear that it marked the beginning of a long-lasting connection.

Initial Romance

After their initial meeting, Pamela and Robert quickly developed a romantic relationship. They dated briefly in 1991 but did not pursue a long-term commitment at that time. Despite the fleeting nature of their early romance, the two remained in contact as friends, setting the stage for Pamlea and Robert to reconnect later in life.

Marriage to Robert Blake

Wedding Details

Pamela Hudak and Robert Blake tied the knot in 2018 at the Beverly Hills City Hall in an intimate and low-key ceremony. The couple had a history that dated back to the 1990s, with a brief relationship in 1991 before rekindling their connection and eventually deciding to marry. In marrying Blake, Pamela became his third wife.

Marital Challenges

Despite their long-lasting connection, Pamela and Robert’s marriage faced challenges, and they decided to part ways after just a year. In 2019, Robert Blake filed for divorce, marking the end of their brief journey as husband and wife. It is worth noting that their marriage came several years after Robert had faced a high-profile trial related to the death of his second wife, which may have contributed to challenges in their relationship. Nevertheless, the couple chose to separate, with Pamela continuing to maintain a low public profile.

Robert Blake’s Legal Issues

Accused of Murder

In the early 2000s, actor Robert Blake became entangled in a criminal case that would captivate the public and tarnish his acting career. He was accused of the murder of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, whom he had been married to for a short period of time. Bakley was fatally shot in 2001 while waiting for Blake in a parked car near a Los Angeles restaurant. Blake claimed that he had returned to the restaurant to retrieve a gun he had accidentally left there and found her dead upon his return.

During the investigation, the prosecution argued that Blake had arranged for his wife’s murder due to their tumultuous relationship and alleged custody issues regarding their daughter. Some evidence suggested that Blake had attempted to hire hitmen to kill Bakley, but none of the potential killers were ever positively identified.

Acquittal and Civil Trial

In 2005, after a highly publicized trial, Robert Blake was acquitted of the murder charges. The jury found reasonable doubt in the case, citing inconsistencies in the evidence and unreliable witness testimonies.

However, the legal battle was not over for Blake. Bakley’s family filed a civil suit against him, alleging that he was responsible for her death, even though he had been acquitted in the criminal trial. In a civil trial, the burden of proof is lower than in a criminal trial, focusing on a balance of probabilities instead of reasonable doubt. In the end, Blake was found liable for Bakley’s wrongful death and was ordered to pay her family $30 million in damages. The amount was subsequently reduced to $15 million on appeal.

Despite both the murder trial and the civil suit, information about Pamela Hudak’s involvement or stance during these events remains limited. The extent to which she witnessed Blake’s legal struggles and the role she played in his life during this troublesome time is unclear.

Divorce and Aftermath

After just a year of marriage, the 85-year-old former “Baretta” star Robert Blake filed for divorce from Pamela Hudak in Los Angeles in December, 2019. Prior to their marriage in 2017, Hudak and Blake were close friends for many years. The couple’s brief relationship in 1991 and mutual support during Blake’s 2001 trial further deepened their connection.

Reports reveal that their divorce was finalized through a judgement entered into the court records. As a result, the couple’s marriage officially ended without any significant controversies.

In terms of spousal support, it’s been noted that Blake made an arrangement to pay Hudak a one-time sum of $5,000. No other significant financial agreements or details have been disclosed in connection to their separation.

Following the divorce, Pamela Hudak has remained quite private and not much is known about her current relationships or status. Meanwhile, Robert Blake has continued his career in the entertainment industry until his passing on March 9, 2023, at the age of 89 in Los Angeles, California.

The separation highlights the importance of privacy and mutual respect for both parties as they cope with the aftermath of their dissolved marriage. Ultimately, Pamela Hudak’s life post-divorce remains a largely personal matter, reflecting the need for discretion and understanding in the public domain.

Influence on Robert Blake’s Career

Pamela Hudak, the third wife of Robert Blake, has had a subtle but noteworthy influence on the actor’s career. Although not an actor herself, Pamela has known Robert for decades and has been in and out of his life at various points, which likely impacted his personal life and, subsequently, his career.

In the early 1990s, when Pamela and Robert had a brief relationship, his acting career was experiencing a lull. Baretta, the TV show that had brought Robert significant fame and critical acclaim from 1975 to 1978, had long since ended. During this period, Pamela’s supportive presence likely provided Robert with emotional stability that he may not have experienced during his previous relationships and marriages.

Robert Blake’s career in the mid-late 1990s, which was also the time that he was intermittently dating Pamela Hudak, included some noteworthy roles. For instance, he played a central character in the 1997 film Lost Highway. While it is difficult to directly attribute Hudak’s influence to these roles, it is possible that her stability and support contributed to the actor’s ability to secure such parts during this time.

However, it must be noted that it was not until 2017 that the couple finally decided to tie the knot, marking another transitional moment in Blake’s career. By this point, the actor had experienced major personal and legal setbacks, with controversies and trials significantly slowing down his acting pursuits. Following his marriage to Pamela, Robert has made sporadic appearances in a few projects, showing a return to a more stable personal life.

In summary, Pamela Hudak’s connection to Robert Blake has spanned multiple decades, and her influence on his career is subtle but evident. While the extent of her impact might not be quantifiable, it is undeniable that her longstanding relationship with Robert Blake has shaped various aspects of his personal life and professional career.

Robert Blake’s Personal Life

Previous Relationships

Robert Blake, a renowned actor, had been in multiple relationships before marrying Pamela Hudak. His first wife was Sondra Kerr, an actress with whom he shared a significant part of his life. They got married in 1961 and eventually divorced. Robert’s second marriage did not last long either.

In 2017, after knowing each other for decades and dating intermittently, Robert married Pamela Hudak at Beverly Hills City Hall. Unfortunately, this marriage was short-lived as well, with Robert filing for divorce just a year later.

Children with Sondra Kerr

While married to Sondra Kerr, Robert Blake had two children. Though specific details about their upbringing and current lives are scarce, it is known that Robert’s children with Sondra have grown up and pursued their own lives outside the limelight. Despite his troubled relationships, there’s no denying that Robert Blake has garnered attention in both his professional and personal lives.

Robert Blake’s Criminal Trial

The Murder Case

In 2001, Baretta actor Robert Blake became the prime suspect in the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Blakely. Blake was charged with the crime when it was discovered that his wife was shot to death outside a Los Angeles restaurant. The case gained widespread media attention, and it culminated in a high-profile trial.

Blake’s defense team argued that he had no motive for the murder and maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings. They also questioned the evidence presented by the prosecution, which they believed was not sufficient to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Ultimately, the jury sided with the defense and found Blake not guilty in 2005.

Year Event
2001 Bonnie Lee Blakely’s murder
2005 Robert Blake acquitted of the charges

Public Reaction

The trial sparked a significant public reaction, with people expressing their opinions about Blake’s guilt or innocence. Many found it difficult to believe that the actor they knew from the television screen could be capable of such a heinous crime. However, others pointed to the circumstantial evidence against Blake, creating an ongoing debate that lasted for years.

Some of the key talking points that fueled public opinion during the trial included:

  • The sensational nature of the crime
  • Blake’s celebrity status
  • The credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses
  • The motive for the murder

While the criminal trial ended in a not guilty verdict, a later civil trial found Blake liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. Nevertheless, the outcome of the murder trial remains a contentious issue, with people continuing to discuss and analyze the case in the years that followed.