Morgan Macgregor Biography – All About Michael C. Hall’s Wife

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Real Name:Kimberly Anne Scott
Net Worth$2 million
Height:167 cm
Occupation:Canadian Writer, Novelist, Editor, Wife of Michael C. Hall

Morgan Macgregor is a different type of celebrity wife. She made her own way into celebrity status. Born in 1987, she is in her middle-30s. Morgan is a successful book critic and writer in Canada. One day, she plans to open a bookshop. Yes, most people recognize her as the wife of Michael C. Hall.

But what can you do when your husband appears in one of the most popular TV shows. Michael made a name for himself as the main protagonist in the TV show Dexter. He portrayed a vigilante serial killer to perfection.

Yet, in real life, Hall is more of a “serial heartbreaker”. Morgan is his third wife, and she is quite younger than Michael. Hall is in his 50s and has had three marriages since 2002.

So, let’s talk a bit more about Morgan Macgregor’s career and her personal life.

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Passionate about writing since childhood, she has carved a career as a novelist and book critic. She always works on new material, and one day, she hopes to open a bookstore. Morgan even has the name figured it out, planning a bookstore by the name of “Dead or Alive”. We sure believe it will be one of the most beautiful quaint bookstores.

Her interest in literature is vast, but she mostly prefers dark and mystery fiction. In her books and novels, she loves the idea of introducing secret elements in the story. These elements keep the readers excited and engaged until the very end.

But in real life, she is a private person. Some might say she is as mysterious as her novels. Bold and beautiful, she is one fashionable and sophisticated lady.

Morgan came to the spotlight after her engagement with Michael C. Hall. Despite being a celebrity wife, Morgan manages to stay down to earth. And that is probably because she has her own career to worry about as well.

Born in 1987 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, she finished her education in Canada. Morgan graduated from Concordia University, earning a degree in Communication. She has yet to reveal her exact birth date, but also her parents and possible siblings.

In a way, Macgregor wants to shield her family and keep it away from the media. She started writing at a young age and managed to make a career in the literary world.

Nowadays, she works as an Associate Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books. In the future, she plans to open a bookstore with the name “Dead or Alive”.

The list of books she has reviewed to this day include The Search, The Shelter Cycle, The Lola Quartet, Magnificence, Woke Up Lonely, and many more. You can find her reviews in publications like BookRiot and BookBrowse.

Speaking about her private life and married life, she met Michael in 2012. That is when they started dating. Four years later, they tied the knot in February 2016 with an intimate ceremony in New York City.

Following her marriage to Michael, many have tried to unravel the mystery of Morgan Macgregor. But they have all failed.

Some even speculate that Michael and Morgan dated much longer before they made their first public appearance at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

In the past few years, the American actor revealed more about his girlfriend Morgan Macgregor than she did. In one interview in 2018, he said that she works on her own stuff. Morgan moved from Los Angeles to New York to spend more time with Hall. They purchased a 2-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Hall also owns another apartment in New York.

The Dexter star has had two other marriages before his relationship with Morgan. He married actress Amy Spanger in 2002 after they co-starred in Chicago on Broadway. Then they divorced in 2006. And on New Year’s Eve in 2008, Michael eloped in California with his Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter. By December 2010, they filed for divorce.

It seems like Morgan will be his forever wife. At least for now, the two look happy in their married life.

Morgan doesn’t have an account on social media. The Canadian writer and book critic successfully escaped the Twitter and Instagram trend.

Net Worth

We have little information about the earnings of Morgan. But according to some sources, as of June 2021, Morgan Macgregor fortune is more than $2 million. Her career as a Canadian writer, editor, and book critic serves as the main source of income.

Yes, she enjoys a comfortable life thanks to the wealth of Michael. But she wants to earn money on her own as well. As for her husband, the Dexter star has a fortune of more than $25 million.

Dexter has helped Michael earn an Emmy Awards nomination and a Golden Globe Award nomination.