Miranda Manasiadis: Exploring the Actress and Playwright’s Journey

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Real Name:Miranda Manasiadis
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Height:168 cm
Occupation:New Zealand Actress, Writer, producer, Wife of Jemaine Clement

Miranda Manasiadis is a versatile and gifted actress, writer, and director hailing from New Zealand. With an extensive body of work on stage, film, and television, her contributions to the entertainment industry have garnered her both national and international acclaim. An advocate for thought-provoking storytelling, Manasiadis utilizes her talent to bring unique and diverse stories to the forefront of the arts.

In her career, spanning over two decades, Miranda Manasiadis has portrayed a wide range of characters, from historical figures to fictional personas. Beyond acting, she has also developed expertise in other aspects of the entertainment business, such as writing and directing. Her dedication to honing her craft, exploring innovative ways to share narratives, and challenging both herself and her audiences exemplifies her commitment to creating impactful content.

From her early beginnings to her most recent endeavors, Miranda Manasiadis embodies the spirit of a passionate artist and remains an influential figure in the world of performing arts. Her diverse body of work, unwavering artistic integrity, and endless exploration of new creative territories make her an inspirational figure for aspiring performers and storytellers alike.

Personal Background

Early Life and Education

Miranda Manasiadis was born and raised in Masterton, New Zealand. Growing up, she harbored a strong passion for the performing arts and eventually pursued higher education in the field. She attended college in Wellington where she studied acting, honing her craft and laying the foundation for her future career.

Marriage to Jemaine Clement

In 2008, Miranda Manasiadis got married to her husband, Jemaine Clement, a well-known New Zealand actor, comedian, and musician. Their relationship has been solid over the years, and they have grown to become a strong and supportive couple in both their personal and professional lives.


Miranda and Jemaine’s family includes their son, Sophocles Iraia. Born in 2008, Sophocles adds joy and happiness to their lives, as they navigate parenthood together. The family splits their time living between New Zealand and various other locations, as their careers require. Despite their busy schedules, the couple prioritizes their commitment to family life and devotes time to nurturing their relationship and raising their son.

Theatre Career

Theatre Contributions and Collaborations

Miranda Manasiadis is a versatile theatre artist who has made significant contributions to the theatre scene in Wellington, New Zealand. She wears many hats, working as a director, dramaturg, designer, and educator. Her work is notable for its inventive and collaborative approach, often exploring diverse themes and styles across various productions.

Throughout her career, Manasiadis has collaborated with numerous theatre companies and institutions, such as BATS Theatre, Open Book Theatre Company, and Jealous Theatre Company. Her innovative performances and productions have often graced the stages of BATS Theatre, engaging audiences with their unique storytelling and evocative visuals.

One of her notable creative ventures was co-founding the Open Book Theatre Company. This well-regarded organization focuses on producing original, thought-provoking works that challenge traditional theatre conventions. They have successfully developed and performed various full-scale productions that reflect, stimulate, and inspire audiences.

Influence in New Zealand Theatre

Miranda Manasiadis has significantly influenced the theatre landscape in New Zealand, particularly in Wellington. Her influence is showcased in the innovative work she has produced, the organizations she has collaborated with, and the theatre artists she has nurtured through her various roles in the industry.

As an educator, Manasiadis has been involved with Victoria University, where she has taught and mentored students, shaping their understanding and appreciation for theatre as a creative and expressive art form. Her extensive knowledge and experience have served as a foundation for many burgeoning theatre professionals in the region.

Manasiadis’ work across many facets of the theatre world – be it as a director, dramaturg, or designer – has left a mark on the Wellington theatre scene. Her dedication to creating quality performances and pushing the boundaries of theatre in New Zealand has made her an important figure in the country’s artistic landscape.

Film and Television Endeavors

Acting Roles

Miranda Manasiadis is an established actor known for her work in both film and television. She starred in the indie comedy Eagle vs Shark (2007) alongside her husband, Jemaine Clement, a prominent Māori actor and comedian. The film is a quirky romantic comedy that showcases Manasiadis’s acting skills and garnered critical acclaim.

Her other acting credits include the comedy-drama Humor Me (2017) and The Festival (2018). Additionally, Manasiadis had a role in the hit comedy series Wellington Paranormal, a spin-off of the popular vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, which was co-created by Jemaine Clement.

Directorial Work

Miranda Manasiadis has also ventured into directing, working with Afterburner Productions on various projects. Some of her directorial contributions include:

  • Despicable Me (2010), an animated family film
  • Rio (2011) and its sequel, Rio 2 (2014), which are animated films that take place in Rio de Janeiro
  • The Lego Batman Movie (2017), an animated action-adventure film featuring the famous comic book character

Miranda showcases her directorial talent and versatility through these projects, working with different genres and styles.

Furthermore, she has led various voice-over projects, including the well-revered Disney film Moana (2016), in which her husband, Jemaine Clement, voices the character of Tamatoa. Manasiadis also had a small voice role in the sci-fi comedy blockbuster Men in Black 3 (2012).

Collaborations with Jemaine Clement

Professional Partnerships

Miranda Manasiadis has always had a close connection to the entertainment industry, particularly through her collaborations with her husband, Jemaine Clement. The latter is best known for his work as one half of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, alongside Bret McKenzie. The couple’s relationship has allowed them to collaborate on various projects and participate in numerous events in locations such as New York, Athens, and New Zealand.

Shared Projects

  • Theater: Miranda and Jemaine collaborated on a theatrical project in Athens. Their adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy featured a unique blend of ancient Greek tragedy and contemporary humor. This project showcased their combined talents, from Jemaine’s comedic acting to Miranda’s writing and directing skills.
  • Film: Some of Jemaine Clement’s most notable film projects, such as Dinner for Schmucks, Muppets Most Wanted, and voicing the character Tamatoa in Disney’s Moana, have not only made him an accomplished actor but also a supportive partner to Miranda. In various interviews, it has been mentioned that Miranda provides input and feedback throughout Jemaine’s creative process.
  • Cultural Representation: Both Miranda and Jemaine share a strong connection to their respective Maori and Greek heritages. Their collaborations often reflect these cultural influences through unique storytelling and character development, as seen in their joint theater project.
  • Working with Taika Waititi: Jemaine Clement has also collaborated with acclaimed director Taika Waititi on projects like What We Do in the Shadows and Wellington Paranormal. Although Miranda Manasiadis is not directly involved in these specific projects, her presence in the broader creative community and relationship with Jemaine connects her to this important figure in the entertainment industry.

Miranda Manasiadis and Jemaine Clement’s collaborations have showcased their talents in various artistic fields. Their work, spanning theater to film and influenced by their rich cultural backgrounds, has created an elegant fusion of comedy and poignant storytelling.

Cultural Impact

Contribution to New Zealand’s Arts and Culture

Miranda Manasiadis has made a significant impact on the New Zealand’s arts and culture scene. As a Wellington-based actress, writer, and director, she has been involved in various theatre productions, film projects, and collaborations with other artists. One noteworthy example is her performance in the Māori-language play titled “Te Awarua.” This work not only showcased her acting talent but also demonstrated her commitment to embracing the Māori culture and language, Te Reo Māori, enriching the diversity of New Zealand’s performing arts landscape.

In addition, Manasiadis is also an advocate for the growth and expansion of the arts scene in Wellington. By actively participating in events and workshops, she inspires the next generation of artists and performers. Her influence extends even to her home life, as she is married to Jemaine Clement, who is best known for being one-half of the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords.

Representation in Media

Miranda Manasiadis’ work in theatre and film has also contributed to the representation of diverse cultures and backgrounds in New Zealand media. Her performances and creative endeavors often explore or promote the following entities:

  • New Zealand
  • Wellington
  • Film
  • Theatre
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • Māori
  • Te Reo Māori

Miranda’s involvement in these projects not only highlights the beauty and richness of New Zealand’s unique culture but also creates an environment that celebrates the diverse talent present in the country. This not only reinforces a sense of national identity and pride among New Zealanders, but also shares the nation’s creative offerings with a larger, international audience.

Awards and Recognition

Academic Achievements

Miranda Manasiadis initially displayed her passion for the arts while studying at Victoria University. Her dedication to her craft was evident as she excelled in various fields, including theatre and drama. During her time at Victoria University, Miranda received numerous accolades for her accomplishments within the academic realm.

Industry Accolades

Miranda Manasiadis has been recognized in many corners of the industry, establishing herself as a talented actress and writer. Her work with prominent broadcasting companies like the BBC has earned her widespread acclaim for her contributions to television shows and documentaries.

Some notable accomplishments include:

  • Multiple Primetime Emmy Nominations for her outstanding work on various television productions
  • Involvement in Grammy-winning projects, illustrating her commitment to artistic excellence across multiple disciplines

Her impressive portfolio showcases her skills and dedication to her craft, making Miranda Manasiadis a respected figure in the performing arts.

Current Projects and Activities

Acting Projects

In 2023, Miranda Manasiadis remains active in the entertainment industry with a variety of acting projects. She is currently involved with a project called Nude Tuesday based in Los Angeles. This project showcases her talent within both the theatre and film sectors, having previously starred in films such as Tongan Ninja and Black Sheep, along with television series like Girl vs. Boy and Realiti.

Theatrical Productions

Miranda is also collaborating with some prominent theatre companies like Circa Theatre in New Zealand, which has allowed her to participate in various productions throughout the years. She has been praised for her ability to bring unique and engaging performances that captivate audiences.

The following table highlights some of her projects with Circa Theatre:

Year Title
2019 “Play”
2020 “Living with Lady Macbeth”
2021 “The Garden Party”
2023 “Nude Tuesday” (upcoming)

Educational Contributions

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Miranda Manasiadis is also dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with others. As a lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington, she has contributed to the development of future actors and performers through various courses and workshops.

Recently, Miranda led an acting workshop at Makoura College, where she helped nurture the talents of young and aspiring artists. As an experienced actress, her dedication to education remains an essential aspect of her career, allowing her to make valuable contributions to the field of performance arts while inspiring the next generation of creative professionals.