11 Sexy Photos of The Mesmerizing Natalie Dormer

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By David

If you have watched Game of Thrones, you have seen the boobs of Natalie Dormer. Born in February 1982, Natalie is an English actress. She got her first taste of fame portraying Anne Boleyn in The Tudors from 2007 to 2008. That role earned her two Gemini Awards nominations. But Natalie Dormer’s sexy photos started circulating after her GoT appearance.

As with many actresses in the show, she had to do a sex scene. And after that, the Internet went crazy for Natalie. From her first appearance in Game of Thrones, Dormer mesmerized fans with her beauty.

Fun fact: She also appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger, portraying Private Lorraine. Since her Game of Thrones days, Natalie has appeared in Elementary, The Hunger Games, and The Forest.

Born in Reading, Berkshire, England, she has Norwegian and Welsh heritage. Natalie attended Chiltern Edge Secondary School before moving to Reading Blue Coat School.

During her school days, she trained in dance. In her family, many considered her the academic hopeful. Fun fact: she even got offered a chance to study history at the University of Cambridge. But she didn’t achieve an A grade because of misreading a question. Instead, auditioned for drama schools.

And we can say she didn’t make a mistake. Natalie is one of the great actresses in Hollywood. And she is a rare breed of a celebrity. Dormer doesn’t use social media. She fears she might get “misquoted”.

As for her sex and nude scenes, Natalie said, “To set the record straight, I have never been comfortable doing sex or nude scenes. Are you joking? How many people would be?”

Instead, Natalie says she finds motivation in the text. She has turned down roles involving sex. And she said, “I am terrified of perpetuating that clickbait image of me”.

The actress has dated David Oakes since 2018. She also does charity works and advocates for human rights. Let’s take a look at some Natalie Dormer hot photos.

1. Teasing

Photo: pinterest.com

We start off with a picture of Natalie teasing and posing for the camera. While she doesn’t like appearing in nude photos and sex scenes, she cannot escape her beauty and sexiness. And photographers know how to put her in a position to look amazing.

2 The Businesswoman

Photo: pinterest.com

We said that Natalie doesn’t want a sexy image of her. Instead, she tries to stay elegant and sophisticated. You can tell it from her outfit choices for interviews. But you cannot deny the fact that she looks beautiful doing it.

3. Gym Clothes Beauty

Photo: pinterest.com

When you have a sexy body, it looks even more amazing in workout clothes. This picture is from another photo shoot. But we know Natalie doesn’t only pose for pictures in the gym. She also works out tirelessly. She once ran the London Marathon in support of charities.

4. Fashion Hot Girls

Photo: pinterest.com

Natalie doesn’t want to pose nude, but she has no problem showing off her cleavage in a hot and sexy dress for an event. Dormer is one of the more fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. She has a specific and unique style. And she doesn’t mind experimenting with different styles and looks.

5. Look At My Eyes

Photo: pinterest.com

We have to speak honestly. When Natalie wants to seduce you with her looks, she can do it easily. Just look at her eyes while she is in the bed. How can you not love her? Dormer has the charm to go with her amazing body. And she knows how to use it.

6. How Do You Like My Heels?

Photo: pinterest.com

It is easy to work with a woman that looks stunning. Photographers love Natalie. She can pull off almost any look. She can look innocent and naïve, and she can look sexy and teasing. You choose, she can pull it off.

And you can put any clothes on her, she will look amazing. How can you not love her?

7. GoT Inspired Look

Photo: pinterest.com

This look comes from one of the most popular shows of all time. You can see her Margaery Tyrell makeup, hairstyle, and even that same smile. There is a reason why fans loved her.

8. Strolling The City

Photo: pinterest.com

When she goes around the city, Natalie looks beautiful, yet normal. That is one of the reasons fans love her. She doesn’t have to go over the top with some sexy and designer dress. Dormer can put on a dress most of us have in our closet and look amazing in it. You cannot fake that type of sexiness.

9. Hot As Hell

Photo: pinterest.com

Thank God for these photo shoots and magazines. They can get the best out of Natalie. Just look how hot she looks in everyday clothes. That is all it takes.

10. At The Red Carpet

Photo: pinterest.com

We said before that Natalie doesn’t go over the top with her outfits. She wears simple, elegant, sophisticated, and sexy dresses. Her outfits manage to turn heads despite their simplicity. And it is all because Natalie knows how to wear them.

She can easily work as a model. Dormer has what it takes to succeed in the fashion world.

11. The Eyes

Photo: pinterest.com

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The eyes, Chico, they never lie”. Well, when you look at Natalie’s eyes, you cannot resist her. She has that electricity in her eyes. She can hypnotize you easily.