Mike Herrera – Net Worth, Music Career,Endorsements and Earnings

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Real Name:Michael Arthur Herrera
Birthday:November 6, 1976
Net Worth$3 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Singer, Songwriter and Musician

Rock stars earn millions of money. But the same doesn’t apply for Punk Rock stars. Yes, the ones like Ramones, Green Day, Blink-182 might earn a bit more. But generally, the world of punk rock is not as glamorous. Mike Herrera is a good example. He founded MxPx, and was the frontman for Tumbledown and bass player for Goldfinger. So, how big are Mike Herrera’s assets?

Despite playing in bands since 1992, Mike Herrera’s cash flow is little over $3 million. And he is among the wealthiest people in the world of punk rock. For comparison, Matt Skiba, the guitarist for Blink-182, has is worth $3 million as well. But that is far away from Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day. His worth is estimated at $55 million.

Joey Ramone, the lead singer of Ramones, at the time of his death, was worth $6 million. For now, let’s talk more about Mike Herrera.

Mike Herrera Music Career

Mike Herrera formed the band MxPx in 1992. It took the band two years to release their first studio album. Called Pokinatcha, they released the album in 1994. The band followed up with two other albums, Teenage Politics in 1995 and Life in General in 1996.

Their album Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo might be their best album. They reached #2 on the US Christian Chart in 1998. They followed up on the success with their next album, The Ever Passing Moment. This one reached #1 on the same chart in 2000.

Herrera is the primary songwriter, vocalist, and bassist for the band. He started the band with Andy Husted and Yuri Ruley, just before starting high school. The band became less active in the late 2000s. Their last albums were Before Everything and After in 2003 and Panic in 2005.

As the band lowered their activity, Herrera started appearing more and more as a solo act. His performances include MxPx and Tumbledown songs. He performs with only vocals and acoustic guitars. Sometimes, one or two other players join him at the scene.

He recorded his Live in the Basement album in his own Monkey Trench Studio. The album consists of six Tumbledown songs, five MxPx songs, and one cover of the Beatles. He released the album digitally with a limited CD pressing.

After MxPx, Herrera started the band Tumbledown with guitarist Jack Parker, drummer Harley Trotland, and bassist Marshall Trotland. The band performs constantly, and they are often on tours. They draw inspiration from the great American songwriters like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. The sound is different than the one of MxPx.

Tumbledown produces more of a lighter and country-inspired sound. In 2016, Herrera got the invitation to join the Ska Punk band, Goldfinger. He joined as the new bassist of the band. Goldfinger is another old band, formed in 1994. Musicians consider the band to be one of the contributors to the third-wave ska.

Side Projects

With little money in the world of punk rock and ska-punk, Herrera tries to find other ways to make money. He produced albums such as At Any Rate by Too bad Eugene and Future Plans Undecided by element.

He also sang backing vocals on Truth in Sincerity, an album by Amber Pacific. He opened his Monkey Trench studio in Bremerton in 2008.

Herrera is quite talented in different aspects of rock music. His genre list includes skate punk, punk rock, pop punk, country rock, and alternative country.

Endorsements and Earnings

Herrera earns most of his money from being a punk singer. He goes on tours, performs at clubs, and releases singles and albums. He also has his own studio, where he produces songs for others. At the age of 43, he has enough money for a normal life. With an estimated income of $3 million, he is good.

Being one of the good musicians in the world of punk rock, Herrera earns money from endorsements as well. He endorses Music Man StingRay basses and Ernie Ball strings. He uses them on almost every MxPx recoding. For his amplification, he uses a Hartke head and cabinet. Mike endorses Takamine acoustic guitars, Sparrow guitars, Mesa Boogie amps, Hartke, and Latin percussion.

Personal Life and Relationships

Mike married his wife Holli in 2001. They are together for almost 20 years and have two children together. They moved from Washington to Waco, Texas in 2017. That is Holli’s home state.

Holli is a self-employed businesswoman and handles the work of her husband concerts and musical events. Her assets are closely tied to her husband’s.

They appeared in Season 5, Episode 13 of the HGTV series Fixer Upper. They renovated and decorated their new home for the show.

As of 2015, Mike Herrera said he is no longer Christian. Now, he identifies as an agnostic.